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Eynides: Introduction

Well, everyone, guess what? Genmu got random motivation for another world which could be used as a TTRPG setting so here we are, back in the primary universe. If you’ve been following this blog long enough to have seen the introductory post to Tertia then you’ll know that setting was born from a fusion of one of the worlds from my Casual Villainry stories and an extensively modified version of D&D’s Eberron setting. Eynides is similar, though it doesn’t have the same direct TTRPG inspiration it does also come from the Casual Villainry stories. The Tragedy of Cade Asgre, a boy who dedicated his life to trying to give unconditional love to a girl who suffered a violent mental illness.

If you primarily follow this blog for the stories from which my Tuesday excerpts are pulled then I would suggest avoiding my posts regarding this setting as I will obviously be revealing important elements of its associated story as I go along. Maybe even as soon as this intro post, the dangers are countless. That out of the way, I’m going to start selling this setting to you by summarizing the elements which make it unique. First and most importantly is the position on religion held by the people of Eynides. This world has only one major religion which is nigh-universally subscribed to, lesser beliefs which some might practice only come as a secondary to this one. Its name is Gelschism, the belief of the Shagehl.

Shagehl are, for all intents and purposes, the equivalent of Angels in this religion. However, these Angels serve no deity, instead being comprised entirely of a hierarchy of their own kind. The details of this hierarchy will be fleshed out in the posts of this setting to come. The people of Eynides believe the existence of the Shagehl to be fact as they will often answer requests made in prayer. While depictions of the Shagehl exist, they go unseen by the world at large, thus their acts are considered ‘miracles’ when they come to be. They do not answer every call and the miracles they do perform are kept within reason, no murders or bringing back the dead or anything else of the like. They do enough to keep their influence known without ever coming fully into the spotlight. Instead, they are as the shadows which surround the light, setting people up to act out their lives.

It would be no exaggeration to say that Gelschism is what controls Eynides, acting as the world’s central government and body of law. Practically every settlement in the world, even the smallest and most scattered of villages, has at least one Gelschist temple. The most grand of these temples are where all of the political issues of this world are handled. Even in a world with a unified religion, people will still get into disputes of all scales. On Eynides, they will argue what the true will of the Shagehl is, and questioning a grand temple’s dedication is enough to lead to war. Eynides is no utopia and the religious fanaticism which runs deep in its people should be proof of that.

As prior mentioned, even the lawkeepers of the world are associated with the Gelschist belief. Paladins and Clerics take on the roles of what would otherwise be police and soldiers as the teachings of Gelschism are synonymous with law. Those who go against the law will be captured and sent to an asylum where they will go through a correctional process which they are unlikely to finish. Law breaking and sinning is synonymous, therefore those who break the law must relearn the teachings of Gelschism from the start. Though, in having sinned, they are no longer worthy of living in the world of miracles that has been granted to them by the Shagehl. The Gelschist paladins have enough mercy to keep criminals alive but not enough to allow them to live.

There are, of course, those who do see the flaws in the practices which have become this world’s norm. These people are cursed to live out their lives in silence lest they risk being instantly sent to the nearest asylum. Their tongues held so that they might never find another of like mind and never build enough of a force to rebel. Such a group would inevitably be small and they would have a whole world to fight, but they would be the only chance Eynides has of escaping its current situation.┬áLike Tertia, Eynides is a world blessed with magic and people who are compatible with it. Such magic could be used to build the world into something great, instead it is used in wars and to uphold biased law and in utterly meaningless rituals. Everything is for the belief and Eynides’ people are blinded as to what could be beyond.