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The Lands of Tertia: Kanotia


Population (Skaal): Approx. 22,000

A land that has been protected by the world’s woes and wars by a powerful apex species; the dragons. Kanotia is a land of mystery, scarcely explored by the outside world and thus spawns a massive amount of discussion as to what could be there. A popular myth surrounding the island is that the land itself is the corpse of a hermetic dragon from ancient history. Adventurers and researchers have attempted to explore Kanotia since times immemorable, yet they are always chased off by the aggressively territorial dragons of the land. These dragons come in a massive variety, having seemingly evolved from all forms of reptile. The most traditional type of dragons, who bear a winged visage and soar through the skies just as easily as they traverse the land, seem to have evolved from lizards. On their own they come in a huge evolutionary variety, some measurable in milometers and the largest growing to gargantuan sizes, as much as 60ft. Lizard-types are not the only kind of dragon, there is also exists turtle and tortoise dragons, crocodile and alligator dragons and snake-Dragons. These all come in similarly wild variety as the lizards, although these types are all grounded unlike their lizard-type counterparts. This does not make them any less dangerous, many vessels on their way towards Kanotia have been sunk from attacks from water-dwelling
dragons. One report even says that the stray drifting of a dragon turtle was enough to bring down a ship. There have also been reports of rare sightings of amphibian dragons, such as frog and toad dragons, salamander-Dragons and even a caecilian dragon.

Since the nine hermetic dragons came to Kanotia, the natural-borns have demonstrably become more mellowed out. The frequency of off-shore attacks has fallen and non-Dragons can be on Kanotia for several hours before being snapped at. This is the result of a magical effect cast by the hermetic dragons, although it is not the only magic they offer. The prism dragon, Ruvadrem, offers an ultimatum to all those who wish to explore Kanotia. If they want to be a part of and learn about the land of dragons, then they must become dragons. These humanoid-Dragon morphs are known as Skaal, which are as of yet very few in number. Skaal culture is not yet defined, they have given themselves to the dragons but live as they did when they were still people. Their settlements are minimalist as they hang on the fence whether they wish to build strong societies or simply live within the nature. Currently, all Skaal settlements are found on Kanotia’s north-eastern land.

Since Kanotia has opened up and the world has been given the opportunity to peek into unexplored land, it has been found that the continent is actually even more terrifying than researchers first thought. Due to the high-end of dragon size being huge, they also need a lot of sustenance to not starve. The trees and plant life, and as such the Natyr, in Kanotia are huge for the sake of herbivorous dragons, although this is not the issue, the issue is the gigantic insects and mammals that live on the land. While they aren’t hideously aggressive like the beasts of Iaxus, simply the thought that these creatures exist is enough to make people quiver. Crickets the size of men are swallowed by the mouthful by just the average-sized dragon while the larger carnivores tear into hundred-foot-tall boars and deer. Even Kanotia’s rodents are big enough to crush a person. Incidentally, Kanotia is made up of 50% desert, 5% greenland, 25% swampland and 20% mountainous area.

The dragonfire Isles are a string of volcanic islands to Kanotia’s north-east. Harsh, molten lands that are barely populated even by dragons. Not an inch of greenery exists on these isles, they are for all purposes just ever-burning lumps of stone floating in the ocean. Brave explorers from Crobayoris found that the stone from these isles does not lose its heat even when harvested, so they were used in many north Crobayoran countries as an efficient heating and energy source. The greatest risk in exploring these isles is the water surrounding, the warm waters have become home to many dragon-snakes that will swallow vessels whole mistaking them for food.

The Bearded Isles are another cluster of islands fairly nearby to the dragonfire Isles. The Bearded Isles are a popular breeding ground for the flying species of dragon since the snake species,
who will eat the eggs of other dragons, do not frequently prowl this area. It was research of these isles that discovered that lizard-type dragons have loyalty to their partners as males will travel to the islands with their mate and viciously protect the area while birthing occurs. It isn’t recommended that these islands be visited unless you want to be slaughtered and fed to dragon babies.

The Wyvernwing Desert is the name given to the great desert that makes up Kanotia’s southern end. Simultaneously the most and least safe area of Kanotia for explorers, there are relatively few dragons and other creatures roaming the sands and those that do tend to come out at night. At the same time, the conditions of the Wyvernwing are harsh; the winds are fierce, the heat is intense and the temperature swings wildly. There are extremely few flying breeds of dragon in the Wyvernwing, a majority of the dragons in this area are either snake or salamander types. Those that do ‘fly’ do it by gliding on the environments powerful winds. Other quirks of the Wyvernwing are its red sands and pits of ever-burning flame, spawned from natural gas fields that are ceaselessly fuelled by magic. It is believed that there are also oil fields within the Wyvernwing, spurring Skarvans to research ways of harvesting the resources of the desert.

The Mythic Divide is a gargantuan string of mountains that separates east, central and southern Kanotia. As well as being home to a colossal number of flying dragons, these mountains are some of the most technically difficult to scale in the world. They are gigantic, several of the range’s peaks easily over 10,000 meters above sea level. Only a couple of Haust’s most prominent mountains even come close to these heights. A quirk of the divide is that as the seasons change the dragons shuffle around their territories since some are naturally more suited to certain conditions than others. Since most dragons are incompatible with magic they can’t evolve to an environment like a Magia can, so they have to migrate around to stay in the most suitable environment. Some of the higher peaks that are too difficult for certain breeds to migrate to will consistently remain the territory of an apex species, these particular species among the most terrifying of Kanotia.

Spectrum Peak, the home of the nine hermetic dragons, is a part of the Mythic Divide. It is one of the shorter peaks, only reaching up 2,600 meters so that it can be easily accessed by Skaal settlers. It was not originally so small, when the hermetic dragons first came to the peak it spanned above 7,000 meters before it was knocked down for accessibility. The hermetic dragons chose this mountain in particular because they found that the space between planes was weak here and when they peered through the cracks they found the Expanse. Twylth’s realm of nature provided more than enough resources for the hermetic dragons to feed from, so they settled upon an area where they could easily access it. Spectrum Peak is easily identified by a magical multi-colored glow that emanates from the mountain, caused by the hoard of Cadmium, one of the hermetic dragons. This area and the land to its immediate east are the most welcoming places in Kanotia thanks to the safety offered by the hermetic dragons and the Skaal settlements nearby.

Beyond the Mythic Divide is central Kanotia, otherwise known as the ‘Terror Lands’. The dragons of Kanotia are infamous for how territorial they are but the dragons of the terror lands in particular are beasts of raw aggression. If they so much as sense the tremor of an unfamiliar footstep they will hunt down the source mercilessly. The largest breeds of dragons make their home here and there isn’t enough resources to feed all of the gargantuan beasts, so they will fight even among their own species to get their next meal. They don’t even care so much for environmental compatibility, dragons from the western desert of the terror lands will roam far out of their territory just searching to consume something new. The only thing preventing these powerful species from taking over the entire continent is the weak flying ability of the biggest dragons, which prevents them from scaling the Mythic Divide. Every dragon is a predator and every dragon is prey, that is the rule of the terror lands.