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The History of Tertia

The Forgotten History

A long, long time ago, there was a witch who hated humanity. This witch was Tertia’s first Magia, back in an age where magic was truly new to the world. The people of the world were loud and reckless, they would not allow the witch peace and she believed that they would drag her with them into their own destruction. To keep humanity away, the witch built a great fortress where she intended to live in isolation. Still, the people would not let her be by her lonesome. They came to her fortress in search of useless things like knowledge and when she turned them away, they returned with weapons. The people did not understand magic and the effects that it had on the world, so they believed it to be a curse cast by the witch. The witch saw their ignorance, speckled with greed as several of her assailants only wished to take what was in her fortress. Yet, there were no worldly belongings in the fortress, for all the witch wanted was to be by herself.

The witch eradicated the army, but she knew that she would be disturbed again so long as humanity existed. They would stop at nothing to drag her into their oblivion, so the witch thought. For the sake of creating a world where she could truly be in isolation, the witch cast a spell that would freeze Tertia to its very core. Humanity was driven to the southernmost point of the world and cornered by the cold while the witch faired the conditions with her magic. She rejoiced, believing that she had eradicated humanity and made a world where she could be at peace.

The world had other plans as Tertia’s core was given life by the magic that had culminated there. A being of molten iron, Sandalphon, emerged to push back against the witch’s spell. In a matter of months, the witch’s magic had been undone and the condition of the world returned to normal. Then life, stubborn as it was, reawakened just as fast. In only centuries, humanity managed to restore itself and again the witch was surrounded by the loud and reckless. Consigned to the idea that humanity would stop at nothing to drag her into calamity, the witch founded a country named ‘Atzea’ in her own name. She decided that she would teach the people of her country the way of isolation until the day comes where she is swallowed by the end of the world.

Reign of the Old Gods (0-1025)

Before a majority of the people on Tertia had adapted to magic, an era where the Gods were false and the world had not yet been scarred by strife. The year ‘0’ marked the ‘birth’ year of an important religious figure for early Tertians known as ‘The Hope’. The Hope was a culmination of all the religious beliefs that had existed up until then and it represented the miracles that magic had brought to the world. People did not yet fully understand magic and Magia were still rare, so people would use The Hope to explain the phenomena they did not yet have understanding of. The Hope brought light to the world, made nature grow more fruitfully and gave gifts to chosen people. These chosen, the early Magia, would hold high government positions, be military commanders and just generally be placed above the rest of the world.

Seven of these Magia would come to be known as Gods in their own right. These seven were particularly powerful, even among their Magia peers. They did not believe in The Hope, instead they used their own abilities to create a deeper understanding of magic. However, instead of telling the people the truth of magic the seven abused their knowledge. They created a spell that would prevent magic from spreading naturally throughout the world, instead it would be drawn to them and make them exponentially stronger. The greedy seven were not concerned that their actions would slow the rate of Tertia’s growth significantly.

The Sixth Continent (233)

Back in this early history there was another continent that existed south of Kanotia and west of Crobayoris. This continent was named Falme and it was the stomping ground of the seventh old god, Desti. Desti had the most foresight of the old gods, while the rest were only concerned with raising their own power and influence she wanted to find a way to simultaneously develop the people she ruled over without a cost to her own magic power. This coined the birth of early technology as Desti personally researched the development of science. It was a way of making the people efficient without giving them magic that could be used to overthrow the old gods’ rule. Another positive effect, Desti found, that as her people’s understanding of science grew they became less inclined to believe in The Hope.

Meanwhile another of the old gods, the chaotic wanderer Perjalanan, did as he wished against the will of his peers. Perjalanan had no interest in controlling the masses, he just wanted to make scenarios that were interesting to watch. So, while the other old gods did what they could to keep magic away from the people, Perjalanan spread it around frivolously. This resulted in the birth of the earliest Magia tribes, including the Star Ignia. Unwilling to let him do as he wished, Nelaime had Karye chase the wanderer from their lands and forced him to flee to Iaxus.

