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The Territories of Lumine – Twilicant


If one knows the location of Moonveil then they, whether they realize it or not, know where to find Twilicant. While the region of Moonveil is expansive in itself, vast enough to house the world’s remnant magic, another equally vast land hides underneath the surface. This tremendous cave system is known to some as ‘the lostroots’ but is more commonly referred to as Twilicant. Entrances to the caves are hidden all throughout Moonveil’s surface and as of yet not even the most dedicated of spelunkers has managed to fully explore Twilicant’s seemingly infinite depth. 

The perils of Twilicant are many as the underground has become the preferred home of many a species of monster. The caves are at best lit by the unsettling, blue-green tinted glow of opalescent mushrooms and mosses. As one delves deeper into the caves, they invariably feel their minds effected by thick, snaring darkness. Left vulnerable, they become easy prey to the monsters, if they do not meet a worse fate under the burning gaze of the ‘fey king’. 


The initial mass migration to Moonveil brought few clans who were willing to settle underground and those who were ended up being swiftly chased out by monsters. It became apparent that life in the caves was unsafe even for the most prepared of clans as the tunnels allowed little chance of evading the routes of prowling predators. For a time, the only ones who would risk Twilicant’s perils were the most curious of explorers who wanted to know what secrets lay behind the deep veil of darkness. 

With none having truly conquered Twilicant, the clans have made up various tales and theories regarding how it came to be and what might await in its deepest crevices. The most prevalent belief is that Moonveil once had many trees of life as opposed to just one, all of which grew during the calamity. Once the Djinni suppressed magic’s chaos, all but one of the life trees shrank and returned to normality. Their roots receded and the hollowed out space which was left became the caves of Twilicant. Based on this myth, some have chosen to believe that the raw essence of life yet lingers in Twilicant’s depths, though that is most likely just a story told to motivate young adventurers. 

The concept of mining was actually first brought to the land by Dracula. It was not something that many of the tribes had even considered as they had reservations about taking anything from the land that they could not regrow. Dracula, on the other hand, only sought the weapons that could be forged from Moonveil’s ores. The materials that could be farmed from Twilicant’s walls came in a vast variety with a majority holding some form of magical property. The potential might that could be gained from magical weaponry forged of these materials was too much for Dracula to simply overlook. 

He would not, however, be the only one who looked to the underground for its resources. Fourshire’s mining effort has become infamous ever since its people initially settled as low-class workers are forced into a rushed and reckless practice. Between shipments of building material from the Eagle Empire mainland, they fill the blanks with ores from Twilicant. Of course, it would do no good to bring materials which are infected with magic into the barrier, thus the Templars personally purify them of any anomalous properties they might have. 

Key Figures

The Fae King

What began as rumors whispered among paranoid miners has recently become known as an all-too-real threat. The stories tell of a Fae unlike any other, inconsistent in visage apart from the flare of its fiery stare and the green markings upon its form. This Fae is cunning like all others, what separates it is the fearsome power it possesses, enough to ward off even the most territorial of monsters. Even in its smallest forms, it is said that not even these monsters are foolish enough to lunge at it headfirst. 

Those who know the true nature of the Fae believe this ‘king’ to be the hate and tension between Dracula and Fourshire’s settlers given form, fed further by the enslaved and mistreated miners of both factions. Those who don’t, think it an ancient evil which was awakened by an explorer who finally managed to reach the lowest depths of Twilicant. The abnormal nature of this entity brings much to question, whether or not it truly even is Fae is uncertain. What is known is that it is a threat and will ruthlessly toy with the lives of any unfortunate enough to come across it. Even those who don’t see it directly are haunted by its hideous laughter as it partakes in the torture of lesser life.