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The Factions of Tertia – The Sage Druids

Over time, the nature of Tertia has become rampant and uncontrolled. Iaxus fell to disaster and Crobayoris was deeply infected by Gonel’s magic. Now, the Misaligned Realm and the Deepest Fear threaten to be the straws that break the world fully. The Sage Druids are the most powerful of a group who has dedicated themselves to preventing the annihilation promised by these other realms. They empathize with the feelings of the world itself, they heard it scream when it created the hermetic dragons just to defend itself. The world is in pain, the world is afraid, thus the sage druids act to bring peace to Tertia once more.

The origin of this druidic tribe of guardians can be found in Iaxus, long before its sordid history with magic. At the time of Iaxiot metamorphosis, when the nature-guided ways of the Iaxiot tribes gave way to a hell of violence, the continent should have lost all that it was. It seemed that none were safe from the mutation into Heads, no matter how powerful or peaceful they were previously. The change was indiscriminate and those who didn’t transform were killed by those who did. That was, with the exception of two particular tribesmen. One from a tribe who practiced their ways in the light of the sun and another from a harmonious sister tribe who paid their respects to the dark and moon.

The two tribes lived in the same settlement, the first coming out during the day and the other at night. They made their home in what is currently known as ‘drought territory’, nearby to the border of the top of the world. The place in the world where the sun was hottest and brightest in the day and the nights cast out a cold air of life. Collectively, the tribe were known as the Zyklus, those who considered the cycle of day and night to be proof of the flowing nature of life. They believed that if day or night were to stop coming then life itself would halt and eventually wither. To watch over the day and night and assure that one would come after the other, the tribe would appoint two which they called ‘the flowkeepers’.


The last of the flowkeepers were named Luxalim Noryarus (from the day Zyklus) and Vamenor Doridark (from the night). The two were considered the greatest flowkeepers of the tribe’s history, deeply committed to their practices and bearing the greatest dynamic of all flowkeeper duos. Additionally, the two of them were by far the most powerful magic users ever produced by the tribe. With their great popularity, the tribe’s elders suggested that they go to the lake at the top of the world and bathe in its waters to achieve immortality. As immortals, they would be able to watch over the flow of night and day eternally.

The two did indeed bathe in the waters, though the promise of immortality was merely superstition. While they did immerse themselves in the high density of magic that the lake contained, they did not believe themselves immortal afterwards. Regardless, they decided between themselves to pretend that they had become immortal to satisfy the elders. Shortly after this bathing, the Iaxiot metamorphosis began. The Zyklus were not exempt from the effects, in fact they seemed to be effected at a rapid rate compared to the other tribes. They believed that the curse had befallen them due to Vamenor and Luxalim’s bathing in the lake, that in entering it with selfish desire had spurred the rage of the spirits within.

The panicking tribesmen convened at the lake and preyed for forgiveness, yet the transformations would not stop. One-by-one, Vamenor and Luxalim watched the Zyklus become horrendous titans who would crush those they called brothers and sisters just a day earlier. The two flowkeepers did all in their power to suppress the emerging Heads, yet their acts proved futile. Their tribe would not be saved, it seemed a miracle that the two flowkeepers were themselves unaffected. When Head society established itself, Vamenor and Luxalim stayed on Iaxus for a time. They were strong enough to battle the Heads on equal grounds and tried to make them remember who they were; the pride and culture that they once had. Yet, the rest of their kin were beyond words.

They took to a different approach. They were powerful casters, they knew that, and the Heads respected strength. Using their power, they did battle with some of the more notorious Heads to bring attention to themselves. They used their own forms as examples that the great magic within them could be controlled and that sanity could be returned to the Heads. They could go back to the nature that cried for the lost people- but the Heads had no interest. They believed themselves to be totally in their right minds, as if their warring ways were how they had always been. All the flowkeepers achieved with their battles were more challenges. King Sithus even requested a bout with the two, though they had no interest in entertaining the Heads further.