The old gods wondered what to do with the new born Magia that Perjalanan had brought to be. They debated if they could get away with slaughtering the new Magia to assure their continued control or if the weaker Magia could just be controlled like the rest of the masses. Mid-way through these discussions, on the year 233, something unpredictable came to the world. A titanic, armored, serpentine creature with three tails and a blade pierced through its abdomen. The creature came without warning and offered no compromise; within the hour of its appearance it devoured Falme entirely and was on a path towards Crobayoris. Desti was consumed along with her continent.

At this time, the old gods were still in contention with The Hope for people’s unwavering belief. Even though they were regarded highly, they were still bound by a necessary amount of respect for The Hope. They held a summit and concluded that they had to face this creature to have any chance at holding the people’s respect. No one would believe ‘Gods’ that flee at the hint of danger. They gathered Perjalanan’s Magia and imbued them with the ability to aid in the battle against the monster.

The creature devoured south-western Crobayoris in the time it took for the armies to gather. The ensuing battle was long, the six old gods including Perjalanan gathered to push the otherworldly monster back. The armies were forced to retreat by the end of the first day but the old gods did not falter. The monster would not take damage regardless of what spell they cast, it was capable of absorbing everything they threw at it. Then, it abruptly took mercy after weeks of non-stop battle. It spoke to the old gods and asked them why they would fight a useless battle. It asked if it was for the sake of a purpose. The old gods answered the creature, who gave a warning before it disappeared.

‘I will give you time to complete your purpose. I will return to see if your purpose was worthy, when I do I will devour your world.’

With a twist of its body, the creature broke the boundary of space and returned to its plane of origin. The old gods told the people of their victory, though they only entrusted the creature’s last words to the Magia. The old gods were hailed as heroes and had firmly established themselves as humanity’s light. Over the next years, belief in The Hope petered out and they took an iron hold over Tertia’s growth.

The Colorless War (1025-1102)

The most terrible era of Tertia’s history, when the Demon named Gonel emerged from the Underworld and overwhelmed Tertia’s people with his great power. The raw energy released by just his appearance into the mortal realm sucked the color out of the caverns in which he emerged. It was Gonel’s influence that caused the expansive underground of Tertia to become known as the Dull.

Unfortunately for the old god Kovec, the underground was her domain. She sensed the emergence of a great power and was the first to meet Gonel. At first, she thought that perhaps the monster who devoured Falme had returned. When she saw it was a single humanoid figure, she underestimated the Demon. Gonel challenged her to a battle, which she confidently accepted and subsequently lost horribly. The Demon, not wielding even a speck of his true power, forced the old god to run for her life. She retreated to her own pocket plane, scarred deeply by Gonel’s magic.

Gonel emerged to the surface of Crobayoris, nearby to where the incident with the monster was resolved. The word about his appearance had not yet spread, to the people he was an odd Magia who was scanning the farmlands and came up with odd philosophies whenever anyone would try to speak with him. He travelled the continent and took in every lifestyle and culture he came across. Then, when he was done, he allowed his competitive nature as a Demon to come out. He challenged random people to battle and did not allow them to refuse. He voiced his philosophy that if they weren’t willing to fight, they didn’t deserve to stand for anything.

Gonel’s magic was unstoppable. No one he challenged even came close to him, it wasn’t long before people begged for the old gods to intervene once more. The old gods already knew what happened to Kovec and realised this was another threat that they could not face, so they did not appear. The people of Crobayoris fell into anarchy and despair without the presence of the Gods who had led them for centuries. Gonel was bored with this.

He built a dungeon that dug deep into the ground and at the same time the tear that he had made between Tertia and the Underworld had started to make way for monsters to come through. It was a challenge, anyone worthy enough to reach him through his trials would be worthy of facing him. For the directionless people of Crobayoris, barely receiving help from the people of Pradas, it would be decades before they even broke through the hordes of monsters to reach the dungeon at all.

Kovec’s recovery from her battle was hideously slow as Gonel’s magic writhed inside of her like a disease. Perjalanan showed no signs that he would return to battle this time, Rohakoa had no interest in battling such a foe and Mthunzi’s presence had fallen greatly over the centuries. The only two that had the will to challenge Gonel were Nelaime and Karye. Nelaime’s drive was greed, they knew that with the complacency of the other old gods that they had the chance to take over their lands of precedence. Karye’s was rage, they were too prideful a being to simply let Gonel’s challenge go unanswered.

