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The Species of Eynides


Guided by the hands of fate and fortune, the humans of Eynides managed to escape the existential fear of being a prey species. Thanks to the influence of the Shagehl, they have been elevated to a comfortable dominance of their world and are rapidly growing in social and innovative senses. On a worldwide scale, very few humans still live among wildlife as that was the precise fate they pined to escape from. Technologically, humans still aren’t particularly advanced as the growth of society has hinged more on magic. Furthermore, farming resources is still difficult as engaging the more dangerous predators of the wild is still something people attempt to avoid. Having lived as a prey species for so long, a vast majority of humans are vegetarian.


As with all worlds which have been touched by the state of magic, some humans have evolved into the state known as ‘Magia’. As this is a recent development, less than 5% of the world’s population have fully reached this state. Those who have are considered to be in a way closer to Aphosene, who the people have chosen to believe is the one who brought magic to the world. One belief even claims that Magia all have a piece of Aphosene’s soul within them and will be granted the opportunity to join the Shagehl host in their death. As such, Magia are more likely to take more proactive Gelschist roles, for example becoming paladins or clerics.

Beasts & Apices

The wildlife on Eynides is notably harsh, as one might assume from the fact that even humans who had evolved to a state of intelligence could not by themselves overcome the conditions of nature. Pack hunters are rare as predator species tend to grow far larger on Eynides than they would on other worlds. As such, they can only be sustained on fewer numbers, though the hunter who do roam are especially deadly. Their senses immaculate, able to hear the shuffling of even the smallest of creatures. All things considered, beings the size of humans didn’t stand much of a chance, and that size made them a good meal as well.

At the top of this ravenous food chain are the Apices, particularly savage beasts of which there are only few of any given species. They are rare but their presence and territories are vast, such that few places in the world are truly safe from their roaming. They have many different names dependant on the dispositions of the specific Apex; Behemoth for the mammalian types, Dragon for reptilian and Leviathan for aquatic. These entities have only become more terrifying with the introduction of magic to the world and, while humans can ward them off, the thought of killing one is still seen as a bad joke. Despite advancements, much of human society still revolves around the movements of Apices, for an attack from one that isn’t prepared for in advance could easily eradicate even a capital settlement.


As most of humanity found their path of salvation through the influence of Aphosene, there still existed the barest minority who remained among the harsh nature. These are the tribes who had fully immersed themselves in the belief that the Apices were the gods of the world and were unwilling to shift those beliefs to Gelschism for the sake of convenience. These were the strong of mind who would not bend their entire culture at the first sign of an easy escape. Without the aid of the Shagehl, they managed to keep surviving in the wild and with time they came to wield and understand magic as other humans had.

Having separated themselves from the rest of humanity, these tribes used their magic to develop rituals to bring them closer to the Apices instead. The Vera and Skaal of this world were born as their forms shifted to become more beast-like. They became the very predators that the other humans of the world ran from, choosing that as their evolution. They see the wars of religion which are performed by the Gelschist factions with eyes of pity, believing that they will some day lead the society they’ve built to disaster. Once everything falls apart, these tribes intend to welcome the people back to nature so they can learn to truly stand on their own two feet.


Interestingly, Eynides is one of the rare worlds where Verasal species have started to emerge. Non-human creatures who have evolved into more humanoid states through the influence of magic. By all accounts this shouldn’t be surprising as the wildlife of Eynides was already advanced in mind and those creatures, especially the Apices, attuned to magic far faster than humans did. If one had to theorize, the tipping point for this evolution was likely when humans very suddenly stopped being a prey species and rose to dominance. They were a significant source of food for many of the lesser beasts and, with them now safely behind reinforced walls, those beasts had to adapt. This is simply how that adaptation manifested.

Verasal haven’t quite reached the point of making full societies on their own, though some have connected with and merged into the handful of Vera and Skaal communities. Through this, they can rapidly learn the more advanced ways to wield magic which have been developed by their reverse cousins as well as how to better work in packs and communicate. As of current, no Apex creature has become a Verasal as they have no need to undergo such an adaptation.


Mooks and Heads, the inevitable byproducts of worlds which have been touched by magic. While magic is helpful in a countless many ways, particularly in an evolutionary sense, it can be very dangerous especially when it isn’t controlled. Mooks are beings who have gotten stuck at a point of evolution between intelligent and non-intelligent life and unfortunately this was the fate of many beasts who attempted to become Verasal after the rise of humanity. The change had to come fast and the bodies of many of them simply weren’t prepared for it, resulting in these imperfect midway states.