Some time after, the flowkeepers overheard some Heads speaking of a Demon that had emerged on Crobayoris. These Heads were plotting to invade the continent to demand a fight with the Demon, they believed it would be a good fight. The higher-up Heads in the hierarchy did not seem to show the same interest but Vamenor and Luxalim could tell it was only a matter of time before they would mount an attack. If that wasn’t bad enough, the two remaining druids could feel Gonel’s magic infecting the world like a disease. This feeling was new and uncomfortable. They had felt the world in pain but never before had they felt the world so sick.

Vamenor and Luxalim took the initiative and made the journey to Crobayoris, where they met with the old god Karye. Practically on their own, Karye was simultaneously using their power to both fight back against the monsters that came in the Demon’s wake and to slow the spread of his corrupting magic. His attention split, he could not fully prevent the spread alone, so Vamenor and Luxalim provided aid in this aspect. They stalled Gonel’s take over, though he had already effectively contaminated over half of the continent. When it came time to engage Gonel in battle and take that half back, Karye asked Luxalim and Vamenor for their continued aid.

At the battle’s climax, it was Luxalim who made the final blow against the Demon. As Gonel faded to nothing and his spirit was dragged back into the afterlife realms, the flowkeepers were given but a moment to breath a sigh of relief. Upon that moment’s passing, they took off to their next task. Crobayoris and the large underground below had been heavily scarred by Gonel’s magic and the flowkeepers had not finished their task until it was purged. Both people and nature were hurt, so Vamenor and Luxalim split up to try and cover more areas than they would sticking together. They made their best efforts to bring the world back to calm, yet despite their actions the colorless war erupted.

It reminded them too much of their homeland. Individually, Luxalim and Vamenor knew that they had to prevent the rest of the world from devolving to such contentious ways. Both to pass on the old Iaxiot customs and to ease the mental strife of the people of a war-torn Crobayoris, the two passed on their druidic knowledge to those who would hear. They found that a majority were as sick as the strife and warring as they and they found many ears who would hear them out. By the time the flowkeepers would convene once more, both had managed to obtain followers in no small amount. The next generation of druids had been made.

After the warring died down and Gonel’s corruption had been pushed deep into the Dull, Vamenor and Luxalim still had no time to ease themselves. As the weight of their task finally started to lighten, they suddenly felt a huge magical disturbance from their homeland. It was a dreadful premonition, like the world was bleeding out and after an initial shock the lethal pain was setting in. The two left Crobayoris to their disciples and hastily made their way back to Iaxus. When they landed, the echoes of despair coming from the land nearly swallowed them. They saw what had happened, how something had spun the magic and nature of the land totally out of control. What was once beautiful had been warped into environments of eternal torture. Beasts who were once passive were monsters more hideous and violent than even those that had come with Gonel.

After having barely stepped from the shore, the two were attacked by swathes of the twisted beasts. Their fur and scales were all bloodied red and they attacked anything their teeth or claws could sink into. They were almost overwhelmed but were thankfully close enough to the water to make a quick escape. They fled to Pradas to try and find answers as to what had happened from the other warriors they fought alongside against Gonel. They managed to reach Elma, who reluctantly told them that Twylth had recently set out to Iaxus. It was very likely that whatever had happened there was done by her influence.

The flowkeepers felt betrayed. They had fought alongside Twylth for the sake of the world, they did not understand why she would do such a thing. Despite the Heads of Iaxus being beyond retribution, it was still unforgivable to just break the land in such a way. The way the world suffered and would continue to suffer was such an inexpressibly cruel thing in the eyes of a druid. Vamenor swiftly promised revenge on Twylth while Luxalim attempted to calm him. He reminded him that their purpose was to restore and that their energies should be focused solely on that. The two argued for a time as Vamenor believed Luxalim’s reasoning to be the result of complacency. At the end of it, the two split up on bad terms.