Despite their self-centeredness, Nelaime and Karye realised that it was a fool’s errand to battle Gonel with just the two of them. Especially so if this being was comparable to the monster from long ago. They needed allies of great power; fortunately for them, over the centuries many Magia had cultivated on the continent Pradas. Nelaime had discovered the benefits of pact dealing and founded many magic schools for the purpose of making strong Magia to be their benefactors. Nelaime chose the strongest three Magia of the continent; Twylth Rozka, Elma and Binko. Nelaime fed these three a great amount of magic power, using the same rituals that elevated the old gods to their powerful and effectively immortal status. The three were brought as close to the old gods as possible in preparation for the battle. Meanwhile, Karye spent those years battling the Underworld’s monsters and holding back the spread of Gonel’s ambient magical influence.

Two others joined the group for the battle against Gonel. Magia who had grown up on the rampant continent; Iaxus. They were druids who had sensed the great disturbance in the world brought about by Gonel and also wished to do away with him. Luxalim Noryarus and Vamenor Doridark, mages even more powerful than the titans that lived on their continent. The people of Crobayoris suffered for thirty years waiting for the heroes to arrive, left grey and broken they were finally given a spark of optimism when the seven gathered.

Nelaime, Karye, Twylth, Elma, Binko, Luxalim and Vamenor crushed the monsters of the Underworld and easily surpassed Gonel’s trials. The final battle was at hand and after an epic combat the Demon was overcome, albeit at the cost of Nelaime’s life. The other six emerged as heroes; Karye was hailed as the true hero of the old gods and became the uncontested ruler of Pradas, Twylth, Elma and Binko were unbound from Nelaime’s pact and returned home to study the extent of what their magic could achieve and Luxalim and Vamenor stayed on Crobayoris to attempt to cleanse the lands that Gonel’s magic had drained the color from.

Despite the efforts of the Druids, the people of Crobayoris were broken. The lands that were once unified by the old gods fell into war and the continent was fractured into many countries. Aljani had come to be, people whose bodies were too deeply influenced by Gonel’s magic and they became another point of war. People who still believed in the old gods, people who believed that they were abandoned, remnants of devout Hope followers; religious strife was in abundance as well. This was the true colorless war, forty-seven years of battle that left Crobayoris shattered.

The Downfall of Iaxus (1120)

Perjalanan continued to periodically show up on Pradas and Crobayoris, giving the gift of his magic whenever he got the opportunity. The other old gods set up spells that would detect his presence on the continents just so they could be rid of him as quickly as possible. This left the wanderer with an excess of free time on Iaxus, a land he infused with magic so deeply that it could be said that the very continent had a pact with him.

In early history, Iaxus was populated by various tribal cultures across its massive amount of land. These people advanced at a slower rate compared to the rest of the world as the old gods kept their guiding hands over Crobayoris and Pradas mainly. Iaxiots thus made a closer connection to the world around them and many of them became Druidic as a result. This only exemplified when Perjalanan started to inject magic into the land, making the nature grow in more fantastic and dynamic ways.

While Perjalanan’s intentions were unknowable, the effects of their influence got out of control as time passed. Their magic that made the land bountiful started to overflow, Iaxus was overdosed with magic it did not know how to process. Not only the land, the residents of Iaxus too grew out of control as the massive magic power attuned to their bodies. Many of the tribes grew and became titanic beings known as Giants. Others evolved less gracefully and ended up warping to become Ir-Scrofa, Trolls, Ogres; warped beings who lost all identity as it was painted over with power.

The peaceful and social people of Iaxus, who loved the land as an extension of themselves, had become a continent of monsters. Their minds and mannerisms were left behind by the forced evolution of their bodies; only a handful managed to properly wield the magic and retain a regular size and sanity. Vamenor and Luxalim are two who managed to control the magic in their bodies and become true Scrofa.

