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The Factions of Tertia – Spectrum Peak

Kanotia, the unyielding continent populated by a genus of creatures called dragons. For much of its history, Kanotia remained a mystery to the world outside as the dragons proved more than capable of chasing off or hunting down trespassers. No matter what evolutionary, magical or technical advances the people of Crobayoris and Pradas made, they were never enough to overcome the territorial beasts. Now, in the current age, humans and Magia are allowed to tread Kanotia’s soil under a very specific condition. Kanotia is the continent of dragons, thus if they are to go there they must accept the blood of dragons into their veins and themselves become draconic. This choice is offered by the hermetic dragons of spectrum peak, who were born during the difficult age of the war on alignment.

When the misaligned realm broke into mortal reality, the magic of Tertia changed its flow so that it might defend the world that it flows within. Hermetic dragons are born in response to grave disturbances in the balance of a magic-adapted world’s nature; though this was no ordinary disturbance. This was an entire realm of imbalance crashing into the world at once, the magic of the world jerked and not just one but nine hermetics were born into the world. They aided in the battle against the misaligned realm, battling against the invaders and protecting the natural inhabitants of Tertia, yet once all was done the world was left with nine great dragons it would strain to sustain. Regardless of their size, hermetics are voracious creatures that have to eat a lot to sustain their empowered bodies. This is why hermetics are meant to only be born one at a time, nine existing on one world is a calamitous threat in of itself.

The hermetics did not want to ravenously carve away the lands that they had worked to save, so they returned to their kin on Kanotia. They hungered and feared that they may have to consume each other to restore balance to the world, when they managed to discover another disturbance. Their heightened senses for such things led them to a peak of one of the mythic divide’s mountains, where they found that a great chunk of it had been somehow carved out. There, they uncovered a spatial instability that led to the Expanse, a realm of pure nature created by a powerful Magia named Twylth Rozka. The realm was vast and bountiful, enough so that the nine hermetics could sate their hunger without having to harm Tertia. They met with Twylth and came to an agreement, that they would agree to her pact and in return they could feed from the Expanse whenever they needed.

The hermetics now base themselves on that mountain connected to the Expanse, the place now known as Spectrum Peak. With their magic, they calm the dragons of the land and allow travelers and adventurers to meet with them. Those who meet a hermetic dragon on Kanotia are given a choice, if they wish to live on the continent of dragons then they must become dragons. Those who accept the hermetic’s blood into their veins have their bodies rapidly changed and they become draconic humanoids known as Skaal. Skaal settlements have been built and the secrets of the continents are closer than ever to being uncovered; yet the continent has only become all the more insurmountable for those who will not accept the gift of the hermetics.


Ruvadrem is the grandest and most powerful of the hermetic dragons, born from an apex species called the Gailurra. Gailurra dragons are revered due to their great size and dominant control over the highest peaks of the mythic divide. It was only natural that one of this species would become the king of Kanotia, the hermetic leader whose long body wraps entirely around Spectrum peak and the other mountains surrounding it. During the war on alignment, the appearance of Ruvadrem’s prismatic form was a light of hope for the people fighting against the misaligned kin. Ruvadrem took it upon himself to block the torn open gateways between realms and prevent the progress of the misaligned kin, giving the people time to prepare for counter-attacks. His body was a rainbow shield that collected many scars during the ruthless battles. Ruvadrem would stave off the misaligned kin for weeks on end, refusing to give in until he was within inches of death. Even now, people believe that when they see a rainbow that it’s Ruvadrem watching over the mortal world as a barrier between the planes, protecting them from another attack.

Due to the great damage he took during the war on alignment, Ruvadrem remains mostly idle around spectrum peak when he isn’t feeding in the Expanse. He is the most proficient at opening the gate between the realms, so he stays put to allow the other hermetics access when they need it. When the announcement of the choosing of a new deity came, there were many who supported the idea of Ruvadrem rising to the position. The other hermetics who follow Ruvadrem’s wisdom, the Skaal of Kanotia and even some who have heard the tales of the rainbow dragon that helped save Tertia during the battle against the misaligned kin; they believed a figure such as Ruvadrem would be suited to such a position.