Vamenor returned to Iaxus for two reasons. The first, which would ever burn at the forefront of his mind, was to find Twylth and enact some form of payback on her. The second was to try and find a way to quell the disorder that was deeply seated in the land. He saw no reason why he could not restore Iaxus while also in search of revenge, just another reason for him to believe Luxalim was wrong. Luxalim himself returned to Crobayoris to finalize the teachings that he and Vamenor had been passing to the new generation of druids. Once he had taught them all the knowledge of the Iaxiots, he set out on a journey to Ematha. He did not expect to be gone long, he simply wished to evaluate the unyielding continent that was supposedly barren.

Even against the creatures of Iaxus, Vamenor managed to make the journey all the way to the top of the world. He found the point of planar disturbance that Twylth created when she brought about the end of Iaxus. He set up his hut right there, at the center of the icy death, to begin crafting spells in an attempt to force his way into the Expanse. This was a process that would take years, years in which his knowledge of the planes would grow immensely. Not only through his own discoveries but through infrequent communications with Elma through Sleeper’s Parley. In these years the realization that Iaxus could not be restored hit him. He believed this is what Luxalim meant when they should focus their efforts elsewhere. It was too late, he had already made the journey and had to carry out his grudge.

Meanwhile, Luxalim became the first to uncover the various secrets of Ematha. Under conditions that average at -200°C, a lower temperature than even the top of the world, where the tundra had frozen solid every other adventurer that attempted to tread on its lands. A Magia’s adaptive body was incapable of adjusting to the environment before giving in to the sheer cold. Even the Akora who were unlucky enough to land on Ematha were trapped in sheets of ice and snow. Logically, life shouldn’t have been capable of existing here, yet it did. The wildlife was as harsh as that which Vamenor faced at the opposite end of the world. These creatures constantly rebelled against a harsh death from the environment that surrounded them and would aggressively hunt down anything they saw just to increase their own chances at survival.

Luxalim was the one to discover two important things about the continent. The first was that it was growing. The ice, claws of murderous cold, had already spread onto some smaller surrounding islands and, if left unchecked, would eventually freeze over the rest of the world. The second discovery was a civilization who lived in a kingdom of crystal at the lowest point of the world. This was the homeland of the Xeadas, a race driven and consigned to Ematha in ancient times during a disaster when the world was coated in ice. Luxalim immersed himself in the Xeadan culture and learned how they had lived since a time before the rest of the world knew. While in their care, he attempted to figure out what exactly caused Ematha’s spread to no avail.

Vamenor and Luxalim continued on their personal ventured until the final 32 years of the war on alignment. The misaligned realm opened up and chaos made its way to the world. This was a disturbance that neither of the druids could ignore, it was as if a knot formed in the stomach of Tertia. They both journeyed to Pradas to seek out the source of the tear, though they found that the gateway was far greater than they anticipated. All the skies of both Pradas and Crobayoris had been consumed by the tear and it looked to be spreading even further. The flowkeepers met with each other once more, though only because they knew what had to be done.

Luxalim attempted to use the opportunity to reconnect with his Iaxiot brother but Vamenor just spitefully echoed Luxalim’s past advice. His energies should be used elsewhere. Vamenor had a knowledge of planes that he had accrued over and years and as such had a vague idea of how to interact with the tear. However, as he devised a method of sealing it, it found that it was too large for just one person to seal. He concluded that he would have to teach his knowledge of planes to the other druids but it would take time. The world had fortifications, particularly in the form of the hermetic dragons, thus Vamenor was left to hope that they would last long enough.

It took 30 years to teach Luxalim and the other druids the necessary planar magic to close the gateway between realms. It took another year to actually prepare the proper rituals and cast the magic on such a grand scale. Everything rode on that one attempt, if it failed then there was little chance Vamenor would have the time to go back and find where he had miscalculated. This weighed on his mentality heavier than anything he had ever felt in the past. Fortunately, the spell succeeded and the misaligned kin were drawn back into the shut-off realm. Thereafter, the spell would have to be maintained to prevent the tear from just opening up once more.

