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The Races of Lumine

Humans  The humans of this world are a tenacious people who survived in a world bent to warp and destroy them. The humans left after the time of calamity are those who have rejected magic and have heeded the words of it being an evil force. They refuse to let themselves be changed or manipulated by this unknown force that has entered the world and through that solidarity they have thrived. Though, there are humans who are not satisfied with just passively renouncing magic.  

Humans from the Eagle Empire have come to Moonveil with a mixture of curiosity and disgust. Those of the empire, in particular the templars who are based there, are particularly aggressive against the forces of magic and have no qualms with wiping it out. They have founded a settlement named Fourshire, from which they intend to examine and eventually take over the lands of Moonveil.  


Magic Society / Sin Carriers  When magic came to the world one of the most terrifying effects it had was warping humans and animals until they were no longer recognizable. Still living beings, yet in the visage of creatures that one would only speak of in myth. Most commonly, these transformations would see humans take on the aspects of animals and vice-versa. During the time of calamity, the people of various lands reacted differently to their brethren undergoing such change.  

Many of the transformed were looked upon in horror and chased from the communities they were once a part of. Some saw the transformed as the people they once were and sympathized with the fact that it was just a part of the tragedy they had to face together. Some saw the transformed as bad omens and went so far as to kill them for a spiritual sense of safety. In the end, as generations passed and the calamity came to a close, the transformed were all expelled from human society. 

Areas of wilderness the world over were populated by the transformed as the came to identify under the umbrella term ‘magic society’. Those of magic society were finally given time to understand their bodies and defined themselves as individual species. As if drawn by a supernatural sense, many members of magic society ended up being drawn to the land around the Iktomi seal; Moonveil. 

Those who went to Moonveil fortunately avoided the march of the templars as they combed the lands to slaughter members of magic society. The templars did not have the respect to call the magic-afflicted a ‘society’, instead they dubbed their prey ‘sin carriers’. Magic society suffered huge losses during the templar crusades, few who stayed in their homelands managed to survive. 

Magic society in Moonveil has flourished in the land that was seemingly the only one to benefit positively from magic. They are still attempting to build back up to societies that match those of the humans and a balance between the races has not yet been found. They are still growing, protected under the controversial rule of a vampire named Dracula. Still, this is the land in which magic society has come together and this is where they intend to justify their existence. 


Monsters  When the warping first occurred, the various species who would grow to become magic society were those fortunate enough to keep their minds. The magic that changed them was uncontrolled, aggressive, each effected person that wasn’t utterly broken should consider themselves smiled upon by a miracle. For each who settled into a relatively clean hybrid form, there were thousands who became something far worse. Messes of fur and scales and teeth with minds filled only with pain and instinct and violence. There was only one way to describe these creatures; they were monsters. 

Among the natural disasters and twisted reality, the monsters became the primary threat to the world’s survivors. The magic that fueled their nightmarish forms made them powerful, any individual monster could slaughter an entire settlement if its people were caught unprepared. When their terror came not in the form of bloodshed, the monsters took a psychological toll as well. Fear and paranoia ran rampant as distrust in magic society races grew. Even though they still had their minds, there was too much unknown about magic. The people could not distinguish those who were monsters from those who were not and feared the magic society species turning into those awful beasts. 

Despite their warped conditions, monsters continued to survive throughout the generations. When their lives were at risk their instincts took hold and they bred. Unpredictably, the years of genetic mixing actually managed to make their forms more stable. They remained mad creatures driven by hateful bloodshed, the rapid evolution only served to make them more effective in this goal.  

By the time the calamities were brought to a calm and the crusades had swept the lands, the world’s population of monsters dropped significantly. They had not the wisdom of magic society to avoid the templars and thus were slaughtered in droves, though that would not be the end of them. As the members of magic society were, monsters were drawn towards Moonveil through an unknown sense.  

The members of magic society have become proficient at the hunting and handling of monsters, though their threat is still not to be underestimated. One bad trip into the wilderness is enough to be the end of a traveler caught unprepared.  