For Ruvadrem, such a position would allow him to bring balance to worlds far beyond Tertia. Though that was not the only thing on his mind, when Ruvadrem recalled the plight of the hermetics when they believed they would have to eat each other for the sake of the world. At that time he would have gladly given his own body first, though with the position of a god he would have other ways. It was not only the hermetics that suffered for the resources they require, all around Tertia there are those who have to fight just to get the bare minimum to live. He believes that a universe that cannot support the inhabitants of a single world, never mind the countless number of them beyond the stars, is a failure. He wants to create a mortal realm where everything is plentiful and where there is no struggle or fighting for necessities. His nature as a hermetic speaks to him, driving him to create balance and assure that no being or race takes more or has less than its fill.

Due to Ruvadrem uncommonly leaving spectrum peak, he does not have a hoard of his own. This is odd, considering hermetics are usually driven by instinct to gather hoards of some kind. The Skaal have theorized that the other hermetics may actually be what he considers as his hoard, those who are most precious to him.


Widely believed to be the second most powerful of the hermetics after Ruvadrem, Cadmium is similarly gargantuan as he was born from a drake of the terror lands. He is one of the Icaro species, which is one of the few types of terror drake that are capable of flight. However, due to the extremely violent battles for territory in the terror lands, Icaro dragons tend to have their wings torn beyond repair long before they reach adolescence. Upon his becoming a hermetic, Cadmium’s body turned metallic and light shone and glimmered from his form. In the war on alignment, Cadmium put his violent nature to use and fought by the sides of those who challenged the misaligned invasion. He used the shine of his body to draw in the misaligned kin and fended them off with his metallic body long enough for his fellow warriors to slay the creatures.

After the war, Cadmium chose to never return to the lands outside of Kanotia for fear that his violent instinct as a terror drake would take over. Cadmium is an untrusting dragon who will personally hear the intent of anyone who wishes to approach spectrum peak. Cadmium has slaughtered various dragons that have snapped at him, his patience is thin and not to be tested. His hoard consists of things that are bright or shiny, which has led to suspicions that he has a hoard of gold and magic items hidden away somewhere. At nights, spectrum peak radiates with a breath-taking, multi-colored glow, which many believe to be a result of Cadmium’s hoard. Cadmium rarely leaves his territory around spectrum peak but when he does he will stubbornly refuse to return until he has obtained a new object for his hoard. Oftentimes, he struggled to recover an item on his own and has to be brought something by the hermetics that travel to other lands.


Pastel is the smallest of the hermetic dragons, born from an also tiny species of dragon called Euble drakes. Euble drakes are also known as ‘ghost dragons’ due to their white coloration and for just how difficult they are to find. Euble drakes are completely passive creatures that don’t even eat insects, they’re completely herbivorous in nature. As a hermetic, Pastel is even harder to catch than a regular Euble due to the semi-ethereal nature of her body. She can fit into the palm of your hand and can slip through your fingers as if she were completely insubstantial. Using magic, she does have a decent amount of fighting capability, though she dislikes conflict immensely. Regardless, her firepower was not enough to defeat the misaligned kin, so during the war she took the role of rounding up people who were separated from their friends and family during the battles. She fearlessly darted through settlements that were overrun to misaligned kin on the hope that someone would still be alive. By doing so, she saved many lives, a majority of which being children who have now grown up and remember their little Euble savior.

Pastel is extremely gentle-mannered, when she’s in Kanotia she spends basically all of her time socializing with the various Skaal who have decided to settle there. She makes sure that they’re all happy with their decisions, sits with those who miss their old homes and just all around acts as a positive influence. Not one to sit still, Pastel will often go overseas to see all of the people and things that are out in the world. How everyone is recovering after the war on alignment and how she can help to keep spirits up. There are more than a few people who she saved as kids that she frequently checks in on, each time she visits they make sure to have some kind of gift for her. Her hoard consists of things she has been given by these friends, though her favorites are soft things, specifically stuffed animals.


