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The Lands of Tertia: Pradas


Population: Approx. 250,000,000

The continent where magic thrives and the place where the old gods spent most of their rule, Pradas is a utopia when compared to Crobayoris. While the old gods would grace Crobayoris’ lands every once in a while to bestow their magic upon the worthy, they spent a majority of their time cultivating Pradas as it was the land where Perjalanan initially gifted the mortals magic. The old gods had to be certain that, if magic were to spread and become a normality across the lands, that they had to closely monitor it to be sure that it wasn’t wielded in a way that would challenge their rule.

Not intruded on by world-ending entities, Pradas had all the time in the world to develop healthily and stably. The entire culture of the continent became based on developing an understanding of magic and all of the ways it could be used and applied. The science of magic was born here, which led to the creation of revolutionary inventions such as teleporters, airships, the creation of golems and elementals and nigh-limitless energy sources. Through times of uncertainty, when the rule of the old gods waned and Crobayoris descended to madness, the people of Pradas were carried purely by their curiosity. With what they had been given, they had a strong platform from which to study magic by themselves and without the guiding hands of the old gods. The Pradans on their own were able to discover things like planar travel and theories regarding using magic to achieve immortality, which Pradan scientists suggest could be achievable within the next century.

Although Pradas is not without its own issues, due to the land being exposed to high volumes of magic for a long time Pradas has far more monsters roaming around than Crobayoris. Wild animals that have evolved through magic but were unable to fully adapt to their rapid evolution, becoming monstrous beasts that must be fended off or slain by adventurers. Furthermore, the curiosity of Pradans has led to more than one moral issue in the continent’s history. Inhumane experiments of magic that force magical evolution upon test subjects, pushing just how far a body can go using the leverage of magic. These banned forms of experiments have resulted in more than one powerful monster ending up in Pradas’ wilds and it’s certain that people continue such experiments to this day. Particularly, cultist groups obsessed with immortality who force as much magic as they can into the bodies of people and animals just hoping that they can find a raw amount to achieve their dream.

While cultism isn’t unknown to Crobayoris, particularly in countries such as Arohane, it is rampant in Pradas. Many are obsessed with raw power when it comes to magic, not so interested in its versatility but more in its destructive capacity and how it could be used to further their own social standing. Basically, the kinds of people that want to take up the position that the old gods held. They take the offers of Pact Dealers for the sake of boosting their own magical prowess, hoping to achieve some sort of goal or perhaps even grow to become a Pact Dealer themselves. The pursuit of magic leads humanity down many paths, this is the image that Pradas gives.

Aljani are relatively more accepted in modern Pradas than in Crobayoris, although they are seen more as subjects of study rather than as actual people. In many situations, they’re treated in the same way that one might treat a benign Mook or Head. They don’t receive respect and are more often than not compared to monsters, in the past they have been driven out of towns and cities that were seen as ‘too good’ for them.

As opposed to the people of Crobayoris, Pradans use currency, most often metals such as silver and gold fashioned into coins.


Capital: Coelum

Generally known as the residential area of Pradas and more famously known as the area where several of the old gods settled, Orison is thought of as the most ‘ordinary’ area of Pradas. This section of the continent is further separated into four providences, each formerly ruled over by one of the old gods. Rohakoa owned a majority of Orison’s mainland, gearing it towards being a more grounded place compared to the rest of the continent. Introduced to magic, the world’s mortals were given visions of greatness and the power to achieve it. The amount of exceptional people in a world with magic is countless, although that doesn’t mean that the everyday tasks that make an economy work can be ignored. A world that reaches for the stars can forget to reflect and look back upon itself, leading to its own starvation. This providence, named Shaqada, continues to be where Pradas’ ‘regular’ people reside, happy just to live normal lives. It is also the most popular place for Pradans to retire to, making it the highest populated section of the continent. Shaqada is where farming happens, where food is distributed and where trade occurs. Regrettably, the normality of this providence leaves it exposed when confronted with monsters or pillagers. Pirates from Razbiti have profited greatly through stealing from settlements here, prompting more frequent hiring of adventurers to protect people’s livelihoods.