Dragons –  In the hierarchy of magical beings, Dragons are the indisputable top of the food chain. All Dragons in the world began as monsters, just as warped and violent as the rest of them. The difference being that Dragons are the ones who fought and survived and evolved. What most monsters don’t get to experience is the true extent of how magic can improve them. It isn’t simply a case of making them bigger and stronger, species who survive and truly attune to their magic will awaken in another respect. The maddening rage disperses and what they find themselves with is intelligence, the most powerful tool of survival there is. 

It was thanks to this boon that the Dragons were able to not only find their way to Moonveil but to reach its greatest treasure. The Iktomi seal, known to them as the source of all magic. Exposure to this source only further charged their growth until they became the creatures the world currently knows them as. Dragons, the most powerful products of magic known to the world. Though they have become intelligent beings, Dragons retain some of the vicious and territorial traits of their monsterdom. They have only a begrudging respect for each other due to the power dynamic they share, lesser beings aren’t welcome on their territory. Due to this, paired with the fact that they’ve perched high on a perfectly vertical peak, none have dared attempt to reach the source.


Spirits  ‘Spirit’ is a blanket term that covers multiple types of insubstantial magical entities. The most known form of spirit are ghosts, the wandering souls of the dead who have not left the world. When magic first swept over the world, it beckoned an odd phenomenon that allowed the living to see and interact with the dead. Each person perceived the spirits at a varying level of clarity. Some would only see cloudy humanoid shapes and be unable to hear them, or at best they would only hear muffled noise. Others more attuned would be able to recognize the spirits and communicate with them perfectly.  

It seemed that in a majority of cases, the clarity would vary on a spirit-to-spirit basis. If a person were to meet a spirit of a friend or relative then they were more likely to be able to communicate well with them. If they did not know the spirit in life or if the spirit was simply too ancient, a person would be unlikely to make them out. Only very few people could perceive all spirits perfectly. 

The spirits, as one of the few non-harmful products of the calamity, brought some level of peace-of-mind to the world’s people. Many were comforted by the opportunity to speak with their dead friends and family, especially in that harsh age. Though, any one spirit would not remain in the world forever. Through this bridged gap between life and death the world’s people found that the spirits they could see all had one thing in common. A purpose for remaining. 

These purposes mainly boiled down to the spirit having something left undone or through their feeling a particularly powerful emotion. Worry for a loved one they left behind, hate towards a life-long enemy or just through plain dissatisfaction; each were bound by something unique. The bridging was a great time for spirits as it gave many of them the opportunity to carry out their lingering wills. Once they were done, they would move on to a place unknown even to them. 

As people clamored for emotional relief during the calamity, they were drawn to the surge of religious beliefs that surrounded the ghosts. Countless theories spread as to the mysterious realm the spirits passed on to, though for the sake of easing their exhausted minds most chose to think of it as a haven. The most prevalent of these beliefs was spread by the sage who would go on to found the templars.  

After the world’s magic was stabilized by the Djinn, ghosts disappeared from the people’s range of perception. Many were saddened by this, though that sadness was quickly overruled by statements from the templars in which they claimed the world was not meant to see them in the first place. Only the specially attuned could still interact with the spirits and for a time those people had smaller religious groups surrounding them. They acted as the bridge that could no longer be walked, until the templars hunted them down as well. They claimed to do this for the sake of the natural order intended by their faceless deity. 

Spiritualists now are a rare breed in the world. Those who do exist are driven into hiding for fear of the templars and those who have been taken in by their decree. They bear the harsh task of being the only ones able to aid ghosts in their journey to the next world, though in doing so they put their lives on the line.  


Nature Spirits / Fae – After ghosts, the other two types of spirit are somewhat anomalies. What causes them to be is uncertain, if there is a single explanation for either of them. Nature spirits are, unsurprisingly, spirits born from nature. Spiritual manifestations of certain places to which they are bound, though the strictness of this boundary varies from spirit to spirit. Nature spirits tend to be split into two types; greater and lesser spirits.  

