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The Factions of Tertia – The Serikaat

The Serikaat is the Pradan government created by Mthunzi as a means of making the people of Pradas more independent. It was an idea that came to him during the time of the colorless war, when he saw several of his old god peers leave the public eye. People were beginning to doubt the entities they once revered and the continent to the west was on the path to all-out war. Society was on track to destroy itself, thus Mthunzi acted to make the transition easier. The Serikaat was to be a bridge, a means for the mortals to take control in a natural and non-controversial manner. This effort proved successful as, nowadays, the people of Pradas are fully accepting of their system of government.

The Serikaat is split into many branches in the form of guilds, the most core of which being the guild of politics. This guild is the one which handles the establishing of laws as well as the important decisions that will decide the path Pradas takes as a nation. The guild of politics has authority over every other guild, only under extremely strenuous circumstances can the others make highly influential calls without first being approved by those in politics. Their importance cannot be understated, but Mthunzi knew that just a guild of politics would not fill the hole left by the old gods. The people needed stars and heroes, ingenious inventors and figures they could trust to protect them.

This is how the other guilds were established. The guild of makers and the guild of ingenuity were made to forge the things that would shape Pradas’ future. The guilds of pursuit and pleasure were formed to bring the spotlight over adventurers and entertainers, glorifying the greatness of what people could attain. The guild of protection could defend people from threats and the guild of transportation could help to avoid them entirely. In such a situation that someone did get hurt, the guild of relief would be on standby to heal even the most hideous wound. Then there’s the guild of storage, who keep safe the resources the other guilds need to thrive.

While the decisions of the Serikaat are sometimes controversial, there are few who would call this system of government a failure. This is because the Serikaat isn’t just associated with the conclusions determined by the guild of politics. It’s associated with revered figures who fight against monsters and maniacs, entertainers who bring smiles wherever they go and doctors who have saved the lives of hundreds. As a whole, this government enjoys such a state of glory that the greater bulk of Pradas’ population vies to join at least one of the guilds. People trust the Serikaat, not realizing just how dangerous it is that they have so much power.

In recent times, the Serikaat established the guild of heroes. A hall of fame for adventurers who have achieved great feats, such as surviving expeditions to the unyielding continents. As of current, there are still very few members in that guild, though since its conception the guild of pursuit has been fired up. These adventurers will leap at the chance to be officially recognized as heroes, spurring a boom of adventuring activity. The existence of the guild of heroes may be misleading, though, for within the Serikaat there are many others who could rationally bear such a title.


Shortly after the Serikaat’s conception, Mthunzi realized that suddenly taking away any semblance of a guiding figure would leave a debilitating hole in society. A government without a face will only garner mistrust and anarchy, even if said government was founded by an old god. There needed to be someone to represent the Serikaat in the eyes of the people, thus Mthunzi planned the first election process. From various publicly celebrated figures to individuals personally hand-picked by Mthunzi, a number of candidates were chosen. Each devised a campaign to bring the population to their side and traveled the nation so everyone would know their faces.

Mthunzi made it clear that the prime leader would have to act to an extraordinarily high standard. It wasn’t just enough for their role to be a face, in the public eye they would be a stand-in figure for the old gods themselves. This didn’t necessarily mean they had to be as powerful, just that they needed to have a similar level of authority. Intelligence and a will to make Pradas the best nation it could possibly be were musts. To assure that no corrupt figures would attain the position, Mthunzi enchanted a headdress and declared that each elected prime leader must wear it upon their inauguration. The headdress would protect against mind-afflicting magic and dispel any that had been previously placed but would also read and convey the wearer’s intentions to Mthunzi. If Mthunzi didn’t like what he felt, he would destroy the mind of the wearer. Of course, the Pradans were never made aware of this violent method of assurance.

Technically speaking, the prime leader is the guild master for the guild of politics. When the guild can’t come to a decisive enough consensus, the final decision will be made by the prime leader. In that sense, they are the most powerful figure in the nation, a truth that leaves them very accountable for anything the guild of politics does. The prime leader can be a magnet for either reverence or hatred, most commonly receiving an equal sharing of both. Prime leader elections come once every five years but can occur earlier under very specific circumstances. This being, if six leading guild figures (from all guilds except for politics or heroes, only one leading figure per guild) request a re-election and this request is approved by a majority in the guild of politics.