The warped people of Iaxus grew to be violent, desperate to show off and unleash their great power. Kingdoms were built based on power, a simple hierarchy of the strong looming above the weak. When the hierarchies were built, they turned their attention to the other continents. A string of eastern islands connected Iaxus to Pradas, providing perfect warzones for the new Iaxiots to challenge the Pradans for. Whatever communities existed on those islands were quickly wiped out as they became playgrounds of war.

This became the unfortunate norm. Ceaselessly, the Giants of Iaxus would declare pointless wars on Pradas. Even when the threat of Gonel came to the world, the Giants did not let up their
purposeless challenges. They didn’t want land or resources, they just wanted to prove that they were strong.

Then came the year 1120. After they helped to defeat Gonel, Twylth, Elma and Binko all took interest in alternate planes. They had found out about Kovec’s plane and there were rumors that Mthunzi had created their own as well. As their research progressed, the three had disagreements as to how one would go about actually creating the realm in which a new plane would reside. The process eluded them and they all separated to experiment with differing methods. It was Twylth’s that would bring about an abrupt end to the legacy of Iaxus.

Twylth’s method of extra-planar creation was the most dangerous of the three. She intended to use a massive amount of raw magic power to force a new plane into being. Since magic is capable of bringing new energy into the universe, her theory concluded that magic should have no problem creating new space. Fortunately for her, there happened to be a continent that offered an excess of magical power.

She snuck her way deep into Iaxus’ lands, until she was at the north-most point of the world. With a ritual of her own concoction, the magic of the land coalesced and with a great burst of power that shook the world to its core a new realm of space was created. Twylth entered the plane and wasted no time beginning to craft it to her will, not concerned with the consequences she left behind.

What little balance was left in the nature of Iaxus was destroyed. Twylth used a massive amount of nature-based magic and druidic energies for the sake of the plane of pure nature that she envisioned. The result of this was the magic in the nature of Iaxus going truly out of control. The wilderness turned chaotic and unforgiving; the forests filled with poisonous swamps and fumes, sands of the desert lit aflame by raw heat and the north-most land was enveloped in a deadly blizzard of razor-like hail. The mountains erupted and the earth cracked as magma surged forth to the surface.

As if this initial calamity wasn’t enough, the wildlife of Iaxus was affected as well. Prey and hunters both grew into savage creatures that no longer bowed to any food chain. The Iaxus wilds went from a place where animals hunted to survive to a place where monsters hunted to dominate; and dominate they did. Powerful as they were, the overgrown people of Iaxus were helpless in the face of nature’s mutiny. Iaxus was torn apart in days. Those that managed to escape were shown no mercy from the people overseas, even those who begged were executed for their warmongering. The Giants of Iaxus were no more.

This is how Iaxus came to be the third unyielding continent.

The Revelation (1132)

During the thirty years after the Colorless War the researchers of Pradas had taken an interest to Gonel’s origins. The heroes had all succeeded in their extra-planar experimentation but Gonel’s case was unmistakably different from what they produced. After analysis of the emergence point of Gonel and the monsters he wrought, it didn’t add up with what the Pradan people understood about planar travel. It seemed like there was something else there, like they were on the edge of discovering something huge on the other side.

The Gods saw the people of Tertia come so close to the truth about Demons and the Underworld. If they succeeded, it would become a slope that would lead them to understand the truth of the afterlife. It was becoming an inevitability, so the Gods decided to expedite the process and pull back the curtains for Tertia’s people. It was an opportunity for the Gods, who had not made proper connections to the people of the mortal realm since the very first mortal race. It was a chance to see if their presence could have a positive effect on the lives of mortals. All of the Gods gathered and descended from Etrivaal to give the people of Tertia the answers they sought. The truth of planes, of Demons and of Gods.

Initially, they sent a message through the plane created by Elma known as Sleeper’s Parley. A silver-haired woman who announced herself as the Goddess of Space spread the news that the Gods would grace Tertia and offer to guide its people. She scheduled their arrival at the grandest city of Pradas, Cersai, and said that they would descend several days after the announcement. The people were hesitant, more inclined to think this some kind of trick by Elma. Nonetheless, lo-and-behold the Gods came as was premeditated.

