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Caprinda: Cinder & the Black Star

Although Caprinda is at times disrespected by those of the other realms, its status as the origin realm makes it unarguably the source of all ingenuity in reality. Although the memory of their first may become lost in a string of lifetimes, even the legends of Auroria started out in Caprinda. The origin realm is not eternally stuck in an undeveloped, basic state; as knowledge passes from generation to generation, the ability to travel between the realm’s countless worlds has been developed. This allows those of the more advanced worlds to interact and share their knowledge, as well as spread it to the populated worlds which haven’t quite reached that point.

Regrettably, there are also those who would abuse the knowledge they have over those of less advanced worlds for their own gain. One company in particular has accrued infamy for such acts; Platinum Personalities Incorporated. This company was founded by one Nekna Platinum, who came from a world which had attained a rather advanced understanding of the phenomenon known as magic. This was highly valued information as even many of the other advanced civilizations had never had the opportunity to interact with magic previously. Nekna was among those who made his name through simply being a scholar of the subject and aiding in the effort to educate others on it.

He certainly didn’t stop there, however. Though it is rare for magic to change the environments of worlds on a large-scale in Caprinda, Nekna took to overselling it as a force which could easily do anything if you knew the right tricks. He also spread the outright lie that anyone could come to wield magic with proper practice and sold books on how to awaken one’s ‘inner potential’. He would use his own magic to perform what were essentially parlor tricks to draw in the residents of more primitive worlds and get them to give him whatever valuable resources their world might have. As his company grew, he also took to capturing rare creatures from the various worlds and using them to put together an intergalactic zoo.

Yet, what really pushed the success of his company was none of this. One of the most appealing aspects of magic is its ability to change one into a form which suits their ideal image of themselves. A potential godsend for people who would want to change their body type or gender or give themselves features which would be abnormal for their species. Nekna, in no good faith, wanted to take advantage of that fact. He offered false solutions to those with such dysphoria regarding their forms, using his own magic to only temporarily transform those who were sceptical of him. He even claimed that his magic could allow parents to birth children who would grow into forms of their choosing.

Perhaps the worst part of Nekna’s lies was the fact that such things could actually be done through technological means and through more recent combinations of technology and magic. His company had access to these resources but the only ones who would ever see them were the ones who could offer him the most profit. Even once his name became one people knew not to trust, Nekna continued to wander various galaxies, growing his company all the while. Too evasive to ever be brought to justice, even to the current day his location is unknown.

What is known, however, is the location of his daughter. The one he intended to inherit his dirty business; Cinder Platinum. Cinder has never seen the face of her father, any interactions with him have come through one-sided messages she couldn’t respond to. She was born as one of those aforementioned refined children, genetically engineered to develop into a form of her father’s choosing. That way, though she wouldn’t know if she came across him, he’d know if he saw her.

For obvious reasons, Cinder hates her father and has absolutely no intention of ever following in his footsteps. That being said, it’s practically impossible for her to ever escape the vast, abhorrent legacy that he left in his wake. She couldn’t just abandon the company she was born into as she would just be associated with it anyways, so she took a different approach. She chose to retrace her father’s steps and bring happiness to the worlds which he left sad and outraged. Having access to the company’s resources, she used them to actually give what her father promised and more.

She has already met many enemies on her travels and she’s certain that she’ll meet many more. From her perspective, they have a right to be mad, so even if their attacks against her are unjust she forgives them. In turn, she hopes that they can forgive her as well and create a bond forged on happiness rather than spite. Of course, her adventures have seen her meet more trouble than just the personal kind. She can’t turn a blind eye to those who would hurt people just as her father did and her innately confrontational nature has led her to building something of a reputation as an intergalactic vigilante. Sometimes she’s even referred to as a space pirate who marks the planets she visits as her protected territories.

Those who come to know Cinder personally will find that she’s a hopeless romantic who will try to flirt with just about any girl she meets. The trait she most closely shares with her father, though one she can’t afford to abandon as it’s just about all that keeps her sane throughout her constant travels. She has many girlfriends throughout the cosmos, all of whom have been made well aware of her polyamorous nature. Some travel with her, others stay on their own worlds or go on their own travels, but Cinder does her best to keep in touch with all of them. Especially the ones who she helped to find and affirm their true genders, a difficult journey which she knows can be made easier with proper companionship. A good part of the reason why she uses her position in Platinum Personalities Inc. to protect the planets she visits is to keep her girlfriends safe.

In more recent times, Cinder’s venture to make amends has been interrupted by something far more disturbing. A black star which travels the cosmos like a meteor, bringing a gripping darkness to the solar systems it enters. As if it were a living creature, it seems to choose populated worlds to loom over which causes a string of anomalous effects. The first of which is a mass possession in which all the world’s residents are driven to stare into the black star. This possession seems to work better on some than others, though the specifics regarding this are unknown. Some won’t be effected at all while others thoughtlessly speak their deepest desires, as if making a wish to the dark celestial body.

Shortly thereafter, dark, burning entities will appear on the worlds to grant the wishes that were spoken. These entities are destructive in nature, burning away at anything they come into contact with while they attempt to make the wishes true. Oddly, this seems to cause no distress to those who were possessed by the star. Those who do panic will be quickly turned on by the complacent, who will go back to acting as if nothing is wrong once the distressed are executed. Once all the wishes have been granted, the complacent are satisfied and become one with their wish-granters. Finally, a Demon appears to collect the satiated before returning to the black star, which then continues its journey through the cosmos.

Civilizations which function on an intergalactic scale are well aware of the Demons of Altum. The event of worlds falling to Demon invasion has been observed many times and countermeasures have been put in place. Having figured out the method of travel employed by the Demons, tremendous, light-absorbing gates known as ‘sunblinders’ were developed to prevent them from ‘seeing’ the worlds they would target. For the Demons who had already gotten through, special bands of mercenaries were formed to respond to such incidents. Conversely, the Demons of Altum are aware that some parts of Caprinda are more well-protected than others and go out of their way to target less developed worlds away from intergalactic groups.

Despite the specific measures these groups have against the Demons, none have attempted to respond to the black star situation. A starblinder massive enough to fully contain a star has yet to be made and the mobile nature of this one means that regular constructs will not be enough. Furthermore, scouting attempts have proven that the possessive traits of the black star can effect anyone who sees it, not just those on the planet it’s targeting. Again, what separates those who aren’t affected from those who are has yet to be determined, thus groups cannot be safely deployed to deal with this issue. Also, since those who are possessed lash out against those who aren’t, it would be extraordinarily difficult to save them.

Current efforts see the relevant intergalactic groups attempting to find a way of avoiding and dispelling the black star’s possession. Once that’s done, a method of permanently containing or destroying the black star has to be devised. However, after the star took one of the worlds which was meant to be under Cinder’s protection, she can’t just wait for a convenient solution to come. Its current path will see it come next to the world known as Aztarna, where Cinder intends to meet the Demon behind it and prevent it from causing another genocide.