Neon was born of a frill lizard-esque species of dragon called Frilled Kingii, a generally small species that use the reflective properties of their frills to startle larger species with tricks of light. Neon is enormous compared to his mundane Frilled Kingii cousins and through use of magic the light he can emit from his frill can be far more intense. During the war, Neon often paired with Cadmium on the battlefield and acted as a more protective figure while Cadmium tore through the enemy. He protected injured soldiers on their way towards medics and took the front line of defense whenever the armies chose to retreat. Many soldiers who fought in the war on alignment owed their lives to Neon’s interceptions.

Despite this battlefield brotherhood with Cadmium, Neon has come to hate him in the years after the battle. Due to Neon’s light-emitting abilities, Cadmium often cannot help himself from attempting to stuff Neon into the caves where he keeps the rest of his shiny trinkets. Due to Cadmium’s superior strength, this practically ends up as bullying. As such, Neon spends a lot of time travelling around to avoid being near the peak and Cadmium. Oftentimes he roams the shores of Kanotia, guiding boats and then having those on board tell him stories. Neon hoards instruments and objects that make a lot of noise, so he loves meeting bards and musicians the most. Everything about music appeals to him and despite his draconic body, he wishes to learn how to make music himself.


Rose is a dragon capable of changing her form to suit her environment, an extrapolation of the camouflage abilities displayed by her original Acrod species. Acrod dragons are particularly intelligent within the genus, perfectly implementing their ability to blend in into their hunts. As well as being able to perfectly change the color of their skin to match their surroundings, they will also gather nearby foliage to cover up the parts of them that might give them away. They lay in wait to strike and are sure to kill their prey with a single venom-laced bite. Rose is not only capable of changing her body’s color, but the very composition of her form. She does not blend into her environment, she becomes the environment, though she has personal preference towards a plant-esque form. During the war on alignment, the misaligned kin did more than just target living people. They caused chaos in every way they could, which involved the destruction of entire fields and settlements. Even if people survived, they were left with nothing to survive on. Rose took on the task of caring for these starved people, growing fruit and vegetables from her body for them to live off of.

After the hermetics discovered the Expanse, Rose was completely taken by the realm. Twylth’s vision of beauty and perfection appealed to her perfectly and she could not tear herself away from the place. Rose has no hoard of her own, though if she did she would want it to be something like the Expanse. She spends a lot of time with Twylth and has practically been made into the Magia’s pet, often aiding her in her pact dealing practices.


Azure is a water-based dragon born from a species of dragon-turtle referred to as Mydas turtles. Mydas turtles are extremely rare to spot due to being native only to deep waters, apart from Azure the only recorded sightings of them are corpses that floated to the surface. While large and intimidating, Mydas turtles only eat underwater plants and coral and due to this many fish attach themselves to Mydas’ for protection. Azure is a titanic, blue-shelled fortress, second in size only to Ruvadrem himself. During the war on alignment, Azure paired up with Rose in her plight to save people who had lost their resources and settlements. Where she provided food, Azure used his magic to conjure water and with his hard-shelled body took the role of a mobile fortress that protected the homeless groups as they traveled and slept.

Azure is lazy by nature, once his duty with the war was done and he ate his fill from the Expanse he returned to Tertia’s waters just to find what’s underneath. When he swims, it isn’t just smaller fish that attach themselves to him, bigger sea life such as sharks and whales will hang around him as well. Entire ecosystems are born around the humongous dragon-turtle and during his travels of the world’s seas these ecosystems become the most varied and exotic in the world. It’s as if the waters around Azure become their own sea, where all aquatic life can enter and find ways of surviving. The gathering of life around Azure is his hoard, his only goal to see as many forms of life as he can. In slower times, Azure will break up his pace by collecting things that have fallen to the floors of the oceans. He has rescued sunken Akora on his travels and through bringing them to the surface has heard myths of a great sea creature known as Bagrysh. He has yet to encounter this creature, though he has made it one of his life’s goals.


