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The History of Lumine Haven

The history of this world began as something unexceptional, a mundane planet that had no business catching the eye of beings adjacent to gods. Not even fully developed, still in a middle-age era, when it was turned upside down by the whims of a powerful race called the Iktomi. Through no calculation or reason, within this world was sealed a cosmic terror by the name Hades. It could have been any world, that it happened to be this one was simply a matter of it being there. The Iktomi had no idea what the effects sealing Hades in this world would be, though that unknown factor was intriguing to them. Surely enough the first effect to become apparent was the emergence of magic. 

Magic caused the world to change, quickly and recklessly, in a way that the people were not ready for. Souls of the dead became visible to the naked eye. Countless humans had their bodies warped to have the body features of animals. Animals suffered the same transformations, becoming chimeric in nature and having disastrous effects on ecosystems the world over. Natural hierarchies were destroyed as entire biomes of animals were slaughtered by their magic-afflicted cousins. These alterations ranged from scarcely noticeable growths of fur or scales to turning creatures into total monsters. Within the fear and confusion people had to fight for their lives against those who lost their minds during this great metamorphosis. 

Then, as if the world itself rejected what it had been cursed with, it began to tear itself apart with a gauntlet of natural disasters. Tides rose the world over, lands quaked and snapped apart from each other, winds swept entire settlements away to a grey horizon and mountains detonated, raining stone upon the lands and leaving lakes of lava where they once were. Reality itself was warped by the uncontrolled, calamitous magic. Technicolor clouds that blocked out the sun for months was the best the people could hope for, at worst entire lands would be shuffled around and warped into massive, abstract structures. 

The world was being torn apart. This was an undeniable fact, yet still those who survived struggled against tragedy after tragedy with a stubborn will to live on. The world’s people had magic thrust upon them and with time they came to understand what it was. Left with no other choice, they used magic to survive against magic and spent the next decades gripping to their lives in a cursed world. 

Nevertheless, even after years had passed and survival at the end of the world had become routine, the people knew that it could not continue. If the world would not calm then it would no doubt become uninhabitable. In response, the world’s most proficient magic users gathered for the sake of concocting a solution to bring balance back to the world that was taken from them.  

The years of struggle had made it clear that with just their mortal bodies it would be impossible to take the reins of disaster. After some time of deliberation, these sages made a discovery that would change everything. A well of magic that seemed endless, what they came across was the seal that kept Hades locked within the world. Though they did not know of this function, what they saw was a battery that would power the solution that they sought. Using this source of magic, they crafted entities that lay somewhere between spirit and construct; the Djinn. The Djinn were split into two types; Mazin, who would calm the winds and waves, and Sijeel, who would subdue the earth and flames.  

The Djinn, with their immense power, succeeded in the task they were given and the world was reeled back into a state of balance. The earth no longer shook, flames receded back into the ground, the winds whistled softly and the waters were still. An age of peace had returned and the Djinn were left to assure that the world would never face the same tragedy again. The sages, however, could not celebrate the success of their task. 

As they drew from the seal to create the Djinn, each of the sages caught a glimpse of the darkness that lay beneath. They saw under the seal, where no mortal was meant to look, and their minds were wracked with supernatural paranoia. They believed that horrible, inconceivable darkness to be the true form of the magic that had tried so hard to destroy their world. The sages returned to each of their homelands and warned against the continued usage of magic, claiming it an evil force that must never be allowed to be seen in a good light. 

One of the sages crafted a special kind of magic that had the sole purpose of repelling and destroying all other sources of magic. She claimed that it was not her spell, that it wasn’t even magic it all, she told the people that it was a power given by a deity so that she might decisively eradicate magic from the world. Forming a religious faction known as the Templars, she set out to erase magic from the world completely so that it could not plunge the world into chaos a second time. She even went so far as to claim that the other sages were evil for the magic that they harbored in their bodies and she had them, as well as all others who were either effected by or could wield magic, exiled from their homelands.  

Magic and every being associated with it were forced into hiding. Even the Djinn, whose presence alone stood between the last disaster and the next, were made to hide as they were seen as sinful beings of magic. With the rampant chaos under control, spirits altogether disappeared from the eyes of regular people. Like this, the world attempted to return to how it was. It yearned to be mundane once more and so the mundane were born, the mundane rebuilt. Permanently warped as it was, the world tried to tape itself back together like a shattered glass orb.  

Yet still there was one place in the world that refused to forget that age of magic. The region that surrounded the Iktomi seal, Moonveil. As if drawn to it by a sixth sense, the people and animals who had been transformed by magic came to this land with their exile. No settlements had been built there, it was safe from the outside world. One by one, the warped races came to Moonveil and established their own territories. For a short time, a balance had been achieved.  

Until the appearance of one particular being of magic. He looked upon the lands and he scoffed at their belief that they could simply settle and achieve eternal peace from the outside world. He was one of a clan who had grown a legacy in the approximate century across which the calamity took place, a race which had mastered magic’s transformative nature. Using this power, he and the others of his clan returned to physically human forms and tried to transition back to the world which had rejected them. Two centuries of crusades had been more than enough to weed them out and slaughter any who had come to be associated with them. Only Dracula, a particularly powerful member of this Vampire clan, and his son Adrian survived the savagery.

It was for this reason that Dracula scoffed, for he believed that no place of peace existed for those touched by magic. He saw Moonveil not as a haven but as a fortress, one which required fortification from the outside world. He established a tyrannical rule over the territories of Moonveil, brewing struggle and spite in the land’s settlers so that they might become strong. Those who held onto the meager ideal of peace were turned into undead, a state in which they could not defy Dracula’s intent. He wanted to create an army, one which could fight back against and eradicate the humans once they inevitably came.

A prediction which soon came true as settlers from the Eagle Empire docked on Moonveil’s shores. This empire was known and feared by magical beings for they owned the lands in which the Templars were based. A phobia of magic was commonplace in those from the empire due to the wide influence of the Templars and these settlers were no exceptions. Their greeting to the land of Moonveil was the erection of a barrier, one which completely rejected magic and magical entities. Within this barrier they built a settlement, now infamously known throughout the land as Fourshire. This was the humans’ first assault against Moonveil and it seemed Dracula’s war would soon begin.

Yet, one little oddity popped up in the midst of the tense standoff between Fourshire and Castlevania. Among the monsters there were still those who just wanted peace, a sentiment surprisingly shared by a few humans. These humans were the ones who did not believe in the necessity of conflict, who came to sympathize with Moonveil’s residents as living beings rather than mindless menaces. The rushed construction of Fourshire, paired with a sudden attack from a Djinn which brought the workers even more strife, also meant a lot of settlers were struggling to actually start building a livelihood in the new land. Some could only find their place out in the wild among the monsters.

This coming together of human and monster outcasts was something that neither side expected and yet proved unanimously beneficial. The humans brought the skills and knowledge of the empire and the monsters helped their new friends to adjust to Moonveil and taught them the benefits of magic. Through this collaboration, another settlement was built in the neutral territory between the Fourshire settlers and Dracula. This village was called Lumine Haven, an impossible pocket of peace which both the opposing factions have recently become aware of. A spark of hope which, for a moment, has frozen the approach of war.

Nonetheless, Lumine Haven is as much a target as it is an icon of solidarity. They may have brought pause to Dracula and Fourshire but people don’t change so easily. Lumine opposes both sides and its villagers will not be given peace just like that. They will inevitably be made to fight for the future that is better for both mundane and magical and when that time comes the villagers will give their all to protect each other.