The misaligned realm would continue to push against and rip away at the seal that had been placed on it. To continually restore the seal and prevent what seemed inevitable; Luxalim, Vamenor and three other powerful druids all devoted themselves to maintaining the seal by constantly dedicating a fraction of their power. Despite this attempt at safeguarding, the druids realize that the misaligned realm will eventually break open once more. What they’re doing isn’t a permanent solution, it’s a way of stalling to give Tertia more time to grow and prepare. When the realm of chaos devours the sky once more, they can only hope that Tertia will be ready.


So as to properly spread out the energies that would maintain the seal on the tear, each of the five sage druids were assigned to different places in the world. Vamenor and Luxalim returned to Iaxus and Ematha respectively, two of the other sage druids remained on Crobayoris as it was the continent on which the chaos spread most fervently and the last took residence in Pradas, nearby to where the tear was believed to have initially opened. Nairn Birchorn is one of the two positioned in Crobayoris and is the only Vera of the druid sages.

His life was to be a mundane one until the emergence of Gonel and subsequent invasion of monsters from the underworld. He was born in Innlevere and led a basic Innlev life as a farmhand. Soon as he was able to, he was made to work on his family’s farm so as to raise the highest quality meat for his own growth. This was meant to make him big and powerful and in his childhood he believed in that goal. He saw the adults and particularly the king as being super strong, the strongest in the world, until they were overrun by the monsters. Innlev warriors were able to hold the monsters back but Nairn and many other children were made to run from the oncoming battle.

This did not happen to only Innlev children. In all the western Crobayoran countries, there were women and children evacuated eastbound for the sake of staying alive. However, this was not a time when the Crobayoran borders could be so easily crossed. Several countries refused the entry or passing of the refugees and the war-minded states were complete danger zones. Nairn’s group ended up passing extremely close to Saran land, a place in which they would have been permanently kidnapped or slaughtered. Fortunately, they were rescued by this fate by Vamenor and Luxalim.

The two druids were focused on keeping the Demon’s evil magic at bay but they could not ignore the plights of such defenseless groups passing by. They made fortresses out of forests and kept the multicultural refugees safe until the time the war ended. Once all was done, they personally led the groups back to their homes so they wouldn’t be killed in the violent aftermath. The colorless war was a harsh age but the flowkeepers truly did their best to keep as many people as possible safe. To reach as many people as possible, the two flowkeepers split up and yet they still could not prevent the outbreak of war. Nairn had matured in the time of Gonel’s tyranny and made the decision that he wanted to help them.

While in their protective shelter, Nairn attempted to teach himself the druidic magic practiced by Vamenor and Luxalim. Though this was before the time when they offered their tutelage, he managed to become a respectfully strong caster by the time Gonel was defeated. Though he had become an adult, he still looked up to Vamenor and Luxalim and wanted to be strong like them. Thus, he followed in their footsteps, travelling the continent in hopes of easing the strife that had set in. While the difference he made was minuscule, even he managed to gain a few followers in this time. When Vamenor and Luxalim chose to pass on the ways of the Iaxiots, Nairn was ready and waiting.

Given his head start, Nairn quickly caught on to the flowkeepers’ teachings and was consistently the most talented of students. The other druids-in-training saw him as an ideal and he would aid his peers when they struggled. It never occurred to him that he had made the jump from wanting to become strong to being strong, not until he was personally singled out by the flowkeepers themselves. When the tragedy on Iaxus struck and the two had to make a sudden leave, they entrusted Nairn to lead the new generation of druids in their absence. No longer was he a boy looking up at men, he was a figure to be looked up to. He swore that he would not let Vamenor and Luxalim down.

He personally led the training for a time and slowly he came the feel the world as his teachers could. It came at him suddenly and painfully, at once he could feel the horror that drew the flowkeepers back to their homeland of Iaxus. He came to the revelation that there was much to be done in the world, so much that he could not waste time being forever in training. He decided, he would perform a ritual to become Vera and in that form he would begin to make a difference on the damaged world. The other druids watched in awe as this was the first time any of them had put the Vera ritual into practice.

