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Profiles Introduction

Goodness! Yet another vague, singular word plagues my schedule that I will surely always abide to! Although this one is relatively quite simple, these profile posts will cover one of two subjects on any given week. The first of these are worldbuilding profiles, wherein I will detail the various settings in which my stories take place. Not all of these settings will have the same level of detail between them, some settings I plan to set many stories in and others may see only one. At a minimum the profiles will cover the general feeling of the setting, what makes it unique and what kinds of cultures really define it. The bigger settings will require a bulk of posts to fully explore as I delve into their histories, unique races, cultures, continents and corruptions. I want each of my worlds and settings to feel unique, like I’m really fleshing out  universe’s worth of development.

The second subject type regards characters. I absolutely adore designing characters, I have a number of OCs that pierces the thousands. I could likely post a profile for one character every week for the rest of my life and still not cover everything. As one might expect, these characters are the ones that populate my various aforementioned settings. A setting can be unique as can be but if its inhabitants aren’t interesting then what’s the point of it? Since it would take actually forever to do these characters one at a time, character profile posts will most of the time cover entire factions. These profiles will cover each character’s history, personality and place in the setting. For particularly important characters or if I just decide to play favorites then there will be extra sections dedicated to me gushing about them. I will also attempt to provide visual sketches of every single character, although learning art is still a WIP for me and I’ve never been confident with colors. Still, I’ll do my best!

I hope that you will be able to immerse yourself in these worlds and connect with the characters who live there. Heck, maybe you’ll even get into it enough to want to make your own characters for these settings, and I’m not stopping you! I want nothing more than for people to care about and interact with the things I write, my satisfaction comes from bringing people enjoyment.

Thanks for reading, hope you stay!