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Worldbuilding: Intro & Magic

Hello! These worldbuilding posts will detail how everything works in my fictional reality, from the functionality of magic to the presence of deities — just some basic stuff so you can get to know how this universe works, the rules that I as a writer work by and the kinds of things you can expect to see in stories of my creation. We begin with magic, and make no mistake that my works are positively magical the whole way through (citation needed).

Definition & Origin

Magic is a state of matter that has been spreading throughout the mortal realm since the first race of mortals were conceived. It was gifted to them by the Gods to aid them in their development and since then has become a natural force in some areas of the universe. Magic is special in that it can create energy, meaning that over time more magic will come to exist in the universe.

Magic can exist inside other forms of matter and enhance them in certain ways; this effect extends to living beings, who can use their intelligence to wield it. It is through existence within these hosts that magic spreads and creates more of itself over time.

The primary function of magic is its ability to cause change. Magic is capable of temporarily taking on any form, such as becoming fire or water, but will always return to being raw magic unless certain conditions are fulfilled. When magic exists inside of something, such as in a living being or the environment of a world, it can make permanent changes to these hosts. These changes are beneficial to the hosts in almost all cases. Beings who wield magic can also condition it to become other forms for extended periods of time. In some situations, magic can change into a conscious being, under which case it will be able to sustain its own form.

Magic Wielders

Not all living beings are compatible with magic. Some worlds populated with intelligent life have to find alternate ways of harnessing magic if it does not innately enter their bodies. For example, there is a world on which Humans use the parts of creatures that are compatible with magic and through an alchemical process turn those pieces into an ink-like substance. They then write tomes using said ink, from which the Humans can use magic.

However, magic and its ability to endlessly create more of itself is theoretically dangerous in the grand scale of the universe. Magic will continue to become more powerful and because of that so will the beings who wield it. There is a very possible and viable threat that magic reaches the point where it could destroy large chunks of, if not the entire universe. There already exist entities who can wield magic on a cosmic scale and it seems only a matter of time before it is used to bring about great destruction.


To counteract this, a highly advanced mortal race named the Arahant crafted a new form of magic which served the primary purpose of devouring other magic. They named this anti-magic ‘Null’ and indiscriminately released it upon the universe. Null is capable of existing inside of the same hosts and can also spread itself. Null is also capable of invoking change in its hosts, although not to the level of variety that magic does. It cannot take on new forms such as fire or water, it exists solely to eradicate magic.

Due to its adaptability, magic is capable of contesting and overwhelming null. In some cases, this can result in null being ‘purified’ back into magic. Null and magic can exist on the same world in a power struggle to decide which one is wiped out.

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