Given all of his training, it should come as no surprise that this ritual was a success. Nairn’s body changed to that of a minotaur with horns like branches and a garden of fur upon his form. Now, he would be looked up to physically and not just in a metaphorical sense. When Luxalim returned to personally continue the druids’ training, Nairn took off to go on his own quest around Crobayoris and Pradas. He was not confident enough in himself to journey to the unyielding continents but he wanted to feel as much of the world as was available to him. Wherever he went, he would also guide anyone who sought it. Even though he detached himself from the other druids, he ended up creating another group to lead on his own.

When the war on alignment first broke out and Vamenor and Luxalim were in places where they would be unable to intervene, Nairn took it upon himself to do as he did during the colorless war. He journeyed with the goal of easing strife wherever he went and the other druids trained by the flowkeepers followed in his wake. They were no longer just students, they wished to be as their masters were. With their number, they managed to deescalate several war threats and saved many lives in places where battles had already broken out. When the misaligned realm connected with Tertia, Nairn once again echoed the flowkeepers by creating fortresses in nature for people to hide in.

When it came time to learn and cast the ritual that closed the tear between Tertia and the misaligned realm, a great number were needed for the spell to be effective. Were it not for the people that Nairn gathered with his acts, it was unlikely that the initial casting would have ever worked. Nairn was a hero, though he would always be too humble to ever admit it. When he was requested to remain in Crobayoris for the sake of maintaining the seal, he accepted. He was somewhat saddened that he never got the chance to go to the unyielding continents himself, though such selfish desire was a minor loss. The world means everything to him and he would give far more than just a fraction of his power to save it.

Nairn remains a well-known teacher of the druidic ways and is often approached by people who wish to learn or by those who just seek guidance. He’s the type who just can’t say no, thus he accepts all who come to him no matter their true intentions. Though he is also not one to keep the truth from those who come to him. To them, he passes the word that the misaligned realm will return. He teaches in hopes that those teachings will go far enough to make a difference when that time comes. The world will inevitably face threat once more, that is something that Nairn fears his every waking moment. He won’t just let it happen, though, he has taught many and he will continue to be a figure that others look up to until he can assure true peace for the world.


The other of the sage druids based on Crobayoris, Adira is currently posed as the sixth strongest member of the Deepest Fear. Despite his current placement, Adira was actually born in Pradas. At the eastern border of Vasara, to be precise. Adira was always a particularly justice-minded individual and from a young age had the dream of becoming one of the Serikaat’s judges. Eastern Vasara was a hotspot for cultist activity since security got more lax closer to the border of Haust. The bases of Haust’s bordering mountain range have plenty of cracks and caves for cultists to cover themselves in, so Vasara’s eastern settlements are pouring with them.

Adira was first personally effected by cult activity when his age was still in the single digits. The worst types of cultists, those who hailed the realm star, came to Adira’s town and started doing as they wished. While security was lax, it wasn’t as if it was non-existent, yet the local authorities would do nothing to stop the cultists. This is because the matriach of the realm star cult was among them, a notoriously powerful mage by the name Itha Mordigan. She was the most wanted woman in the country, yet no one ever actually tried to catch her. She was touted as being as powerful as an old god and it was well known that trying to stop her from doing whatever she was doing was equivalent to suicide.

Adira, young and ignorant, was upset by this fact and ran out in front of Itha’s path. He shouted in his shrill child voice that he would stop the cultists and threw an absolutely pitiful spell at the matriarch. His parents, unable to watch as they knew their child would be killed, ran up and attempted to grovel and apologize to the matriarch. Itha talked about how she knew she wanted to kill someone but was having a hard time deciding who. She was delighted that these two had offered themselves up and on the spot executed the both of them. In the middle of town, eyes everywhere, authority at the sidelines. No one did a thing as Adira cried over the dead bodies of his parents.