Greater nature spirits are extremely powerful. While this power may vary based on their proximity to their bound location, they are practically invincible in the optimal situation. Multiple greater nature spirits came to be during the calamity and certain tribes found safety under the protection of these spirits. This drive to protect was consistent between the greater spirits, which led to the belief that they were the world’s way of protecting itself from itself. The world refused to allow itself to be torn apart, thus it crafted these spirits as an adhesive to keep itself together. When a greater spirit died, it was usually in the event of a natural disaster destroying their bound location beyond recovery.  

The tribes who were protected by the greater spirits created a close bond with them over the years. Even when the ghosts faded, the greater nature spirits remained with them to protect them from the uncertain future. In their time coming to know and understand the greater nature spirits, these tribes theorized a different origin of their existence. They were not simply the panic of the world given life. They were the hopes, dreams, feelings and memories experienced in their bound location given form. They were not just the manifestation of a place but everything that place symbolized. The reason why the tribes thought this was because of the empathy of the spirits. The nature spirits always seemed to be able to feel what the people around them felt. Every fear, every worry, every hope.  

This is what made them such good protectors, this is why they were able to make the tribes feel safe at any time. Even when the templars came to slay the greater nature spirits, they proved one of the few forces in the world able to push back against the holy warriors. Their resolve did not allow them to lose after they had protected the people for so long. 

Lesser nature spirits, also known as Fae, are pretty much the polar opposite of their greater counterparts. They are far less powerful but come in much greater numbers and are less tied to their location of manifestation. With time, Fae can even bind themselves to new areas, thus circumventing the limitation of a bound existence. Fae ride off of a common misconception that they must have a similarly well-intentioned and protective nature to their greater kin, though this could not be further from the truth. 

Fae are tricksters, through and through. They’re whimsical and unpredictable and use the lack of knowledge surrounding them to make contracts with people they come across. They make these contracts sounds like a great deal in favor of the signer when in truth they are practically signing away their lives. A contract with the Fae is more than just owing a debt, they will take absolutely everything from you if given the chance.  

As to what greater purpose, those who know of the Fae believe it is just for fun. In their eternal existences they search for jollies by bringing dread to mortals. They certainly see themselves as above mortal beings, what is uncertain is how they feel about other spirits. Clans of Fae commonly contend with each other, challenging each other to games of wit to prove which of them are superior. Perhaps they even seek to elevate themselves to the same status as the greater nature spirits.  

The question remains as to why spirits like this would come to be. Following the same theory that greater nature spirits are derived from feelings, it could be said that the lesser spirits are similar. Every person in the world has negative feelings, it’s unavoidable. The urge to kill someone you dislike or the urge to just take something that you want, these are feelings repressed on a daily basis. Good people cast these feelings out and as they do the negativity pools together. It is from these rejected evils that the Fae derive from. 

What both types of nature spirits share are their odd weaknesses. Most commonly, these weaknesses are certain metals that can quickly burn away vulnerable spirits exposed to them. Furthermore, these metals are usually synthetic, man-made materials. Though, for certain types of spirits such as water spirits, they tend to have weaknesses to certain chemicals instead.  


Dream Spirits  The most abstract of the spirits, dream spirits are mysterious beings who only a handful in history have ever been able to interact with. The reason for this stems from the way that spirits are usually perceived, which is through the innate connection that people have with them. Ghosts were seen through the bonds they had with those still living and nature spirits are collaboration of people’s feelings. Dream spirits, on the other hand, are outliers who came to be without human influence. Miscellaneous fragments of soul forged into entirely new entities driven wholly by the soul’s function as a snapshot of being. This chimeric property of a dream spirit’s existence makes them, in a sense, the monsters of spirits.

Yet, a spirit cannot continue to exist without such things as feelings and experiences. Dream spirits yearn to ‘be’ without knowing precisely what they’re meant to become. Without these components they represent nothing and so end up returning to non-existence. Thus, they attain those ever-so-important feelings and experiences through the medium of dreams. As such, each dream spirit ends up becoming radically unique as they take on properties extracted from various dream worlds. The only consistency one might find among dream spirits is their unwillingness to harm the souls of others. Though they wish to be, they have no natural inclination to steal that being from another. That’s why they use dreams, though the frivolous nature of those one-night worlds means that dream spirits have to constantly seek out new dreams to feed on.

