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Caprinda: Introduction

With another worldbuilding project brought to a close, the door to a new setting creaks its way open. Along with that, one would imagine a set of new rules to go with this new world. Some level of order, a premise from which the world can be built. If that’s what you’re expecting from Caprinda then I must ask that you be open to a change in mentality. My approach to this new setting is what I would refer to as ‘open worldbuilding’. Unlike with Tertia or Lumine, there aren’t really any limitations for what can happen in Caprinda. This is my catch-all setting, where all the ideas that don’t really work with my primary universe go. Given that fact, it’s gotta be a recipe for disaster, right?

To some level, that’s the point. Caprinda is meant to be highly experimental in nature, a setting wherein I can implement and actively workshop ideas to get a feel of if they could actually work. From my experience, oftentimes an idea that’s just kept in isolation will end up being a lot more limited than first expected. Caprinda being open allows me to try these ideas in some substantial way and feel out how they might work when put next to other concepts and situations. Through this, I hope to refine these ideas into their best versions as I make them a part of this setting.

What this means in execution is that these posts regarding Caprinda are going to be a lot less pre-planned. With my other worldbuilding projects, I already had most of the core ideas set in my mind before I started talking about them here on the blog. This time, I do have a handful of concepts that I know are going to be a part of Caprinda but they have yet to really be fleshed out at all. I’m going to be making a lot of things up as I go along and there’s the very real possibility that ideas are going to be altered and refined even after I post them here.

In a way, Caprinda could be considered as my filler setting. One which I can go back to and touch up on just whenever. You can expect Caprinda to be constant WIP on this blog, it’s not the type of project that’s just going to be done the moment I move onto my next setting. This is going to be on the table for as long as I have ideas and I can assure that I have no shortage of just raw concepts. It’s going to be messy but I hope to create something enjoyable and immersive in spite of that.

Given the nature of Caprinda, it’s difficult to give any kind of summary to help one grasp an image of it here. While I did say that I already have a handful of concepts ready to work from, they’re currently rather scattered and no single one of them would provide a full image I feel. The most general thing I can offer is the fact that Caprinda is going to have a much more significant focus on the idea of many realms when compared to my primary universe. How the various realms of the setting exist relative to each other is going to be a key part of this project, so my first post after this one is most likely going to focus on that. I hope you’re as excited to see this new reality as I am and, with it being so highly conceptual in nature, feedback would be appreciated now more than ever. A new existence has come to light and you can be a part of it as well.