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The Territories of Lumine – Aljiba


While the tribes of magic society naturally scattered throughout Moonveil’s wilderness to form culture’s of their own, various events have made this previously established accord impossible to maintain. Certain tribes have been pushed inward or even destroyed by invading forces in the forms of Dracula and Fourshire. This is particularly true on Dracula’s side, where the tribes are purposely kept alive as the vampire acts to indoctrinate them into his anti-human army. It is well-known by this point that the clans who resist him are massacred and turned into undead husks, though this is never Dracula’s first strategy.

Dracula or one of his commanders will visit the tribes that the vampire has his eyes set on multiple times before they resort to destructive force. This gives the tribes plenty of opportunity to simply relocate, though understandably many of these clans are unwilling to just give up their places of settlement on Dracula’s whim. Some resist and attempt to foolishly fight back while others band together in a mutual act of rebellion. This collective of insurgent tribes refer to themselves as ‘Aljiba’, a moving settlement which hangs around the border of Dracula’s ever-expanding territory.

Aljiba is currently located in northern Moonveil, having seemingly found a temporary place of safety under the shadow of the Dragon’s plateau. Though the tribes of Aljiba know this safety to be little more than an illusion while Dracula’s reign continues. The time they have to make a decisive move is limited, Aljiba will soon move again and when it does it will either shape the future or disappear without a trace.


Being a collaboration of tribes, Aljiba would theoretically enjoy the benefits of unity in a similar manner to Lumine Haven. However, the forced nature of their banding has instead led to a far more discordant community. The leaders of the various clans often stand off against each other in an attempt to establish some form of hierarchy and the lack of a true guiding figure has left Aljiba painfully disorganized. The generally sour atmosphere which follows the tribes in their plight to take down Dracula only leads to more conflict and random lashing out.

While Aljiba is constantly moving location, the tribes with more advanced woodworking ability do hastily create places of shelter when they come across beneficial plots of land. These homes and incredibly simplistic, certainly not made to last by any means. Even in the current location near the base of the Dragon’s plateau, where moving hasn’t been a necessity in some time, the living conditions are only passable. Aljiba rarely has the chance to set up proper countermeasures for monsters and Fae, leading to tribesmen often being picked off even when they do temporarily settle.

Despite these danger, scouting parties are regularly sent out to determine where Aljiba could migrate to when the current settlement becomes compromised. Once this is done, they visit any independent magic society tribes they come across to inform them of where to go if Dracula comes. Other than that, the tribes of Aljiba spend their time training for the time of reckoning when they must face off against Dracula’s forces. Training is the one thing that the tribes of Aljiba unanimously enjoy as it allows them to release their tension and bond with other tribes through learning their unique ways of fighting.

Key Figures

The Cambion

The Cambion are a tribe whose ancestors attempted to attain more power through mixing their blood with that of monsters. They wished for their bodies to undergo the mutations which made the monsters strong and, while most who attempted the process ended up dying from the ensuing warping of flesh and bone, a lucky handful managed to survive. These survivors bore horrendous, disgusting forms which were unfit to properly wield the strength that they had gained. Yet, this did not deter them as they were aware of the inexplicable stability which was achieved by the monster races through the passing of generations.

After years spent breeding and avoiding the crusades, the first of the modern Cambion came to be. A magic society race with the brutal power of monsters, entities who would be dubbed ‘Demons’ by the Templars. The Cambion, despite their potential, were not able to stand up to the Templar army and became one of the first tribes to survive the journey through the Sarasa to reach Moonveil. Once there, the monstrous traits of the Cambion further receded as an odd anomaly began to occur. Only under the light of the moon would their true monster-like forms and abilities manifest. The name ‘Moonveil’ originated from the Cambion tribe for this reason, a name which stuck thanks to the influence they had with their disproportionate might.

As Moonveil developed, the Cambion thrived as one of the most advanced tribes in all the land. With no need to assert themselves over the other emigrating clans, they became peaceful and focused only on their own growth. That was, until the appearance of Dracula. It should come as no surprise that they took issue with his attempts at establishing himself as lord of Moonveil and the Cambion elder began talks with the vampire. While the elder vouched for peace, Dracula stalwartly refused to budge from his stance that the Cambion should use their power against the unjust humans. Then, on one fateful visit to the Cambion village, Dracula’s patience finally wore out and he killed the elder in hopes of awakening the monstrous instinct within the clan.

Certainly, the Cambion refused to stand around idly after such a blatant show of disrespect. On the night of the next full moon, when their ‘demonic’ abilities were at their peak, the Cambion attacked Castlevania with their full might. They were easily able to break through Dracula’s forces and reach the castle, however once they got there they found themselves surrounded as around a third of their number had defected. These defectors had found meaning in Dracula’s words and wished to fully connect with their monstrous roots. To that end, they even turned on their own kin. Not even the Cambion could overcome the combined forces of the traitors and Dracula’s commanders and were thusly slaughtered to be made into undead slaves.

Few escaped the battle to return to the children and non-combatants left in the village. They could stay there no longer, they had to move. Shortly thereafter, the handful of remaining Cambion banded together with other tribes who had been slighted by Dracula to form Aljiba. While the Cambion may theoretically have been among the most qualified to lead the rebellious band, the survivors of the battle felt themselves unworthy of doing so. After what happened, they had no choice but to admit that the years of peace had made them soft. It’s difficult for them to admit but, to defeat the monsters that the defectors would certainly become, the survivors may have to become monsters themselves.