He wanted to defeat them all. Every cultist out there, regardless of their notoriety or power. He decided that he would do anything if it meant being rid of those so unjust. By the time he graduated from his school, he had a theory. He had heard of druidic magic and how particularly powerful druids were capable of sensing the feelings of the world around them. Adira theorized that he could use this sense to track down the hidden bases of cultists and cave them in or use some other sure-kill method. The only problem was, actual learning materials on druid magic were slim. Even though several Vasaran universities would have accepted him with his proficiency in magic at the time, he chose not to go. His mind was set on what he had to do.

Adira was smiled upon by fortune as he came upon Nairn at the time of the Vera’s journey. Nairn could sense that Adira felt lost in some way and empathized with the story of how he lost his parents. The two quickly connected on a very personal level as Nairn confided that he never got to see his own family again after he had to escape his country at a young age. Nairn felt as if he had to become a parental figure for Adira and guide him as the flowkeepers would. Adira joined the druid’s then-small group and learned many things from Nairn. While initially all he wanted was the knowledge of druidic magic, after just a short time he hung on Nairn’s every word. Both of them just wanted to help people, after all.

Though, in the back of his mind, Adira ever struggled with the idea that he could always be doing more. Nairn always preached that the druids should take a more passive stance and that they should focus their energies more in saving people and nature rather than using it to harm. No matter how many times he heard this, Adira could never let go of his initial goal. He still wanted to defeat the world’s injustices. Once he had become a respectfully powerful druid he considered breaking off from Nairn’s group but the war on alignment got in the way of that. Adira understood that pacifying the wars took precedence over his own personal goals and aided where he could during that time.

The flowkeepers met with Adira during the war on alignment. Once everything was done and Vamenor had to choose a select group to maintain the seal, he determined Adira to be among the five most capable. While the idea that he would not be able to return to Pradas for a long time pained him, he still acted based on the greater sense of importance. However, the war on alignment had worn on him. Particularly the initial battles where he saw countless wartime injustices and yet stayed his hand because of Nairn’s teachings. There was so much evil in the world that he could simply do nothing about. That’s why, when the deepest fear came to the realm, he made a radical decision.

He infiltrated the deepest fear and purposely offered his own body to have a nightmare folk reside in it. He did this so that he could monitor the doings of this evil force from the inside and potentially destroy it from that position. If not, he could use the knowledge of planar sealing that he gained from the war to prevent more nightmares from coming through. He believed he would be strong enough to do that, he only realized his error when he saw just how powerful the five nightmares above him were. Though, there was another reason for his joining of this faction. For the power it promised.

He had analyzed that those who harbored nightmares within them had gained abilities and become more power. All the deepest fear’s members used Tertian bodies and there was no way those bodies would be so powerful without any influence. Adira took a nightmare into his mind simply for the benefit of more power. He believed that in this position he would be more free to hunt the world’s cultists and criminals. It wasn’t as if the deepest fear cared who they were brought, simply that they were being brought bodies at all. Up to now, that’s the moral area in which Adira lies. He does as he initially planned, he uses his druidic magic to track people down for the deepest fear and takes those who he believes to be evil. With his empowered body, no cultist has yet been able to stand against him.

Adira still holds his sense of greater good, although that sense weakens with each passing day. Every time he hunts criminals for the sake of the deepest fear, he loses sight of the end consequence a little more. If he continues to go down this path, he will forget his place as a sage druid. He will become little more than a vigilante and his acts will open the way for both the deepest fear and the misaligned realm to bring ruin to the world. He will have to be stopped, or in the end he will be swallowed by the very nightmare he harbors.