There is no limit to how many times an individual may campaign to become prime leader. For example, the current prime leader, Kreysor Olori, has held his position since shortly after the war on alignment. After the war, an early election was called to replace the previous prime leader after a massive amount of negative press received for his decisions. During the invasion of the misaligned kin, an extremely controversial decision was made to bring citizens of a certain ‘value’ under protection in hiding while those of lower value were left to be slaughtered. This decision was contested by several guild leaders but the decision of the guild of politics was absolute.

Zaiem Eqo, the prime leader at the time, came to this decision as a last resort. They believed it was the only way to cut loses given the situation. Pradas was a nation that prided itself on and relied on magic, an ineffective weapon against the enemy they faced. If none were brought into protection then the entire nation would be exposed to an inevitably slaughter but if all were corralled into hiding then they’d just be grouping up for their adversaries. Zaiem believed it was impossible to save everyone, yet the immorality of his decision was simply too objectionable. When the war was done, he was removed from his decision and Kreysor took over the seat.

Kreysor was a progressive political figure in the sense that he was an advocate for the acceptance of the true gods and the Virtue they gifted the world. It was an issue that the Pradans had uncomfortably avoided, something silently procrastinated through wordless rejection of the Virtue. The old gods were what built Pradas, even though they had disappeared they were at the very core of what made Pradas the nation is was. As future-sighted as the Pradans were, the shock of the old gods’ true nature hit them hard. Change is hard even for those who seek it, so many Pradans just tried to live as normal while ignoring the Virtue sent by the true gods.

The Pradans weren’t the type to erupt into conflict like the Crobayorans. They had pride in the fact that they hadn’t let their nation be shattered into discordance. That’s why the extent of their ‘military’ came in the form of the guild of protection. Even still, tensions were building in Pradas before and during the war on alignment. After Crobayoran wars began the people of Pradas became more agitated and small skirmishes between passionate groups began. The only reason a civil war didn’t break out was because of the combined peacekeeping efforts of the guild of protection and the judges. There were a lot of figures the average Pradan didn’t want to risk facing off against on a battlefield.

When the war on alignment was done, it was a subject that needed to be tackled. For as long as it was ignored, the nation would remain on a plateau and never move forward. This is what Kreysor knew when he campaigned for prime leader, citing everything the Virtue did during the time of battle. None of them hid away from the fighting like the people guided by Zaiem. It was a sign of the true gods’ benevolence, an offering of aid in a time of turmoil. With his campaigning, Kreysor managed to both improve Pradan relations with the Virtue as well as successfully attain the position of prime leader.

It didn’t stop there, though, for there was more to do than just accept living alongside the Virtue. They had much to teach, god-given magic that the Pradans could only imagine before this age. During Kreysor’s time in office, he has funded the construction of new religious buildings throughout the nation as well as recommend that many Virtue be placed in the guild of ingenuity. Additionally, thanks to the spurred solidarity between the people and Virtue, post-war rebuilding efforts have gone exceedingly well. Kreysor has become one of the most respected prime leaders in history for manning the transition into acceptance of the true gods. It takes an ambitious man to spur such a shift in society, especially with the history that led up to it. Though he has already been elected multiple times, he doesn’t intend to stop until he’s done everything he believes he can do for Pradas’ future.


Barring the members of the guild of heroes, the high court judge is the single strongest person associated with the Serikaat. When it comes to law-related incidents the high court judge is the pinnacle of authority, only technically outranked by the prime leader. The reason for the high court judge’s might is simple, it’s because of how dangerous and unpredictable criminals can be with access to magic. Brought under a mundane trial scenario, a cult leader might be able to slaughter anyone in the court house or cast a teleportation spell to escape with ease. Even if anti-magic protocols are taken, it’s possible that they could slip away or replace their body with a double in a moment when no one is paying attention.

It is this mixture of threat and uncertainty that led towards the existence of the judges. Extremely capable warriors decorated with all the enchanted items the guild of politics can afford them to have. Each of them quick-thinking and with deep dedication to the law which allows them to perform a trial and carry out punishment in the span of an encounter. Standing atop them is the high court judge, Cersai’s ultimate defense against the intrusion of cultists. An individual of such presence that criminals fear to set foot in Vasara’s capital, regardless of how large the city is. It isn’t worth the risk of meeting the sharp end of the true god’s blade.