In times of war and strife, such as during the age of the War on alignment, Shaqada relies on the military power provided by the providence formerly owned by Karye; Ushtarak. Due to the high number of monsters that make their home in Pradas’ fields and forests, the need for soldiers and adventurers is high. Ushtarak is where these warriors are trained, around the range of mountains that cuts through central Orison. During Karye’s time, these warriors were trained by the old gods teachings but that position has since been taken by the guild of protection and the guild of pursuit. While most of the Serikaat guilds have their primary bases in Vasara, the guilds of protection and pursuit have made their home in Ushtarak. This providence is not suited for general civilians as it was conditioned by Karye into having a particularly harsh environment as to toughen the up-and-coming warriors. While contained to certain areas, the forests and mountains are rife with monsters, there are areas with unnaturally heightened gravity and the air at the top of Ushtarak’s mountains is less than 10% oxygen; just to name a few of this providence’s quirks.

The smallest of the mainland providences by far is Kjerne, once the territory of Nelaime. It was intended to be a place to restore the mind, where overworked or just frustrated people could go to cool off. In a world that is aware of the dangers of magic, fearful of what they could become should the magic in their bodies run rampant, Kjerne was seen as a place of meditation for Magia. People who spent time in Kjerne would come out with renewed vigor and motivation, ready to go out and make their mark on the world. This region is considered to be Pradas’ primary holiday location, although it is not without its secrets. Research into the enchantments placed on Kjerne’s land by Nelaime, previously thought to be for the sake of warding off monsters, revealed that it caused subtle changes in Magia that were exposed to it. With a drug-like effect, the enchanted land inclined people towards acting more aggressively and made the afflicted less morally inclined. Additionally, almost all of Nelaime’s cult followers are people who previously spent significant amounts of time in Kjerne. These effects have since been dispelled and the land has been taken over by the guild of pleasure, who maintains Kjerne as the getaway land it was intended to be.

Off the southern shore of Orison’s mainland is a gigantic island that contributes to nearly half of Orison’s total size. This is Venatoria, a desert providence that was in the past ruled by Kovec. The island was reportedly prosperous in the time of Kovec’s rule, observable by the still standing sandstone structures throughout the island. However, it is now considered a danger zone as many monsters have made their homes among the dunes. Adventurers frequently visit these lands in hopes of uncovering treasures that remain from Kovec’s rule, although it has been said that within the sandstone structures await centipede-like Magia who fiercely guard the areas. Each area of Venatoria has been marked as having specific levels of danger so that new adventurers know not to wander into places with creatures too strong for them. Venatoria is also host to countless tunnels that lead down into the Dull. Unsurprisingly, these tunnels all lead towards Morus settlements, which explains how Kovec ruled Venatoria and the Morus simultaneously.


Capital: Cersai

The scholar’s lands, Vasara is home to Pradas’ thousands of esteemed academies and research facilities. This is the land of the exceptional, where anything can be made and any dream can be achieved. Vasara is the pride of Pradas, where the future is made and where the world’s best Magia are cultivated. This is also where Pradas’ government, the Serikaat, is based. Vasara is known for the invention of many things such as airships, expensive crafts that can take those that can afford them anywhere around the world. Teleporter stations for quick travel between settlements in Pradas and even to some locations in Crobayoris, limited only to other teleporter station locations. Golems that aid Pradans in various physical labors and act as guards for people and locations that require them. Elementals that are pseudo-conscious manifestations of magic, set so that they can endlessly remain in certain states. This allows them to act as endless energy sources and are used almost everywhere around the continent. From the air elementals that power airships to small fire elementals that heat people’s homes. Yet, the lust for knowledge that the Pradans hold cannot be sated. They continue to learn and invent, recent endeavors taking them towards a deeper understanding of planes, applying magic to the robotics that were coined by the people of Skarva and finding counter-measures against the spread of Circadia.

Since the true Gods revealed themselves in Cersai, a great many of Vasara’s residents have committed themselves to strengthening their connection with the deities and Etrivaal. Orders of paladins and clerics have been recently established and, with guidance from the Virtue, practice magic that brings them closer to the aspects of certain Gods. These people have committed themselves to acting by the will of their chosen deity and wish to become vassals of the Gods when they reach Etrivaal. After putting themselves on the path of vassalhood, these paladins and clerics will often join adventuring groups for the sake of bringing peace to the world that the true Gods graced.

With the success that Vasara has seen, the people of the continent have also given themselves a lot of time for leisure. When Pradan scholars and scientists aren’t busy concocting the next great magical invention, they have a variety of ways to pass the time. Using broadcasting technology from Skarva, members of the guild of pleasure have started to host shows that can be seen throughout the continent. These shows started with just performances but have started to branch out and game shows and competitions have started to make their way to the screens. Since
spellcrafting is such a big thing in Vasara, talent shows where Magia compare their crafted spells have taken off in popularity. The sports that originated in Poslati are very popular in Vasara too and, not to be outdone, the people of Vasara have created several sports of their own that are based around the usage of magic. The most popular Vasara-original sports are combat sports, where Magia pit themselves against each other in magic battles bound by various rules.