The fact that very few can perceive them makes the existence of a dream spirit an innately sad one. They do all they can to justify their being and yet they’re unlikely to ever be seen. They can struggle to exist but are trapped in a world where only they will know that they are. Never to be validated by the perception of another being. That’s why, when a special person who can see them is born, the dream spirits will flock to them. They will be undyingly loyal to this person, no matter who they are, for they are the only one who can confirm that they’ve achieved being. That they aren’t just wasted existences and that their plight from the first moment of their consciousness wasn’t futile.


Constructs  After the trauma the sages faced after they saw what lay behind the source of magic, each had a different response going forward. One of them was absolutely enamored by the darkness she saw and sought to go deeper into that which they had uncovered. Though, she realized that it would be suicide for her to attempt to delve in with her own body. Simply a glimpse of that darkness was enough to destroy the minds of the most powerful magic-wielders in the world. Extended exposure was sure to lead to nothing less than death. What she required were beings who were not limited by the weaknesses of flesh and thought.

The Djinni wouldn’t do, nor would any other kind of spiritual entity. Such beings had their own sentience and key components of them were derived from the mind. They would surely go mad just as the other sages had or perhaps worse given their incorporeal forms. The vastness of the magic within that enticing darkness was incomprehensible, beings who were themselves only kept together by bonds of magic would almost certainly lose themselves and be scattered within. Fortunately for this particular sage, more went into the creation of the Djinni than just their spiritual aspect. She already had the basis for what would end up being known as ‘constructs’.

Constructs are artificial bodies made of various materials who are granted bastardized forms of sentience. The earliest constructs were made of wood and stone, though the enamored sage has since moved on to more refined resources. The pseudo-sentience that these constructs have allows them to autonomously act based on preset instructions. Due to this, they are able to move around and function on their own, however they are not truly capable of their own thought. They can only act within the bounds of those built-in rules, therefore they are perfectly loyal to she who built them.

The sage’s theory is that this half-sentience should function as a workaround to the maddening effects of the darkness as, without thought, these constructs can’t attempt to perceive it. They can’t be overwhelmed by the exposure if they don’t have the function to do so, making them perfect to explore that dark beneath. The current problem the sage faces is the fact that powerful beings known as Dragons have made their home around the Iktomi seal. In the years she spent refining her constructs, the darkness has gone out of her reach. A minor setback, given her years of effort she believes it inevitable that she will reach the seal again soon. For now, though, she and her constructs have found a comfortable living arrangement within the walls of Castlevania.

The true complexity of creating semi-sentience without making use of any spiritual aspects is more than most could comprehend. As of current, only the enamored sage has succeeded in the creation of these constructs and due to that there are very few going around. The only proof one might find of these entities are old models that the sage has since left abandoned. More often than not they end up becoming the sources of unnerving folk tales as they ceaselessly perform the same inane actions over and over. The truth behind these constructs is yet unknown to the world at large, though if the enamored sage gets her way then humanity might soon not have the minds to perceive it.


Djinni –  The Djinni, sometimes referred to as just Djinn or Elementals, were the solution crafted by the sages to counteract the apocalyptic effects magic was having on the world. They’re split into two individual types; Mazin and Sijeel. The Mazin have precedence over winds and waves, tasked with preventing things like hurricanes, blizzards, tsunamis and the like. Sijeel, on the other hand, control earth and flames and are meant to neutralize earthquakes and wildfires. Were it not for these Djinn, the world would return to how it was in the age of disaster. Something the world most likely wouldn’t survive, especially given humanity’s now deep-seated fear of magic.

Yet, it may be that fear which directly leads to a second armageddon. Shortly after their creation, the Djinn were abandoned by their makers who believed they had seen the true, dark form of magic. This was no great dilemma on its own, the Djinn were made to understand that they would outlast their creators and be left to carry out their task self-sufficiently, the issue was the active antagonism that was thereafter displayed by the sages. Several of the sages saw the Djinn as being as dark as the magic which birthed them, not least of all the one who would found the templars. Despite the necessity of the Djinni’s existence, they were not exempt from the crusades carried out by these ‘holy’ warriors. They were hunted just as every other being of magic was and, in the years leading up to present day, several have been slain.

