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Narrative Amendment Introduction

The narrative amendment series is going to be centered around rewriting arcs of anime and manga to make them just a bit better. Cutting the fat, correcting pacing, fleshing out underused characters; all that good stuff. Of course, these aren’t going to actually be full rewrites because I have my own personal projects to work on. These posts are just going to be overviews of the things I would change to improve upon the works in question. An important thing to keep in mind is that these posts will focus heavily on the story and characters, while things like animation quality and sound design may be important in an overall sense I am not looking to judge these factors. These posts aren’t reviews, they’re touch-ups.

The general structure of these posts is to be as follows;

Overview and Consensus

This section introduces the work that I will be rewriting and going over the general perception of quality for said work. Is it good, is it bad, does it need a lot of work or just a little, what is the fan base precisely attached to; from there we establish our starting point.

What I Enjoyed

This is where I highlight the things that really define the work in my eyes. What characters are the best, what plot elements really hooked me and what made me actually invested in what I’m consuming. Simple enough, this helps both you and I to understand the strengths of a work and what should really be homed in on when improving it.

What Needs Changed

The weaker elements of the work. The characters that are uninteresting, unenjoyable or add nothing to the plot. The plot threads that are just dumb or feel phoned in. The scenes that drag and the ones that go by too quickly. Inconsistencies in characters or in the plot and elements that just inhibit the flow of the story. I’ll also address and refer to fan consensus on the work’s weak points in this section.

The Rewrite

What you’ve all been waiting for, the actual rewrite section of the rewrite blog. Now that I’ve compiled all of our thoughts into three fun sections, I can actually cover everything that needs to change to improve the work. What needs to be removed, what should be focused on more, what characters undeservedly got the short end of the stick and such. These changes could potentially be drastic, shuffling around major events from other parts of the story or altogether changing the focal character aren’t outside the realm of possibility.


This section may not appear in every blog, it’s basically a tl;dr for the rewrite section since that’s where the meat of the post is intended to be. However, in the case that the blog regards only a single arc from a longer piece of work then this section will cover the implications that the rewrite would have for the rest of the story. Just basic stuff, like what the rewrite took from other arcs and things that would be knocked out of place because of it. If I cover one arc from a longer work then chances are I will do follow-up blogs for the rest, so you can look forward to that should I do one that you like.

… And that’s about it! I hope you enjoy these rewrite posts, if you have feedback then I’m open to hear what you have to say. After all, for these blogs your voice is as important as mine!