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The Territories of Lumine – Silver Pass & the Dragon’s Plateau


Silver Pass is the name given to the string of mountains which mark Moonveil’s north/north-western border. On the other side of the Pass is the Sarasa Desert, whose sands bury the countless corpses of those who failed to endure the desert’s heat. The two sides of the Pass are as night and day; one a sandy wasteland of death and the other a prosperous garden of fields and forests. To the residents of Moonveil, the Pass represents protection and salvation while to potential invaders it is a precarious barrier. It would be nigh-impossible to get a fully-equipped army through the Sarasa and being funnelled into the Pass’ pathways after the exhausting trip would leave them much too exposed. 

Silver Pass unsurprisingly finds itself the subject of many tales and beliefs among the clans of Moonveil. However, there is one other mountain which has remained an unsolved mystery ever since the earliest days of settling. The Dragon’s Plateau, found some ways inland in north-eastern Moonveil, appears more like a tower than a mountain. The faces of the Plateau are perfectly vertical, as if carved, leading up to an unknowably high peak. Only two things are known about the Plateau; that those who attempt to scale it through any method other than climbing are rejected and that creatures of legend make their roost upon its enigmatic apex.


The shade of the Pass was the first sign of salvation for the magic-tinged immigrants who were led to Moonveil. As they passed to the other side, it was like entering a new world for those whose skin still broiled from the singing desert heat. It was only natural that several of the tribes would turn their appreciation towards the Silver Pass which served as passage into their virtuous new homeland. They deified the mountains and saw them as the great protectors of the land who would ensure that Moonveil remained a place for magic. 

The cultures which might have formed around these mountains were, regrettably, never given the chance to develop thanks to the appearance of Dracula. Once the ill-omen of Castlevania made itself known, those closest to the Pass were the first to be pushed away. Thanks to that, the beliefs surrounding the mountains rapidly waned and the peaks were never fully explored. Only the most committed of the tribes still yearn to give back to the Pass which they were forcibly separated from. 

Some sought to fill the gap in their culture by turning the Dragon’s Plateau into their new idol of gratitude. The peak of this seemingly infinitely tall Plateau became the new platform of gods, to whom the clans wished that the age of Dracula would be cut short. These beliefs were further justified thanks to the cries and visages of great beasts in the skies near the Plateau. It has become a common hope that the one who manages to make the impossible climb up to the top of the Plateau will be given the chance to request these god-creatures for their aid. That is why, though many have died in the endeavor, people still attempt it so long as Dracula remains a prominent issue. 

Key Figures

The Shepherd & Raikaku

Elec Mazin, known as the Shepherd to those unacquainted with him and as a fopdoodle to Rio de Mia, is the Djinn who watches over the land of Moonveil. He made his home on the peaks of the Pass, only coming down to cultivate farmland at the base of the mountain range. When the great wave of migrants came upon the land, Elec was initially wary until he realized that they were similar to him. Rejected people of magic who were in an honest search for a place to be. 

Elec was a lonely soul and he became excited at the prospect of being able to socialize with these new settlers. His kind had been long since been abandoned by the humans who made them and their ability to even visit each other had lessened with time. The Djinni had nothing but their duty, yet Elec was one among them who yearned for connections with others. He revealed himself to the clans who settled by the mountainside and shared the fruits of his farm with them in hopes of beginning a friendship. 

Sadly, where he sought friendship he instead was met with reverence. He was put on a pedestal by the clans, being called ‘the Shepherd’ rather than by his actual name. Despite his objections to the idea, several of the tribes believed him to be the one who drew them to the land in the first place. Then, before he had a chance to cast away these ideas and make any truly substantial connections, the clans were pushed away by Dracula. Cursed soil killed the farmland he worked so hard on and again he was left alienated.

He started to wander from the Pass more often in the desperate hope of finding someone, something to bond with. At last, he was given some respite as the manifestation of Rio de Mia came to be. For the first time in too long, Elec had someone who would talk to him like he was just another person. They formed a bond through their equality, a true friendship they could find nowhere else in the land. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, not even this would last thanks to the violent settling of humans from the Eagle Empire. 

The humans had already slighted Elec and his kin several times throughout history. They created the Djinni only to immediately abandon them, and then a human faction even took to slaughtering them. The Djinni consider each other to be family and for many years all they had was each other. For the humans, killing them was the fastest way to earn their ire. The slaughter incited by the Fourshire settlers was enough to push Elec over the edge and he retaliated by having them face a mighty eight-day storm.

The people of Fourshire took heavy damage but they persevered nonetheless. To make matters worse, Elec’s reckless use of his power caused even more damage to the surrounding forests. He was only stopped thanks to the intervention of other Djinni, it is uncertain how much more of Moonveil would have been damaged if he were allowed to continue. His kin punished him and threatened to have him sealed away if he caused another such incident.

Being bound to the land, Mia also took damage thanks to the storm. She refused to forgive Elec for what he did and, thanks to his own blind rage, he had lost the one friend in Moonveil he had. He returned to loneliness for a short time before attempting to reconnect with Mia again under a guise. This worked briefly but he was inevitably unmasked and, as she felt used, Mia’s feelings towards Elec turned from disappointment to outright hatred. In her spite, she has since spread many rumors about Elec to keep the other residents of Moonveil away from him as well. 

Elec was plunged into loneliness once more, further estranged from his brethren and with little chance of forming bonds with the life of Moonveil. He knew he had earned this fate for himself but he could not accept it at the very heart of his being. He needed companionship one way or another, so he took matters into his own hands. Being part spirit himself, Elec knew the means through which spirits were formed. Using that knowledge, he gathered the lingering feelings of hope and relief that were left by the initial migrants and, using a piece of his own being, gave them life in the form of a new spirit. 

Yet, this tiger-like spirit, the Raikaku, did not have a sustainable form thanks to its artificial creation. Bearing only the fragment of life that Elec shared with it, it was cursed to fade in a matter of only days. It was then that, at last, the Djinn was blessed with a stroke of luck. One of the Dragons of the Dragon’s Plateau happened to fly over the mountain as the Raikaku’s existence neared its rapid end and, with as little as a gaze, blessed the Raikaku with the essence of life that it needed. His companion saved, Elec was given the hope he needed to continue on. This motivation led him to meet with Mortimer Spettro and, together with this adopted human, they started to regrow the farm that Elec lost long ago. It has taken long to get to this point but it seems that he finally has the chance to achieve long-sought redemption and happiness. 

The Dragons

To those at the base of the Dragon’s Plateau, the Dragons are little more than untouchable silhouettes who glide atop the clouds. They are called gods and given various names and meanings but the truth of them is largely unknown. Only one of them, the Dragon who can bestow life and health with a single look, has fully appeared before the people below. The one called the Caladrius, which normally takes upon the appearance of a giant, white avian and glows with all the colors of the rainbow when it uses its abilities. 

It is assumed that the other Dragons of the Plateau have abilities just as powerful if not more so. It would come as no surprise for anyone to hear that they feed off of the world’s true source of magic. The Dragons are not gods, they are simply monsters who evolved past their feral state. The intelligence they developed is what allowed them to be the first to reach the peak of the Plateau and become its rulers. They are not as complex in their grandeur as the their believers portray but then again, deities never really are.