With humans having turned on them, the Djinni felt as if they could only find solace among each other. Yet, for them to successfully maintain the state of the world, they had to spread out across the globe. The Djinni developed close bonds among themselves but together they concluded that bond could not be prioritized over their task. They would still meet with each other whenever they could, however as their numbers dwindle their leeway to gather does as well. Their number is already being stretched thin and the number of natural disasters occurring around the world is rising. Over a third of the Djinn have been killed and, without the sages, that number cannot be restored.

What must be remembered is that the Djinn are living beings in their own right with their own thoughts and emotions. You would be hard-pressed to find one among them who isn’t either angry or worn down to the point of apathy. One of the Mazin even notably lashed out against the human settlers who have encroached on the last haven for magic in the world. They attempted to find consolation in each other but that cannot erase the fact that they are bound by their duty. A truth that becomes ever more apparent with each passing day as they are forced to drift farther and farther from each other. If this continues, there may very well come a day when the Djinn finally give up, and when that day comes humanity will have only itself to blame.


Pareidolia / Skygg  The Skygg are a species of cosmic entities that exist only to cause chaos and corrupt. They flaunt their superiority over all other life by making the stars dance and plunging worlds into darkness. Their idea of fun involves manipulating lesser beings towards inevitable pain and tragedy. For this purpose, the entire universe is their playground. 

Hades was one of the Skygg, and a particularly powerful one at that. In his time free he enslaved countless galaxies, turning all life within them into his minions who spread to other worlds in his name. The Iktomi intervened in his affairs when it became clear that he and his corrupted servants would quickly grow out of hand as their influence multiplied.  

Hades was completely snared when he was locked away by the Iktomi seal. He could not move and his cosmic powers were reduced to the mere flickering of shadows. Cunning as he was, he managed to come up with a solution even then. He allowed fragments of his being to split off and become their own entities; the Pareidolia. The seal’s oppression was lesser on these derived beings, they were still locked in the world but able to move around on its surface in the form of shadows.  

The only catch was that these beings had their own minds and wills, bound by the seal Hades was unable to control them. The Pareidolia were capable of entering the minds of the people whose shadows they touched, though such minds were not meant to be exposed to such beings. Those who they entered would quickly die, leaving the Pareidolia inevitably tied to their forms as shadows. 

He did not even realize it, but Hades’ fragmentations caused disturbances in the Iktomi seal. Nothing great enough to truly effect it, though the ripples of magic are what caused calamity to take hold of the world above. Truly, if Hades could have witnessed it he would have been proud of his handiwork. For now, he remains trapped in the world, awaiting the opening he needs to tear the seal open and crawl his way out of this underworld. 


Upo –  Upo are a space-faring race of leporid-like humanoids whose original homeworld was taken by the Skygg. Countless stars have been erased due to the indiscriminate spread of the Skygg and countless races have been lost under the shadow they cast. The great strength and influence of these beings means that very few manage to escape once a Skygg has set their sights on them. The Upo are among the scarred survivors who just happened to be an advanced enough race to avoid assimilation. They tried to find new worlds to call home but they could never go far enough to permanently outrun the Skygg. At most, they could find one or two generations of peace before the sun would flicker and darkness would come. 

With each hop, the Upo saved as many as they could from the worlds that were to be dragged into an abyss. In time, the Upo became more than just their original race, they became the last echoes of various planets. While the original Upo kept their name, these tagalongs started to call themselves Upogi with respect to the ones who saved them. The most recent brush these star-farers had with a Skygg saw them come dangerous close to Hades himself, an encounter that resulted in the deaths of most who called the starship home.

The Upo and the Upogi seek one of two things. The first is a world that they can permanently call their home, a place to truly safe from the cosmic terrorizing practiced by the Skygg. The second is a means of actually fighting back against the defeating the Skygg, thus preventing any more worlds from being harmed as theirs were. The past centuries have seen these survivors doubling their efforts, fanning out between various worlds to scout for either solution. Little do they know that one small Upo currently treads on a world that puts him closer to a Skygg than he could ever know.