Still, for every good invention that has come from Vasara there has been an equally terrible insult to humanity. The people of Vasara know power, they have access to the entire history of the old gods and they have seen fellow Magia such as Twylth, Elma and Binko rise up to incredible heights as well. There are some that thirst to reach these heights by any means necessary, if not through pacts then through whatever means they can concoct. The people of Vasara are passionate to a fault, whether that be in the pursuit of knowledge or power and can often forget the moral limitations they should impose upon themselves. Experimentation on animals isn’t unknown to Vasara’s people, they have been used to test the effects of magic on more than one occasion. Those in search of power have recklessly injected magic within their wild subjects, creating powerful monsters with their own hands. Those with lack of foresight have found themselves and many innocents slaughtered by their own design and the competent have laboratories full of such subjects. Immortality seekers are common culprits for such acts, although simple curiosity has lead a countless number down a dark path. Inevitably, Vasara will have to face these demons or it, along with the rest of the continent, will be swallowed by its own desire.


Known to Tertians as the birthplace of magic, Haust is a preserved and hallowed land that is protected by a circular formation of mountains. It is the home of the earliest Magia tribes that were gifted their magic by the whim of Perjalanan. Throughout history, these lands have been respected throughout Pradas as being sacred and thus have remained largely untouched by outsiders. The tribes who call Haust their home live within the land itself, there are no houses or traditional settlements as the people exist among nature. The magic of Haust has been allowed to help the land grow at an even rate and a haven of nature has been made; the largest of the trees reach up to the size of the mountains, the water revitalizes and invigorates those who drink it and even the stony caves are full of beautiful mosses and plants. Even the creatures of the land, who have grown to sizes comparable to monsters, retain their regular nature and are not innately harmful to anything around them.

The tribes of Haust are split into three groups; the Dendron, the Spelaion and the Astronomos. The Dendron are the tribes who live in Haust’s flourishing forests, making their homes in dug out holes and in hollowed out trees. It is known that the sight of Dendron territory is one of the most fascinating and wonderful things on Tertia, their people turn trees into cities with the largest of them dwarfing even the grandest skyscrapers of the outside world. They are also powerful hunters, making meals of the magical creatures they live among. Dendron tribes within the Haust territory are very close-knit and share resources wherever they can to make sure that the lands do not run dry.

The Spelaion are those who live upon the mountains, within Haust’s comfortable caves. Many Spelaion tribes live the lifestyle of Monks, focusing solely on the improvement of themselves and their own community. Such a tribe is the Strigid, who have evolved to become owl-like Vera and base their society around who has the greatest combat strength. Another tribe with a similar society resides at the peak of one of Haust’s most colossal mountains, Mount Durga. This is a tribe of Minotaurs that has carved a complex maze onto the face and into the caves of Durga, making it extremely difficult to reach. Those who reach the top of Durga are seen as warriors, fit to battle within the clan’s arena. It is argued that the art of golem crafting originated from Spelaion people and not from Vasara as the Spelaion take magic-empowered gems from their cavern homes and use them are cores to craft gargantuan golems. These golems march around the bases of Haust’s mountains, preventing any unwanted visitors from approaching.

The Astronomos only have a single tribe; the Star Ignia. These Ignia live atop a kingdom that floats at the edge of the atmosphere via powerful magic. This kingdom is named Observatory and the kingdom is tasked with watching the stars until the day that the hungering beast who devoured Falme returns. When that day comes, they are tasked with sending out a warning to the world that they must prepare for another calamitous battle. As of current, the Star Ignia have limited interactions with the world below so they have a great curiosity and greatly appreciate those who bring them knowledge.


