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The Cults of Tertia – A Perfect World

A Perfect World is a subtle group whose members began popping up an unknown time after the Iaxus calamity. Its members aren’t particularly anarchistic or harmful, in fact they very rarely even gather up into groups. From an outsider’s perspective, the cult’s members seem completely innocent with few notable exceptions. No one really bats an eye if someone claims to be a part of perfect world, in fact people might be happy to hear it. The most public members of the cult tend to be agriculturists or designers of art or clothes. The handful of gathered perfect world groups that do exist do so within these areas.


Twylth is the founder of this cult, doing so when she realized the limitations of her immense power. When she departed from the mortal realm to begin working on the Expanse she first intended to create her realm entirely with her own power. She got far just by taking materials from the mortal plane and multiplying them through magic but problems arose when she got to the creation of her realm’s sky. It would push her abilities to create a genuine moon but stars were far beyond her. As one who strove for perfection, she would never accept her realm as being complete without the existence of true sunlight and a starry night sky.

Yet, only one method existed which would allow her to attain the power to conjure stars. Pact dealing, the act of essentially being a loan shark of magic. This would involve blessing mortals with a fraction of her abilities for the purpose of taking it back with interest at the end of their lives. She didn’t like it, having to bind herself to lesser beings in such a way, it was simply a necessity for her to achieve her vision. Thus, she retains a lack of concern as to the events happening on Tertia. She feels things like the spread of Circadia or the threat of the misaligned realm are below her and she feels even less for the lives of individuals. Her only concern is in what her pact-bound can do for her, it’s highly unlikely she would ever fulfill a favor in return. Not even one she promised.



While her goal is quite simple, Twylth’s method of running the cult is not entirely one-dimensional. There are several roles within a perfect world, the highest ranking of which being ‘collector’. Collectors are the pact-bound who Twylth has come to trust most, or at least the ones who greatly amuse her. It’s not as if she totally objectifies her pact-bound, some respect can be forged between her and someone who sees eye-to-eye. For these people with an appreciation of her perfect vision, she shows some favor. She grants them special abilities which allow them to take on more ethereal, Fae-like forms. This can even allow for transformations of the body, should either Twylth or the pact-bound will it.

Due to the role they fill, people are untrusting of these collectors. Most who bare this title stay out of public perception using their Fae abilities but there is one in particular with a reputation which precedes him. The notoriously known Mr. Luvak Midji. Midji is an elder among the cult, though his visage doesn’t show it. He appears a young man thanks to his body, which has been made almost entirely Fae-like. Being one of the first to undergo this process, he acted as something of a test subject for Twylth. How viable it was to convert corporeal bodies into equivalent magic forms and how much could be changed without making the subject either dead or undying.

Mr. Midji became the latter, at least in theory. A form of magic which could always restore itself so long as it was fed more magic. Any purely corporeal components left of him were irrelevant, he no longer required the function of his organs. This longevity would make him worthless as a pact-bound in Twylth’s eyes, were it not for his undying loyalty. Midji was initially drawn into the realm an orphaned child, one the world wouldn’t even notice gone. No one to care for him, no life to live; Twylth thought her use of the boy’s body a blessing. Midji’s mind was effected by the experimental ethereal body rituals and, in a warped way, came to think of Twylth as his mother. A mother he must make proud.

Which brings us to what the role of a collector actually is. Drawing in fateless souls from the mortal realm was far below what Twylth was willing to personally handle, so that’s what she tasked the collectors with. They were to whisk away unassuming folks; the orphaned, homeless, the hated, those who were stray. People no one would miss and who had nothing, easily manipulable through some uncertain promises. Midji’s personal belief is that children are the best ones to take, an effective demographic since they can begin building power from an early age. This would theoretically make their payout upon dying much higher.

Midji’s notoriety comes from his eccentric nature. While it would be easy for him to just draw people into the Expanse without a sound, he tends to make an unnecessary show of it. He’ll perform whole songs and dances as he and his target become silhouettes and disappear off into the darkness. Many folk tales surround Midji because of this, all of them depicting him as an evil, ensorcelling figure. A tale used to scare kids which is all too true. Sometimes Twylth will scold his high-profile acts and he will genuinely loath his nature and how it has led to disappointment from mother. Then, despite this self-targeted anger, he won’t change. He will return to being how he was before, like he wasn’t scolded at all. Just another unsettling aspect of Luvak Midji.