Kawn –  Space elementals, beings of cosmic chaos, the Djinni of the stars; these are descriptors made for the Kawn in the endless effort to truly grasp just what they are. They’re inconsistent and chaotic entities, though not chaotic in the same manner as the Skygg. They don’t commonly have any malicious intent towards other life in the universe, they all just kinda do their own thing. What is their thing? Well, I would ask to you to imagine what you think a cosmic horror might do on their day off. They just drift, go to whatever world they please and act entirely based on whims. Whether or not that leads to them becoming the sources of cult activity isn’t any of their business. 

Comparing them to Djinni isn’t an inaccurate way of gauging what they are in terms of form. They have aspects of both spirit and construct and come to be through a universal sense of bewonderment. For all intelligent life, the true vastness and meaning of the universe is something that’s often considered but rarely truly gauged. It’s a great and terrifying yet encapsulating unknown and such aspects are what the Kawn represent. They have the knowledge that mortals dream of while themselves being nigh-impossible to grasp. Unlike other spiritual entities, there is no greater goal to their being. They’re born from people’s ideals of the universe to do nothing but live by their own desires.

They can become gods, or they could just be people who fall in love. There is no one description that accurately represents every Kawn, such is the nature of their being. No one even knows how they attain the vastly unique construct-like aspects of their bodies. No one has to know, the draw of the Kawn are the fact that they’re as indescribable as the true depths of the universe around them.


Iktomi –  It’s no exaggeration to say that the Iktomi are the closest beings to gods that exist in this universe. From their homeworld, a place untouchable by even the likes of the Skygg, they are capable of monitoring and influencing the goings on of all that there is. However, the Iktomi rarely leave their world of residence, for it is not their duty to concern themselves with the trivial matters of other life forms. Such intrusions are merely a form of amusement for them, their true purpose is much more profound than that of any other race. They are tasked with protecting a flame, one which holds the power to destroy not only this universe but all the timelines surrounding it. 

This flame might be called the center of the universe, though the importance of it is greater than even that. As it burns, it powers the very continuity of reality and must remain undisturbed lest the universe risk collapse. The simplest way to describe it is that the universe exists relative to the flame rather than vice versa, if the flame is removed from its set point then the balance that has been set would shift. Such a shift would go beyond effecting just the three-dimensional plane, it would case other timelines to crash into this reality and cause devastation on a higher dimensional scale. With this knowledge, one might think that certainly no Iktomi would ever be foolish enough to take the flame for themselves. Unfortunately, one did.

The Iktomi, while generally chaotic and frivolous in nature, take their task as guardians with the utmost seriousness. For all of their ‘doing things to see what happens’ mentality, things stop being a joke when it comes to matters of the flame. The traitor of their kind, known as Ylvan Za’ant, is the one who took their experimental nature too far. Two things drove his decision to steal the flame; the first was a sense of claustrophobia due to his kind’s homebound nature. They had so much power and yet were still eternally bound to this one location due to some inclination to maintain a stable universe.

The second reason was that Za’ant had become bored with time being a linear construct. Given the power that the Iktomi hold, they could easily control anything that happens anywhere in the universe. Instead, they tend to do things without necessarily knowing what the result will be, Hades being sealed in a random world being an example. Keeping things unpredictable like this serves to stave off the plague of boredom, yet even that wasn’t enough for Za’ant. The very idea that time would keep moving forward with a consistent continuity was too dull and predictable for him and he hoped that taking the flame would imbalance this straight path.

Za’ant is currently in hiding from the other Iktomi while he waits for his crime to bear fruit. To assuage his boredom in the meantime, he has taken to messing with the minds of the mortals on the world in which Hades is sealed. The magic produced by the Iktomi seal as well as the corrupt influence of the Skygg within serve to mask Za’ant’s presence from the far-seeing eyes of his kin. The flame has since bound itself to his life, most likely in an attempt to turn him into its new set point. An ineffective effort, though it does mean that Za’ant’s life is now reliant on the flame. If he is separated from it for too long of if it is extinguished, he will die, thus fulfilling his punishment for taking it into his possession.

