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Eynides – The Shagehl Hierarchy

The First

Aphosene (The Despot)

“We mortals were once an accursed race, consigned to forever writhe in the shadows of beasts. There we had only despair, a true sadness which would forever consume and digest us. What we could not see following that shrouded path was the force which silently guided us. We caught glimpses, enough to inspire us, yet not enough to perceive the shifting path of fate. Until the stars became visible and we could at last see where the shadows led. To a world of miracles where we could cast off the despair and believe in hope. Hope whose name is Aphosene.”

Greater Shagehl (14)

Consistent throughout all of the denominations of Gelschism, the Shagehl are separated into ranks of greater and minor. The greater Shagehl, of which there are fourteen, represent more significant concepts and celestial bodies than the minor. In some denominations, most notably Stratta Gelschism, Aphosene is perceived as being a greater Shagehl instead of being singled out as a higher status. Greater Shagehl mark the breakthroughs humanity has had in attempting to understand the Shagehl. Discoveries made often through times where the faith was tested, and through that adversity came further enlightenment. The proof that, time and time again, the Shagehl watch over as benevolent entities.

Bagrel the Boreal (Torr Berra)

“It took time for the fact of our safety to settle but once it had we came to the slow realization that we had freedom. We built walls but they existed not to trap us inside, with what we had gained the world was ours to explore. So much more to see than just the territories which had become the graves of our ancestors, environments we could have never otherwise known. Our people journeyed even to the far north, a land of white cold which offered no places of refuge from its local Apices. Those travellers had thought that their enthusiasm to explore had led them to a certain doom, until they looked up to the sky and saw streams of beautiful light. They survived their laborious trek, reminded that the Shagehl watched over them even in that boreal place.”

Dewsaol the Cold (Chere Averro)

“It is obvious to state that the Shagehl do not all act with the same level of unconditional generosity, nor do they have any inclination to. They need not forgive our mistakes and they may take back what they have given at any time. Some Shagehl might have us face consequences for their miracles, and from these consequences we must learn lessons. What we know with certainty is that it is all for our growth, even if their harsher tests make them feel cold.”

Shiyata the Estuary (Rem Sprythe)

“We often find ourselves wondering how the Shagehl create paths through the stars and dimensions and why they saw us as being figures of worth. We have no answer for the latter, but for the former we believe they utilize paths of stream and shadow which exist beyond our perception. Their silhouetted forms marks their connection to this stream and it is how they are able to swiftly travel around this world and beyond. At times, we will rarely see streaks of light in the night sky, fleeting moments when their light shines through the spatial estuary.”

Nerlia the Forgiveness (Imm Curche)

“Whether it is our intention or not, we often find ourselves feeling as if we have failed the Shagehl. Our lives as they are were the gift we received from them, thus we must regret our impudence if those lives have regret. To fail living our lives to the fullest is to soil their mercy, an unacceptable disrespect. Similarly, when we ask for a miracle which is not granted, we must take that as a sign that our request was an insolent one. In such situations we must strive to swiftly better ourselves and hope that the Shagehl grant us their forgiveness.”

Yovehn the Ivory (Zazz Faralba)

“The stars and moons above us exist in an infinite cosmic dance, forever watching over mortal lives just as the Shagehl. The light they shine a reminder of that which the Shagehl keep hidden, their gift the very life which grows under their celestial watch. Surely, they must themselves be miracles brought by the Shagehl they parallel, the first this universe was blessed with. They have watched us from the birth of the very first life and act to elevate those who can appreciate their state of being. We must prove that their efforts are not wasted, that the lives they have grown are something to be proud of. If we do then we can hope that they will watch us forevermore, so long as our existence is bathed in ivory light.”

Kagnae the Kindle (Via Irence)

“Yet we were hesitant to step out into the light at first, fearful that it might burn and hurt us as everything else had. Even while the beasts were kept at bay, our despair had already seen us sink deep into the world’s mud. We believed it to be only a brief respite before being returned to our most miserable state. Hope was not something so easily accepted in that time as we were chained to the acceptance of our pitiful, mortal existence. Still, Aphosene did not give up on us, their form forever standing tall in the distance. They never knelt nor yielded and, with time, we learned to do the same. The weight of complacency cast off, our hope for better lives at last kindled.”

Atermengaol the Meteor (Vys Evan)

“There are times when the Shagehl have brought us gifts that we did not expect nor understand. We know that we can attribute our rapid societal growth to them as they not only provided the safety we needed but led us towards the materials we used to build. Resources we would have never thought to harvest to reinforce our fortresses of wood and stone, plants we never would have thought could be used in food or medicine. Most bemusing of all, however, was the burning monument of cosmic stone which came from the night sky. Made of a material not found on our world and eternally burning with unyielding starfire. An incredibly dangerous object, not to be handled lightly lest we coat Eynides in unquenchable flame. A test sent by the Shagehl to see if we are capable of avoiding self-imposed disaster and turning danger into ingenuity. A chance to prove how far we’ve come, perhaps to see if we are worthy of being elevated to the greater frontier of moon and star and meteor.”

