Hello everyone!

I am Genmu, a writer just trying to find a way to get by and the owner of the blog before you. I started writing in my younger years and while I wasn’t always good at it, it was an outlet for what I believe to be one of my best traits; my imagination. I am positively full to the brim with ideas, as I’m sure most of you are as well, and my hope for this blog is to be able to project my fantasy unto you. Absolutely all of my work will be available for free through this blog so I hope you enjoy, immerse yourself and be inspired by my worlds and stories! See my process and then let yourself be taken away to worlds of your own, where all of your own ideas can spill out and be free!

My projects come in many forms; full fantasy novels, short stories, documents dedicated to worldbuilding and work intended for TTRPG games included. Alongside that, I hope to put out weekly posts regarding how I would re-write certain arcs of other stories (usually manga and anime) as well as posts that outline the hundreds of characters that are scattered across all my stories. If all goes well then I hope you all enjoy yourselves and choose to support me in future endeavors.

If you want to contact me regarding business then e-mail OGenmu@outlook.com
If you just want to say nice words at me then message me on my discord Genmu#4369

Special shout-out to plasterbrain for single-handedly crafting this blog as you see it. She’s great, go and say nice things at her and give her all the Jhins you have.