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The Lands of Tertia: Ematha


Population (Xeadas): Approx. 310,000

The White Death makes up a majority of Ematha, as well as covering the waters around the icy land. The areas marked ‘White Death’ are defined as being unadaptable by Magia, any who attempt to enter the white death will freeze long before their bodies are able to adapt to the cold. Even those who prepare for it and have some level of cold resistance will be encased in ice, becoming a part of the lost history of Ematha. What the survivors of the average –200°C temperatures are rewarded with is a white wasteland. No treasures, no towns, no warmth. Logically, life shouldn’t be capable of existing here. Yet, it does. Wildlife as harsh as post-calamity Iaxus. Beasts that constantly rebel against a harsh death from the environment that surrounds them and aggressively hunt down anything they see just to increase their own chances of survival. The types of beasts they are is unknown as their forms are masked in the thick, eternal blizzard of the white death. The druid Luxalim discovered while on a journey here that the area the white death encompasses has started to spread, another potential catastrophe that could consume the world.

The Lattice is the name given to the Xeadas’ connected crystal cities. The Xeadas, an ancient race of Magia driven to Ematha in a time of great cold, are the only tribe to have successfully
adapted to the conditions of the continent. Though, simply adapting to the conditions isn’t enough when they faced the constant pressure of Ematha’s wildlife. To protect themselves, the Xeadas turned the snow and ice around them into crystal and used it to build walls and defend themselves. No other building materials available to them, they made their entire kingdom out of the crystal constructs of their own designs. The crystal cities are built with multiple layers, the main area of the cities elevated outside of the reach of Ematha’s beasts. The lower levels are the homes of guards and hunters who commit their lives to slaughtering Ematha’s wildlife so their people have something to eat. Many of these hunters have taken pacts with Demons over the years to strengthen themselves and heighten their chances of surviving the hunts. On the upper levels, the Xeadas have been purely committed to improving the conditions of their lives for the past several millennia. As they further awakened their understanding of magic, the Xeadas created artificial gardens within domes of crystal. The conditions within the domes emulate the world outside of the cold and can be used for farming. The caveat to this is the Xeadas as so adapted to the cold that even the condition of a normal, sunny day is enough to burn them alive, so tending to these domes in itself is a dangerous task. Although it is one they happily undertake, for the culture of the Xeadas is to stubbornly live on even in a world that wants them dead.

The World’s Lost Heart is something that has yet to be uncovered by anyone on Tertia. It is a series of caves under Ematha, similar to the Dull, that leads down to the centre of the world. These caves are just as dangerous as the white death above with creatures just as ravenous and fierce and without any wide-open spaces to fight them in. Those who would fare the caves and reach the bottom after days of travel would find that Ematha’s spreading ice is not only afflicting the surface but is making its way down to the world’s very core. Ematha’s spread, the spread of the white death, is the still active spell cast by the witch from the forgotten history. Stubborn as the Xeadas who faired it, the spell was prevented from spreading across Tertia by the presence of the demon who clasps the heart of the world; Sandalphon. When Sandalphon’s soul was taken to be used by the robot lich Orox, the magic was free to spread once more. Thus, it does, threatening to cover the world in ice and snow once more as it creeps ever closer to the heart of Tertia.