Word quickly spread and believers and non-believers both made their way to Cersai to confirm the presence of the Gods with their own eyes. Crowds gathered, so thick that some were left to wait days to come close to the line-up of deities. They were physically and undeniably there, answering every question that was presented to them. Weeks passed of non-stop questioning and interviews but the Gods did not mind, they weren’t worn at all by the countless hours of conversation and revelation. They confirmed that the afterlife was real, what it was like, what Gonel was and where he came from; they even told stories about themselves to those who came asking. For many, it was jarring just how real some of them seemed. Not larger than life or beyond all imagination as one would expect from Gods, the curtains were pulled back and what was revealed were people.

The weeks of civil conversation threatened to come to a terrible end when Karye, the last of the old gods that people still hailed and respected, furiously stormed into Cersai. Karye was not convinced by the Gods and wanted to make them battle and earn their position in the eyes of the people. They fought the end of the world twice to be seen as a God and wasn’t willing to let a millennium of feats be stolen by a group just claiming to be Gods. The Tertians stood aside as Karye’s aura threatened to crush anyone who stood too close. Stone and concrete cracked under Karye’s feet and soon they were faced with the twenty Gods.

Four of the deities did not take kindly to Karye’s challenge and for a moment gave Karye a glimpse of what they were dealing with. That factor that the people thought was missing, the overpowering presence of beings that preside over reality. Karye was quick to rescind their challenge and disappeared, not to be seen again.

The Gods spent a short time longer in Cersai before moving out to meet with as many people as possible. The more diplomatic of the Gods went to Crobayoris to try and dispel the inevitable doubt that surrounded them and to try and help begin mending the continent of broken countries. The rest stayed in Pradas to help the people who approached them and to just enjoy life on the world of mortals. Due to the great interest in information regarding planes, many Pradan scientists sought an audience with the God of Gateways. Though, that God in particular decided to hide out on the floating kingdom of the Star Ignia for reasons the people never found out.

In the end, the Gods could only do so much and they had more than just one mortal world to put their focus onto. The Vashta of Death and Goddess of Judgement were barely present due to their roles in transferring souls to the afterlife. Powerful as they were, they could not heal the centuries of malice and manipulation that had made home in Tertia’s cracks. So, they made another announcement through the use of Sleeper’s Parley. That a new race of beings that would act as the emissaries of the will of Etrivaal would be created; Virtue. The Gods returned to Etrivaal and still every so often answer the calls of those devoted to them. Meanwhile, the Virtue made their way into society and have attempted to finish what the Gods started. Fixing a world that has been damaged and helping it to become as great as it can be.

The War on Alignment (1177-1277)

Although the true Gods had appeared and revealed many secrets of reality to the people of Tertia, that did not erase the history that the planet had. People were still people and the religious tensions of the Colorless war had not been forgotten. The old gods faced the last vestiges of their influence as their most fanatical priests and vassals spoke in their name while they were not present. People simply couldn’t accept that all that they knew, the entire history they had recorded was founded on the lies of the old gods.

The divides in Crobayoris that the Gods attempted to mend only grew wider as believers of the new Gods and those unwilling to let go of the old clashed. It was an over-arching tension that not even the Virtue could meaningfully influence, some Virtue were even chased out of and banned from certain Crobayoran countries. Small battles for belief broke out but people were still on the fence, mulling over the proof they were given by the Gods. Of course, the wild card followers of the Hope never deviated from their belief either.

Tensions built up. It was in the public eye, the topic of discussion in every household and people only got angrier and angrier to defend themselves. Only one thing was going to truly break this religious standstill; another war. Each country establishing their borders as the cut-off point for belief. If you didn’t believe in the things that your fellow countrymen believed your land was founded on then you were an enemy. A total anarchy that the entire continent ended up being dragged into. A complete purge where the truest, strongest belief would come out the winner.

The war went on for sixty-eight years. Between the countries deciding their loyalties, the spread of conflict that just re-ignited the battle for every country caught within it and betrayal after betrayal as people didn’t know what was right and what to believe in any more. There, at the brink of hate, did open a new calamity to tear not just Crobayoris but the whole world asunder.