Phostau the Punishment (Ann Delor)

“We know that there would be those who loathed us once we put the asylum system into place and it can be attested that it was no easy decision. However, once we calmed from the high of feeling our first hope and realized that sinners would bloom among us, something had to be done. This became no more apparent than when the Shagehl stopped warding off the beasts and they began to crawl their way into the cracks of our settlements. People were killed, eaten and taken in the night and we knew that it was because we allowed sinners to exist among us. Those who did not respect what the Shagehl had given, those who would disregard their gifts with abhorrent actions. They had no place in the world of miracles we were allowed, thus they had to be separated. Locked away they will henceforth remain, for in the eyes of the Shagehl and their truest believers that is a suitable and necessary punishment.”

Gearshal the Rebirth (Hal Alastor)

“A miracle often asked for but never granted is one made by those lost deep in grief. The request for a deceased loved one to be brought back, the selfish desire to see them once more even though they have moved on to the realm of peace. A sympathetic want, yet one we of clear mind know should not be granted. Death is something which should be celebrated as our dead go into the arms of the Shagehl to live in a flawless place. If it brings one peace of mind, one must recall that our deceased souls may be chosen to become Shagehl themselves. A possibility supported by the accounts of several blessed, who had heard the name of their lost within that of the Shagehl who showed them favor. Truly, if there is any way to be brought back, we could not conceive a more honorable and glorious rebirth.”

Esdea the Shroud (Cade Asgre)

“Yet despite our rise into a miraculous world, our fractured belief threatens to turn us into the very beasts whose shadows beget such hideous tragedy. Stars and shadow exist in tandem and we yet do not have the eyes to navigate them on our own. We fear returning to the shroud, for to betray the gift of the Shagehl in such a way would be an unforgivable disrespect. We do not have the tongues to beg so insolently for forgiveness. However, the Shagehl saw that anxiety and a new hope was born amidst that shroud.”

Rhalista the Traveller (Fi Aura)

“Our early expedition to the north, though it nearly meant that group’s end, did not deter us from seeing the rest of the world. It had the opposite effect, in fact, we were invigorated by the proof that the Shagehl would see us no matter where we went. Our understanding of just how far the Shagehl’s influence reached grew and we realized that their eyes would see us even if we went past the world’s end. Even if a time comes when we walk the moons and stars, there will always be life and miracle to guide us. Thus, even as we charted the first complete maps of the world, our wanderlust did not wane. Eynides is but a tiny fraction of what there is to be explored and we anticipate the day when we can proudly send out to the universe our own cosmic traveller.”

Ataved the Vastness (Eth Idol)

“Though doubts can easily find their way into our minds when we think of things so utterly inconceivable. It took us so long to learn of just our own world and there is still so much more to it. How could we possibly attain an understanding of everything beyond and fully appreciate the existence built by the Shagehl? Does being incapable of doing so mean that we are failing them? Be assured that this is not the case, it is not our role to conceive all that there is. We are only to choose our path and understand what we can, our success lies only in the appreciation of our existence and the existence of that which is around us. That there will always be more to learn is a blessing, an assurance that there will always be more to find within the infinite vastness.”

Eox the Xenia (Bel Irence)

“Even for the most faithful of us, there is an eternal fear that, if we go too far from our homes that we might become lost and our own beliefs will become unknown to us. Without the families and communities who we learned from, would we also end up leaving behind our very beliefs? The divide in our faith only worsens this, myriad perspectives making it easy for us to lose our own truths. Even if the Shagehl can always see us, at what point do we become unworthy of their gaze? In such times of self-doubt, we must always remember that we came from a state of complete faithlessness. Our belief in the Shagehl was something which was built, they showed us to the light once and those who become lost can return to the light again. The Shagehl welcome us wherever we go, so long as our intent is just, that is their virtuous xenia.”

Minor Shagehl (40)

Minor Shagehl are those who cannot be tied to significant events and discoveries for the Gelschist belief. This does not mean that they’re less respected, just that there is less for the Gelschists to analyze and interpret. It’s difficult to put them on pedestals when it isn’t exactly known what precisely to thank them for. Their existence is only known because of fleeting feelings felt by those whose wishes are granted, a supernatural sense as to which Shagehl made their request true. Names enter their minds, names that were not there before, and those names are all the proof that there is of the minor Shagehl. The energies they give off are much more subtle than those of the greater, more personal, yet those aided by the minor will remember their names for the rest of their lives.