Not too far below collectors come the preservers. The preservers are permanent residents of the Expanse, tasked with assuring that no extra-planar entities sneak in and taint the realm. Given Twylth’s nigh-absolute control over the realm there is scarcely a need for such guards, so there are only very few preservers going around. These few, however, are very powerful entities, an example of which being the hermetic dragon Rose. The dragon saw the Expanse as everything she would ever want, a place that no cobbled together hoard could ever match. For such a simple reason she dedicated herself to Twylth, wishing to experience just how much grander the pact-dealer can make the realm.


Scouts act as Twylth’s dedicated eyes in the mortal world. To ease boredom, she oftentimes scries on the happenings in Tertia but it’s just so boring to aimlessly look around. This is why she’ll find particular people who amuse her, draw them into the realm and have them bind to her. These bindings aren’t necessarily pacts, nor do they need to be for the purpose Twylth uses them for. They just allow her to see what the scouts see and follow their lives whenever she’s curious. Objectively speaking, this allows her to keep up with new developments on Tertia which could theoretically unearth new things for her to add to the Expanse. This also allows her see potential targets to send the collectors after.

Fennel is one such scout, a person bound to Twylth and yet set out to live her own life. Twylth first caught on to the existence of Fennel when one of her former agronomists grew an obsession with a phantom thief named ‘the Fox’. Twylth doesn’t often follow the lives of her agronomists but in this case she made an exception. His personality was humorous enough and she wanted to know more about this Fox. She came to enjoy their escapades and, in an incident where the Fox could have lost their life, she made her move. She moved the agronomist to cast a spell to send Fennel to her, where she healed the thief using a peculiar method. Making a special case out of her, Twylth gave Fennel an ethereal body and the ability to turn into a Fae Fox.

Fennel was a scout from that point onward, though like most scouts she is unsure of the role she is meant to play for Twylth. Scouts tend to wait for some kind of contact or order that they never receive, because that isn’t why Twylth contacted them in the first place. She just wants them to entertain her, and a life like Fennel’s is sure to do so. Aligned with Twylth and unknowingly caught in Binko’s web, the future seems bound to lead her to another great and exciting scenario.


Agronomists make up the core of a perfect world. The ever-important power cultivators, the ones who live and die to make Twylth stronger. Agronomists are conditioned and motivated to become strong, most often through the promise that Twylth will make one of their wishes real. Of course, there are those who naturally seek to become stronger anyway. Many agronomists will become adventurers for the sake of their given task but Twylth actually recommends something else for those who come to her lost. She points them towards the Pradan combat sports, something she participated in herself back in the day. That way they can hone their abilities and not have to be moving around quite so aimlessly.

The agronomists who take the combat sport path have more spare time to do things like the aforementioned agriculture or art/clothes design. Creativity tends to flow within perfect world cultists as, regardless of their personal situation, they are invariably inspired by the Expanse. Seeing a world of such natural beauty just awakens things in people. Mazie Aiba is an example of an agronomist sportswoman. She participates in a variety of magical sports and makes her own outfits for her fights. Her sense of fashion is unique enough to have gotten her noticed by the guild of pleasure, though she has refused to join the guild on the premise of her power-building quest.

Mazie was a recruit brought in by Midji, having been orphaned alongside many others during the war on alignment. This war proved to be lucrative for Twylth as many of her pact-bound struggled and strove and then died in battle. Her power raised exponentially and the benefits didn’t end there. The post-war era left a lot of people with nothing and a lot of orphaned kids. Furthermore, due to perfect world members having a reputation in restoring war-torn lands, there were more than a few just straight up willing to join the cult. Of all those who joined, though, Mazie has risen to the top as one of the most promising.

Mazie has inherited Twylth’s own eye for aesthetics and even mimics aspects of her personality. She an utter perfectionist who will refuse to step onto a stage unless her new outfit design is the best it can be. She always attempts to win her battles with as much elegance as possible and as of current holds an undefeated record in everything she’s attempted. The title she aims for is mixed magical arts champion, though this is where she differentiates from Twylth. Mazie doesn’t have the monstrous natural strength that Twylth had, so she has a level of respect for those she believes above her current level. The mixed magical arts have had champions such as Olivia Rushbane and Locke Angel, so Maize doesn’t just want to toss herself into it. Not if she runs the risk of tainting her lossless record.


Due to Twylth’s origins there and the fact that it’s a superior place to cultivate magic, perfect world members have historically been most active in Pradas. Before the war on alignment they were pretty much exclusively found on the eastern continent but some have popped up in Crobayoris in this tired era. They are still far more common in Pradas, Vasara in particular. You’re likely to find a few if you go to a city with a major sports arena. Since a not-insignificant number of the cult’s members are either adventurers or involved with the guild of pleasure, there aren’t going to be many focused gatherings of perfect world members past that. They’re all over, on their journeys to become stronger or just as scouts.