Capital: Nangale

Pradas’ eastern-most land, Ebusika is a haven for the tropical where unique creatures, not found anywhere else in the world, roam. Ebusika is special in that all forms of environment can be found in this territory. The north has creatures indigenous to islands, the upper mainland has deserts and mountains, the lower mainland bears a variety of forests and plains and the southern islands are suitable for wildlife that thrives in the cold. It is lovingly referred to by scientists as ‘the land that ever-teaches’ as it seems with every expedition to Ebusika something new is uncovered. Lost settlements from the time before the calamity of ice, creatures thought to be mythical even in a world of magic and gems and ores that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

What’s dangerous and Ebusika and what makes it unsuitable for the construction of large settlements is the threat that the wildlife poses. It is debated whether or not the predator species of this territory should be considered monsters simply because of how large a threat they impose. The hunting creatures of this land have huge intelligence and are extremely adaptable. They are capable of wielding magic and, like Magia, their bodies can adapt to suit different environments. These hunters can roam between the deserts and the snow lands without issue and thrive on the variety of prey they can feast on. After several expeditions, some of these predator species have become particularly proficient at killing people. Not wanting to live the life of a prey species, many scientists have absconded any trips to Ebusika. Nowadays only the higher ranks within the Guild of Pursuit will journey here.

The Serikaat

‘The Serikaat’ is the name of the progenitor guild that connects all the other guilds of Pradas together. The Serikaat acts as Pradas’ government and the guilds are in charge of keeping the collective knowledge of the continent. The Serikaat has existed since the old gods’ rule, though their actions had to be approved by an old god during those days. Nowadays, their sway in the society of Pradas is effectively absolute.


A guild of politicians dedicated to handling the establishment of laws and the funding of education and research. Every town and city in Pradas has a representative politician that voices local concerns so that this guild can handle them. These issues can range from littering and graffiti to the emergence of cults and other such groups disturbing the peace to concerns regarding public transport and so on. This guild functionally acts above the others within the Serikaat and withholds the right to ask for resources from any other guild. This guild has very few members who are suited to combat, although those that are hold the qualifications to become the judges in Pradas’ political system.


A guild of crafters and artificers who are responsible for all manner of construction. Members of the guild specialize in the creation of things through the use of magic, for example creating magic items, golems and elementals. However, they also create regular equipment and tools as well as being involved with most large-scale construction of buildings across the continent. It was members of this guild that invented airships powered by wind elementals. In recent times, the guild of makers has gained an interest in the construction of robotics.


A guild of enforcers and bodyguards, the guild of protection is essentially a police academy. An important part of this is the military training that the members have, which allows them to maintain the peace as well as effectively protect people they are assigned to. Members of the guild of protection are tasked with keeping peace within Pradas’ settlements as well as weeding out cults and preventing cult activity from effecting the greater populous.


Also referred to as the hunter’s guild, this is a guild of warriors and adventurers. They specialise in battles against monsters and are often called upon by researchers to offer protection during excursions. The ‘pursuit’ that the guild is named after refers to both a hunt and the pursuit of knowledge.


A guild of spellcrafters that specializes in creating new forms of magic. This guild works closely with the guild of makers for the sake of creating more powerful and efficient items and constructs. It was such a collusion that led to the invention of teleporters. Since the war on alignment, the guild of ingenuity has put work into discovering magic that could counter the creatures of the misaligned realm. Its members are also hard at work attempting to discover a way to deal with the deepest fear.


A guild of doctors and healers that wield the culmination of healing magic invented by the people of Pradas. They work in hospitals and some members end up being paired with members of the guild of pursuit to keep them up to health during expeditions. As well as being trained to tend to physical wounds and diseases, they also work to handle mutations that have come about due to magic. A major goal of the guild of relief is to find ways of fixing the evolutionary dilemmas in Mook and Head species.


A guild of bankers that keep the funds and belongings of the Pradan people safe. This guild acts as the treasury for all of Pradas and often interacts with the guild of politics for funding purposes. The profits obtained from major sports events go into the guild of storage.


A guild of ship workers and mages capable of activating teleportation hubs. Members of this guild are licensed to man airships as well as moderating the various teleporters around the continent. This guild is also responsible for handling and delivering mail, packages and messages.


A guild of revered entertainers who have made a name for themselves as some of the best performers in all the continent. Usually, entertainers have to travel around and earn money through tips given by people in bars and inns. However, members of the guild of pleasure enjoy the benefit of a consistent wage and access to real funding for their shows. The recent invention of broadcasting equipment has started a revolution in the world of entertainment. This guild is host to many writers and artists as well.


Effectively a hall of fame adventuring guild, the members of the guild of heroes are all revered adventurers that the Serikaat has recognized as being exceptional. This guild was recently created around the party of Erth Gilgamesh, a Human who single-handedly proved that his kind were no lesser to the Magia. The Serikaat intends to use the guild as a platform to assure that Erth, above any of the other contenders, is the one to achieve godhood. As of yet, the guild has very few members but adventurers from all around are clamoring to do what they can to prove themselves worthy of the title ‘hero’.