The second smallest of the hermetics, Fuschia was born from the extremely intelligent Varanus species of dragon. One of the few species of dragon capable of matching the Acrod in wits, Varanus dragons have more complex ‘hands’ than other species and put them to good use. While outmatched in size by a lot of other species, they are capable of using tools and some Varanus have been known to even set traps for their prey. Fuschia puts her advantages to good use, during the war she actively aided in the effort to construct robots as a counter-measure to the misaligned kin. She used her power as a hermetic to protect the research labs and intellectually she proved no slouch either. For the creation of the constructs that saved the world, she has as much credibility as any other scientist.

Post-war, she’s made it quite clear that she prefers Crobayoris as her home over Kanotia. While she’s sad that the robots were deactivated and outlawed, she’s still excited to see where technology goes in this new age. Despite being a dragon, she is recognized as being one of the most innovative and influencing inventors of the age. Technology is her hoard and she must know every piece she owns inside and out. She has gotten in trouble for riding on top of trains and planes multiple times.


Cerise was born from a species of dragon called Ibero, which are known for their ability to emit certain smells. Ibero lure in prey by producing the aromas of the foods that they eat, whether that be fruits or corpses. When a predator that they cannot combat is drawn close instead, they will immediately switch to producing horrendous stenches to drive them away. They are capable of firing out their aromas in a spray, which they can choose to make acidic in nature. They use this to mark their territories, though when driven into a corner they will attempt to fire acid spray into the eyes of hunters. Cerise’s abilities are much the same, though taken to an extreme degree with the aid of her body’s magical properties. During the war on alignment, Cerise took on a supportive role where she would meet with groups that had lost their homes, friends and families to try and sooth their ailing minds. It was a time of despair, so Cerise would lighten the stress by releasing calming smells among the refugees to keep them sane.

After the dragons found the Expanse, Cerise spent some time there with Rose as she was similarly caught up in its beauty. Cerise comprised her hoard of things that were delicious, all across the Expanse she gathered up fruits into piles much to Twylth’s chagrin. However, she eventually came to miss the interactions with people that she had experienced during the war. She returned to the mortal plane and met up with Pastel and Fuschia, who helped her to become re-acquainted with mortal society. She has recently become extremely addicted to candy and chocolate.


Ochre is an earthy dragon born from the Ceraste species of snake-dragon. The Ceraste are native to the to the wyvernwing desert and are known for their ability to quickly travel the burning sands. They are among the most successful predators in the desert due to their ability to gather where prey is most bountiful. Due to how often they are active, they are also very vulnerable for predators they would try to hunt them. To counteract that, they are equipped with long, retractable teeth, a powerful venom and a rattling tail to keep their opposition at bay. Ochre’s venom is the most potent of the hermetics, able to kill other powerful magic creatures in an instant. Her body is capable of becoming one with the earth below her and her rattle can cause earthquakes. Ochre used her earth-shaping abilities to hide away refugees during the war on alignment. She would give them temporary living spaces underground and protect the cave entrances viciously, lashing out at any misaligned kin that unwittingly wandered too near.

Though she would be most comfortable in a desert, Ochre spends her time now nearby to spectrum peak. She does this out of concern for people who would otherwise have to encounter Cadmium and his less than welcoming demeanor. The Skaal village closest to spectrum peak was built near to the spot where Ochre settled since she carried out the Skaal blood ritual for many of them. They revere her as a guardian figure and in return for her protective nature they bring her little knick-knacks and trinkets. Ochre has found a love for art, in particular these gifts that the Skaal crafted with their own clawed hands. Her hoard is a shrine of these items and act as a reminder to her that she is wanted in the world even though the hermetics came to the world intrusively. Despite her lack of limbs, Ochre wants to be involved in crafts and spends a lot of time with the Skaal to learn how they make things. Eventually, she wants to make things for the other hermetics to treasure. Since she is incapable of flight or swimming, she cannot leave Kanotia on her own.