The plane discovered by Binko, the Misaligned Realm, had been torn open and chaos was attracted to chaos. No two of them the same, their forms not logical from any evolutionary or biological standpoint. To gaze at them was to invite chaos into your mind and magic could not keep its form in their presence. The Misaligned Kin attacked not only Crobayoris, but Pradas and Kanotia and even Iaxus as well. They weren’t capable of a goal, the creatures did not even work together, they existed just to drag everything they could touch into chaos.

The people on Crobayoris who were still loyal to the old gods prayed for them to appear again. Any of them- for just one to challenge this madness would have been enough to rally the believers. Yet the old gods didn’t come. Not even Karye, who was hailed as the true hero of the old gods. This time, they had left the world for dead. Nevertheless, who did fight for the sake of the people were the Virtue. The Virtue gathered all of the tired and broken people and did their best to keep them together. Even they did not have the power to cast away the Misaligned Kin but they managed to keep the people sane in a time of desperation.

As magic was warped and the world itself felt the threat scratching at its surface, it suddenly fed a tremendous amount of magic into nine of Kanotia’s dragons. The forms of the dragons changed and their biological bodies became mostly magical in nature. Instinct was replaced with intelligence as they were given the power to try and fight back against the Misaligned Kin. They scattered across the world to defend the people who were slowly being wiped out; even still this wasn’t enough to stop the Misaligned Realm. Beings of magic, regardless of their power would inevitably succumb to the influence of the chaos.

Flesh, mind and magic ineffective, the people of Crobayoris were struck with a spark of inspiration. During the wars, countless amounts of factories had been built and the Crobayoran people were scratching the surface of a huge technological revolution. Whether this was merely a convenient inspiration or if the Gods had a hand in influencing it, people started to develop weapons that could damage the Misaligned Kin without the aid of magic. Guns, bombs and most effectively Robots were built and the battle against the chaos took a turn. No minds to shatter, no magic to warp, an army of Robots held back the Misaligned Kin long enough for Luxalim, Vamenor and two other druids named Nairn Birchorn and Adira Dullak to draw up enough energy to seal the Misaligned Realm’s tear. Crisis had been avoided once more.

The war was over. No one had the urge or energy for battle after the century that had passed. The Robots, ultimately weapons of war, were deconstructed and outlawed as well as the guns and other weapons wrought by technology. The people of Crobayoris decided to use their advances for other things, things to support people instead of hurting them. It was sombre for the people who had finally lost their belief in the old gods, yet even they accepted it after what had happened. The Virtue bans were lifted and the new Gods became the accepted primary belief. The hermetic dragons retreated to Kanotia and the Pradan people were on the road to recovery as well.

They all reveled in the fact that, at least for a short time, it was a moment of peace.

The Singing Starfall (1280)

The Singing Starfall was a wide spread meteor shower that brought the Akora to Tertia. Only a few years after the War on Alignment, the people of Tertia were still on edge with the fresh memories of battle and struggle in their minds. When the barrage of meteors hit the world, their first reaction was to believe that it might be another calamity striking the world. The number of meteors was countless; even today the exact number remains unknown. Most landed in Tertia’s waters while others struck buildings, the destruction wasn’t particularly huge overall but it was enough to put Tertians on alert. The largest of them nearly fell upon the Star Ignia kingdom of Observatory before it was deflected by their most powerful warrior.

Then, the meteors moved. Humanoid forms, golem-like and made of a gem-like material that had never been seen on Tertia before. The people scouted the beings out to find out if they were aggressive but found them to be totally clueless. They weren’t sure what they were or why they even existed. Enigmas to even themselves. To those who would give it to them, they sought guidance. The people of Pradas were more than happy to have a new race to research on and Kanotia’s dragons had no issue with the Akora either. Those unfortunate enough to land on Iaxus didn’t make it out and those on Crobayoris faced particular difficulty finding places to belong.

Whether the Akora are a prelude to something good or bad remains to be seen. What is sure is that there are more than a few Akora who have found their purpose in evil and could become horrific weapons for the sake of their being.

