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The Factions of Tertia – The Guild of Heroes

The guild of heroes is a faction of the Serikaat that was established shortly after the announcement that a new deity would be chosen from the people of Tertia. Publicly, the guild of heroes is perceived as just a hall of fame so that the world’s most accomplished adventurers can be recognized for their exceptional feats. A guild of shining lights that gives hope to the people in a world threatened by despair far too often. Although truthfully, the guild of heroes was founded as a direct response to the upcoming battle for godhood. When the knowledge of such a contest came to light the Serikaat gathered in countless discussions as to who the most prevalent factions were and whether the god that would be chosen would even be just. This is a world where entities like Twylth Rozka are still active, where the locations of multiple old gods are unknown and where an empire of literal nightmares could conceivably enter the running to ascend. The Serikaat decided that they could not leave the outcome of this event to chance and so they created a faction of the world’s most powerful adventurers that would hopefully be powerful enough to draw the fate of the world into their hands.┬áThe man who they crafted this guild around is the most powerful human in the world, a man who had become a figure of inspiration against adversity, Erth Gilgamesh.


Erth Gilgamesh, for all of his fame and reverence now, was born completely mundane. He is not Magia, in fact he seems to be completely incompatible with magic. He is a regular human, which did not serve him well during his youth. Humans are seen to be inferior to Magia, prone to sickness and having relatively short life spans. Since so many of Tertia’s people are Magia, humans are seen as just waiting to burn out or be wiped out in the next big calamity.

Erth was unwilling to accept this expectation. He wanted to go out and prove that, with just a human’s lifespan and just a human’s ability, he could still make a difference in the world. He tried to become an active member of his community, doing work wherever he could, but in his younger days people weren’t willing to give it to him. No one saw any reason to give work to a human that a Magia could do better.

Erth’s first ally was a Magia woman called Umbriel Enkidu. Umbriel was around the same age as Erth and had been friends with him growing up. How people treated Erth sickened her, they were essentially rejecting Erth his life just because of this arbitrary perception of humans. When Erth faced the roadblock of no one giving him work, she first tried to support him by acting as a reference. When that didn’t work, she took jobs in Erth’s place and gave the work and rewards to him. This was the small community work; finding lost animals, handing out charity pamphlets and newspaper delivery, just anything to help out.

Erth and Umbriel got out of school and it was time for them to look at the next stage of their lives. They decided they wanted to be adventurers together and made a plan. Umbriel would act like the adventurer and claim Erth to be her caddy, just there to carry her equipment. They started out with the town guard, just patrolling around and making sure no monsters roamed into populated areas. The two both proved themselves able to easily handle Mooks and went on to roam away from the town as soon as they’d earned enough to buy their own equipment.

Their strength grew steadily and they found two more party members willing to fight alongside. They achieved greater and greater feats and eventually, after the party became the first to conquer Iaxus. As Erth’s name spread as the leader of this party, he single-handedly turned around the negative perception of regular humans. Erth’s inspiring tale of becoming a great adventurer even without the advantage of a magic-bolstered body is what led him to become known as a true hero.

Erth has no particular interest in the position of deity, he just wants to continue finding the secrets of the world as a normal person with his allies. However, regardless of his will, the Serikaat are stopping at nothing to assure the position becomes his. In the minds of the Serikaat, he is their greatest chance to come out on top in the war for godhood and so they build his throne with the intention of crowning him, whether he wants it or not.


Erth’s childhood friend and the one who gave him a foot up towards beginning his epic quest. Umbriel is a Magia who always excelled in terms of her education and she was always told that she could do just about anything she wanted. Growing up, her parents wanted her to go to one of Pradas’ great academies and become a revered scientist. She had the ability to achieve such a thing but there was something else that weighed on her mind. Erth Gilgamesh, a human who she had been friends with since childhood. They spoke a lot in school but if they made plans to meet up or go to each other’s houses then Umbriel’s parents would turn him away and tell their daughter that she was better than him. She didn’t understand, it just made her want to know more about why.