Armaul is by far the most eccentric of the sage druids. Armaul lived a very privileged life in a rich Vasaran city, graduated from an esteemed university and become an accomplished mage and botanist. Yes, botanist. Armaul lived in an absolutely gigantic home for his whole life and his dream growing up was to create an enclosure in which to keep exotic monsters. He basically wanted a home zoo for dangerous things. He spent his years of study hyper-focused on the instincts and environments of various creatures. When it came down to it, monsters were basically just regular wildlife with horrendous tempers. At least, that’s how Armaul saw it. In his younger years he attempted to contain various creatures in his environment as ‘test runs’. All of them ended up inevitably dying, at that time his lack of respect for the creatures’ lives was absolutely disgusting.

After his graduation, Armaul personally participated in several expeditions to Ebusika, something which most scientists will only do either once or no times at all. Considering the adaptive nature of the creatures there, the same person going twice is just asking to be hunted by one of them. Their intelligence is such that they will remember those who have come to the lands before and the more they knew about someone the more likely they are to strike. To Armaul, they are so absolutely fascinating. Every time he returned from a trip, he would go home and touch-up his self-named ‘adaptive artificial environment’. This was his home zoo but, using magic, the environment within the zoo would shift to theoretically fit the adaptive nature of an Ebusikan creature.

He became the primary expert of Ebusika and it got to the point where any group going to the eastern land would turn to him for guidance. More often than not, he would offer to personally guide them around. Despite his over-the-top personality, he was highly respected for his ability to protect his peers during the trips. He was extremely powerful, even before he met with Nairn Birchorn. Nairn was actually the one to approach Armaul, having heard of his expertise of the creatures of the eastern land. Nairn wished to go there but feared that his lack of knowledge may get some of his druid followers hurt or killed, so he sought out Armaul as a kind of protection against that.

Armaul was more than happy to accept Nairn’s request. He had an interest in the ways of druids but learning materials for druidic magic were nearly impossible to come by. Armaul just knew that if he could get Nairn to teach him in return for the knowledge of Ebusika then he could finally perfect his adaptive artificial environment. The thought excited him so much that he forgot to tell anyone before he just up and disappeared with the group of druids.

However, after journeying with Nairn for a time and hearing his teachings, Armaul had something of a change of mentality. His dream up until that point had been to find a way to contain a creature of nature, though he realized that wasn’t necessary. As he become a more competent druid, he, too, unlocked the ability to truly feel nature. As he did, he realized that it was far more than just what he could keep in his house. In fact, it would be disrespectful to do such a thing to a being of nature. He mellowed out a bit, though only slightly, he was a light of positivity among the largely quiet and solemn druids.

This positive nature came in handy when the war on alignment broke out. Armaul went along with the rest of the druids and participated in the efforts to keep feelings high in a time of despair. Whenever he could bring a smile to the face of someone quivering at the threat of war, Armaul felt a sense of accomplishment that he had never felt before. He was a great protector and a bringer of smiles, of the sage druids he quickly became the most popular among the people of the warring lands. People truly trusted him to protect them and Armaul was driven not to let them down. This did not change when the misaligned kin came. Unexpected and unknowable as they were, Armaul still did everything he could to protect the smiles of the people. He nearly gave his life in this effort, though he was rescued by the very same people he had acted to save.

Armaul was chosen as one of the five to maintain the seal on the misaligned realm. When it came to who would be placed in Pradas, it came down to him and Adira. Armaul could tell that Adira was saddened at the prospect of not being able to return to Pradas and offered the position but Adira refused in that moment. Adira explained that if he accepted then he would be too likely to let himself be distracted by personal goals. Understanding this, Armaul headed back home without really much of an aim. He didn’t really have any motivation to return home- but then he thought of something.

Armaul wanted to contain nature because he came from a life of entitlement and ignorance. Armaul realized that by the time he had achieved his goal he would have done far more harm than good. As a whole, Pradas was a nation that had not faced consequences the same way Crobayoris had. Its people lived on a pedestal and even after the war on alignment they stayed on it. From then on, Armaul dedicated himself to casting away Pradan ignorance. He uses his charisma to draw people in and once they’re on his side he turns his routines into lessons. He’s a bringer of smiles and that’s what he intends to do until the day he dies.