The other Iktomi have come up with a temporary solution to the extradimensional shifts caused by the moving of the flame. They can only hope that this failsafe will bide them over until they can find Za’ant, hand him his punishment and retrieve the flame. They now live in a borrowed timeline, one which will collapse alongside all others if they don’t catch their traitor soon.


Metronome –  Metronome are the residents of the 5th-dimensional space that the Iktomi constructed after Za’ant’s betrayal. This space is a metaphysical one which exists between timelines, its function to manifest the imbalances which threaten them. With the flame moved from its set point, these various timelines threaten to shift and collapse in on each other. This metaphysical space is a preventative measure against that, forcing these calamitous shifts to instead materialize as a war against the two types of Metronome; Time Flayers and Time Elementals. 

Time elementals are the shifts given form, representations of the catastrophic merging that would take place in the physical universe. Seeing as they are essentially the collapse of timelines given sentience, these elementals are hideously powerful. They hold sovereignty over time and its concepts, though their lent minds are meager as they are driven single-mindedly towards their goal to merge. Whenever a time elemental manifests, an equivalent time flayer will come to be as essentially an antibody against their bound elemental. These flayers are driven by their purpose to seek and destroy their respective elementals. Once this task is complete and their destiny fulfilled, the flayer will disappear, for that victory is their sole reason for being. If they continue to be then they tip the balance in the other direction and the threat of collapse comes ever closer.

Flayers and elementals rarely meet with one another within the metaphysical space. They are lonely existences who carry their fates on a single duel. Though the flayers are designed to come out on top against the elementals, it cannot be guaranteed that they will always win. That’s why this space is only a temporary measure against the shifting of timelines. If, under the unlikely event that a flayer came upon multiple elementals and lost, then the space would lose stability. Every loss of a flayer brings the metaphysical space one step closer to collapsing and once that happens there is nothing to prevent destruction of a 5th-dimensional scale.

Furthermore, given that the war between flayers and elementals is an eternal cycle, the eventual downfall of the flayers seems inevitable. There is no limited number of elementals, they will continue to appear to long as the timelines are unstable. Every major event that makes the timelines unique from one another has the potential to create a new elemental. Significant moments in time are one of the key components to each unique manifestation, therefore the only way to stop them from appearing would be to stop time itself. A solution not much better than its demise.

There is one Metronome in particular around which much seems to revolve. A flayer by the name Aeon. Aeon was born with exceptional abilities, not just in terms of power but as a tactician. This was uncommon, even though the flayers were generally more intelligent than elementals they weren’t what one would call remarkable. Aeon was above the baseline and, as if drawn in by a greater fate, met with a group of his own kind. Other flayers, who had been doing battle with a large group of elementals. These elementals had also been displaying tactics beyond their usual simplicity as they grouped up to pick off the lone, fate-bound flayers.

With his tactical mind, Aeon led the other flayers to victory over this band of elementals, though when the battle was won he was the only one who remained. His own elemental was not a part of that battle. Not explicitly, at least. Watching over that battle was an elemental of unprecedented cunning, a noble among his kind. This elemental was the one directly born from the moving of the flame, the figurehead manifestation of timelines colliding. After Aeon’s battle, this noble time elemental realized that Aeon was his flayer. Predicting that Aeon would be equipped to win a direct battle, the noble elemental instead tried something else. He cast Aeon out of the metaphysical space and into the solid world.

Aeon’s form nearly broke apart as it struggled to conceive itself in physical terms. He managed to adapt to his new three-dimensional boundaries but was severely weakened by the exile that had been forced upon him. He found himself on a world where magic was feared, infinitely far away from his fate. Only one place on this planet offered any hope for him to return to the metaphysical plane; the lands of Moonveil. There, he sided with a powerful man known as Dracula in hopes that the vampire might trigger an event significant enough to create an elemental back in the metaphysical space. Aeon awaits that moment, theorizing that through such a connection to his place of origin he may be able to return and achieve his destiny by flaying that noble time elemental.