Heads are the same, though far, far less likely to come about through any natural means. A Head species will come to be if an entity takes too much magic into its form. If they’re unable to handle it then the evolutionary state of their body will warp out of control, either killing them outright or turning them into gargantuan, mindless figures. Due to the enhanced amount of magic within them, Head species are very powerful, making them extraordinarily dangerous when one comes about. Fortunately, it seems that Head species are a rarity on Eynides and the world can only hope that it will stay that way.


Though the building of fortified settlements and society aided greatly in the survival of humans, walls acted not as a permanent solution to the threat of beasts and Apices. As prior mentioned, Humans were very important to the food chain as a prey species, so the beasts who most commonly hunted them only became more aggressive and tenacious in their hunts once the walls were built. Humanity was still at risk but they were not willing to just roll over after the opportunity Aphosene had given them. As if struck by a burst of inspiration, the magic users of humanity gathered and devised a spell which would allow them to bring form to the very light of the world.

These light elementals were brought into existence with forms resembling what the people believed the Shagehl would look like if they stepped from the shadows. Glorious figures of such a magnificent lustre of justice and hope that they would blind those who gazed upon them. Staying in the shade is but a humble gesture, another way they grace the world. Light elementals are also used to guard the grand temples and asylums which contain the most notorious of sinners.

The Vera and Skaal tribes have also developed rituals which allow them to summon elementals, though in much more varied form. They perceive the elementals as nature spirits who they have communicated with to aid them when they face their own adversity. Air and water elementals are by far the most common utilized by the tribes with the latter type being used as guardians if they must go on a long trip to gather water.


There have been especially rare and noted cases of Aljani transformations happening on this world. When a Demon looks to the mortal realm to find a host, most of the time they just go about it completely at random. The world they’d be ‘visiting’ doesn’t much matter, they just fish to see if there are any interested mortals who will bite and go with whatever. In the case of Eynides, the first assumption made by the people contacted was that they were hearing the voices of Shagehl. Due to said assumption, they were more than happy to offer their bodies to the voices they were suddenly hearing. Somewhat concerning but the Demons were happy enough that things were made so easy for them.

Fortunately for those who took the Demons’ offers and became Aljani, they were not discriminated against. The others around them were similarly willing to believe that they had become Shagehl hosts or, if not, that they had become the next evolutionary step of Magia. This meant that they were able to become high-ranking Gelschists, allowing them to do exciting things like be looked at or walk around a temple all day. This made the Demons very bored, which they supposed was the price they had to pay for how easy it was to find their hosts. The children of these hosts were also born Aljani and as such there are now a few in the world, though still in an extremely limited capacity.


A mysterious race of entities who are believed to be divine by the intelligent life of Eynides. Supposed miracle workers from a realm of pure and permanent peace whose existence and role have been proven time and time again. Yet, the complete truth of the Shagehl remains as hidden in the shadows as they. Many interpretations have been made throughout Eynides’ lands but none can claim to know what is fact. That does not stop people from warring over their assumptions.

The truth of the Shagehl is something kept hidden in silhouette for a reason. In those shadows is no divine realm, nor are the Shagehl angels of any kind. The origin of their existence lies wrapped in the very tragedy which cursed this world’s humans. A tragedy felt by all, manifested as a constant air of fear and despair. These feelings culminated and became the first Shagehl, the Aberration named Aphosene. An Aberration who became inordinately substantial and powerful for an entity of their kind. Using that power, they helped humanity to escape their despairing fate, all for the sake of their own end goal.

Gelschism and its clutch on society is something manufactured by Aphosene, designed with a purpose flaws and all. Aphosene is an entity composed of tragedy and who feeds from it, but more power is not their modus operandi. Instead, they take the tragedies of individuals and merge those tragedies with their souls upon their deaths. That is how new Shagehl are born, through the same misfortune which brought the first to be. They then aid Aphosene towards their sinister vision under the belief that they were chosen to be the very angels the world hailed. Eventually, Eynides is going to learn the cost of the miracles it has been granted, and when it does the world will be struck with the greatest tragedy it has ever known.