Curse of the Night(1289-Current)

“It is time to face your fears. You all live in a world that has challenged you, that has tried to destroy you, and yet still all you can do is grovel. You wait for heroes to defeat the adversity you cannot and when all real threat is gone you act powerful by quarreling among yourselves. It is time for this cycle to end, we are coming to your realm and be assured that there is no hero that can save you from us. When a nightmare comes, all you can do is close your eyes and wait for it to end and then hold on to that feeling of relief when you awaken. Not this time. Soon, your every waking moment will be that terror. Your lives will be that moment of wishing for the panic to end and it never will. This is the fate you sewed. You have only yourselves to blame.”

This is the message heard the world over by anyone who’s dreams led them to Sleeper’s Parley. Not a message from the Gods, nor from Elma; this was a warning from fear herself. The terror came not just from the threat of a new evil facing Tertia but the people’s unwillingness to face it. It had been just over a decade since the War on Alignment, the people weren’t ready for another
doomsday. The world was worn and tired of conflict and the people of Crobayoris in particular had destroyed a great amount of their arsenal.

The world panicked, wondering what shape the nightmares would take and where they would appear. What they would do, how strong they were, how many were there; if there were as many of them as nightmares people had dreamt up then their army could have been insurmountable. The first year was all rumors and worry, looking for any sign or conspiracy that could have given the people more information about their new enemy.

A particularly paranoid and very rich man from Pradas hired the services of the Rogue’s Gallery to try and pull up more information. What they found was multiple reports of people suddenly acting strangely and claiming to have the urge to go out and see the world. This ranged from actual adventurers to people who rarely even left their houses, what was particularly notable is they all headed straight to eastern Crobayoris. The evidence was enough to support this not just being coincidence but before anything could be done it was already too late. All of the countries in south-west Crobayoris had already been infiltrated by the nightmares, who had made their way deep into society.

It started with a few small coastal countries that were lined up across ‘the monster’s bite’ (an oddly shaped coast that was created when the hungering monster took a bite out of the land). The nightmares revealed themselves in the very midst of society and tore down towns and cities. They slaughtered those who opposed them and subjugated those too weak to, resulting in country-wide takeovers that happened overnight. The people tried to run but the nightmares were already in their heads, an average person didn’t have the will to resist their powers. Their minds were broken to make way for more nightmares to take over.

This takeover has yet to be stopped. Every few months, another country finds itself completely taken by nightmares. The people of Pradas are slow to react as they try to get as much information about the Deepest Fear as possible and Crobayoris is too ill-equipped to fight back. Their spread reflects that of Gonel’s, whose magic is still present flowing through the veins of the world. If they aren’t stopped, if there are no heroes to step up and prevent the end of the world once more, then it really could be the end of the world the Gods touched.

Current Day (1300)

Sleeper’s Parley now cut off from the minds of the people, the Gods transmit a message directly into the minds of the Virtue. They announce that a new deity is to join their ranks and they want this deity to be chosen from the people of Tertia. The role of this deity would be purely communication between the mortal realm and Etrivaal and they would have lighter restrictions on what they were allowed to influence in the mortal realm. They would be the God of Mortals.

As for how the God would be chosen, after three months the nine most prevalent factions will receive one golden orb each. After that, the task is to come into position of a majority of these orbs. So, once one individual received five of these orbs then they will undergo the process of ascension. The idea of this condition is that the orbs theoretically shouldn’t be attainable through just mindless war, if one faction straight up attacks another then the other factions could collapse on them, which would result in the loss of multiple orbs. Attaining a majority of the orbs will require intelligence and co-ordination.

While this prospect is exciting to some, others are worried over the conflict that this game of ascension could cause. It seems, to the people that have seen more strife than should be known in the span of a lifetime, that this could all just be used as an excuse to start another great war. The gods may have started the calamity that will end Tertia for good. If that happens, no one wins. The tension and stress caused by the presence of the deepest fear brings no relief either. As much of an opportunity as this is for the mortal realm to act for itself, equally it is a cause for it to worry.