When she grew older and came to understand that they were kept separate just because he wasn’t Magia, she was outraged. She tried to argue against her parents but they saw it as just a teenager’s outburst and claimed she’d see things the same way one day. Full of spite, she used her status as a prodigy to aid Erth in his goal of proving himself to those around him. She took jobs that Erth couldn’t get, then give the work to him so people can see him do it. It wasn’t much but for a couple of young teens it was satisfying just to go against the status quo.

Umbriel’s relationship with her parents got worse as they found out her contact with Erth. They got more and more upset as she continued to go against her warnings which eventually transitioned to aggression. One particular statement stuck in Umbriel’s mind, one that she saw as nothing more than horrid; ‘just leave him behind, he’ll die before you anyways’. They’d written off Erth’s life before he’d even lived it and that enraged Umbriel.

She never mentioned her deteriorating family relationship to Erth. What she did tell him is that she wanted to leave and become an adventurer. She was the one who convinced him to become one as well and they made plans to leave as soon as they were done with school. After getting enough experience they ran away to start their adventure.

Umbriel continues to be Erth’s closest friend and supporter, even though she has never been able to get rid of the words in her mind about his death. She knows that by merit of her Magia body that she will likely outlive Erth, so before his end she wants to be close with him and see him through his journey every step of the way.


Erth and Umbriel’s first venture to the unyielding continents was an expedition to Kanotia. They had heard the tales, that if you did not accept the blood of dragons then you would be chased off or killed by the continent’s inhabitants. Nevertheless, Erth had no intention of casting away his identity as a human. He wanted to prove humans to be as good as all other races, not just the Magia. If he had to surpass the Skaal and even the dragons themselves, he was willing.

The two spent some time on the continent, battling against the harsh, dragon-infested wilderness, until they came to a particular Skaal camp. The Skaal weren’t as immediately aggressive as the wild dragons, as most assumed any non-Skaal on the lands were making a pilgrimage to Spectrum Peak to accept the blood of dragons themselves.

Erth and Umbriel spent some time in this camp, fooling the people into thinking they wanted to become Skaal with the latter’s charisma. During their time, they found that something was off about the camp. All of the female Skaal had been locked in their homes, in some houses that Erth and Umbriel went to they were even confined to a single room.

After some sneaking around, Umbriel met Vichi. Vichi told her that a few years prior, one of the female Skaal from the tribe ran away and escaped to a different continent. The males of the tribe were outraged, they needed the female Skaal so that they could breed more of their kind. So, to prevent others from escaping, all of the females were put under house arrest.

Erth and Umbriel were outraged by this and freed Vichi. In a huge battle, the three took down the male Skaal in the camp and freed all of those who had been locked up. The party led the freed Skaal to Spectrum Peak, where they could ask the hermetic dragons for guidance as to what to do. Erth and Umbriel faced down the hermetic dragons, knowing the risk they brought upon themselves as non-Skaal. Given the people that they had saved, the two were actually given blessings by the dragons and were allowed to go without a fight.

This is when Vichi officially joined the duo, becoming their first additional party member. She was grateful for what they did for her and wanted to journey with them in hopes that she could find the Skaal that selfishly left the tribe and consigned the other Skaal women to that scenario.


Obran is a Virtue who spends much of his time fighting against discrimination and tensions between races. In a previous incarnation, he was slain attempting to calm the tensions between the Nepheline and Kovec’s Morus. In his current life, he has traveled mostly around Crobayoris and Pradas making sure that relationships between different Magia species as well as attempting to prevent human discrimination.

Obran first heard of Erth after stories of a party that overcame the dragons of Kanotia passed his ears. A party of adventurers who were both willing and able to explore the lands of an unyielding continent; for Obran, they were a great boon in his efforts. He studied the party’s history and followed their exploits closely, after each adventure he spread their names tirelessly and made the human named Erth Gilgamesh known throughout the continents.

After some time, Obran was no longer satisfied with merely hearing the tales through his connections and rumors. He tracked down the party and joined them as their fourth member so that he could record their feats first hand. Furthermore, as a Virtue, the party allowed him to travel to the unyielding continents and tackle the imbalances of the world.