Alialora is among the first generation of paladins who attained their abilities through the teachings of the Virtue. These paladins wield unique magic that can only be used through commitment to one of the true gods. A paladin of Aruval may fulfill the more traditional image of a lawful, light-wielding warrior while a paladin of Razdor would have control over chaos and veer towards a more loose personality. Alialora is a paladin of Reyva, the deity who first appeared in the minds of the Tertian people through Sleeper’s Parley. Alialora wasn’t alive at the time of this event but still she finds a feeling of accord in the blind goddess.

She spreads Reyva’s teachings of peace and fate, believing that with the guidance of the true gods Tertia will inevitably end up thriving. Despite the cultists, despite the nightmares; despite any hardship Tertia will come out victorious. As a paladin of Reyva, Alialora fully intends to make this fate come to pass with her own hands if she must. Something those who have seen her fight would think her capable of, she holds the position of most powerful judge for a reason. Of all who have become aligned with the true gods, her understanding of her deity’s magic is arguably the deepest that anyone has managed to reach thus far. The ability to see beyond the range of one’s vision and control space itself.

It is these spatial magics that make cultists so fearful of stepping into Cersai. She can sense every footstep, visualize every person and object. Furthermore, she can shift the spatial position of these things as well as herself. Effectively, she can see everything and be anywhere. The only way to avoid her is to be outside of her detection range, which is absolutely tremendous. She is the ultimate protector, though with Circadia’s spread the day may come soon where she must step away from the capital to fight for a great cause. She awaits the challenge, confident in a predetermined victory thanks to the guidance of her goddess.


Khalas Blackshine is one of the more famous judges for his vigilance in hunting down those who would use their magic for evil. Due to the fear of prominent cultist figures such as Itha Mordigan, the guild of politics keeps five judges stationed in Cersai at all times as a form of self-preservation. One might think that these five are the most powerful of the judges and indeed among them is the high court judge. The contradiction to this, however, is judge Blackshine. Like Alialora, Blackshine is also a trained paladin, though he dedicates himself to Xandicium instead of Reyva. Fitting, given Xandicium is the goddess of judgement.

This alignment empowers Blackshine against those who have done wrong and allows him to cast magic which debilitates them. He is particularly effective as a roaming judge for his ability to strip an enemy of their magic completely. For his terrifying potency, Blackshine tows the line between fame and infamy, though no one would stand against his methods due to his position as a judge. In Pradas, stripping someone of their magic is considered as bad as cutting off someone’s limbs. It’s a fate worse than death, especially for those who don’t deserve it. Although it originates from a deity, the public views Blackshine’s magic as too eerily similar to curses.

This isn’t the only reason for the negative perceptions of Blackshine, though. Such viewpoints come largely from Blackshine’s strictness in terms of what he deems criminal and the punishments he deals. It isn’t enough for him to just catch a thief and put them in jail, he feels he must ensure that they can never steal again. In this example, he would cast a spell to permanently paralyze the thief’s primary arm. It doesn’t matter why they stole or how threatening the thief actually is to people, this is just the punishment he would give to any thief. He’s ruthless yet he takes pride in how harsh he is, citing his methods as the most effective. Alialora may be the most powerful judge but Blackshine is by far the most frightening.


The guild of makers elect their guild master through a semi-decennial fair in which the guild members present their life’s work. Their greatest inventions which they believe could beckon a new stage of improvement in the guild and perhaps even effect society as a whole. These creations don’t have to be made specifically for the fair, they just have to have been made within the five years between events. Each guild member anonymously votes for which invention they think is the best, unable to vote for their own, and from that the guild master is chosen. Skurliv became the guild master soon after the war on alignment with his invention of the airship and has maintained the position since.

He had intended to complete the airship before the end of the war and present them to the Serikaat as a means of staying outside of the range of the ground-walking misaligned kin. Even though there were misaligned kin who could fly or jump large distances, the number they would have to deal with would be effectively far fewer. This was all in theory, of course, and never actually came to fruition during the battle. Either way, the Serikaat feared that flying contraptions with magic-based cores would be too risky to deploy against entities who displayed magic nullifying and distorting abilities.

Skurliv was not disheartened as he continued to work hard leading up to his initial fair victory. From his failure then, he decided to dedicate himself entirely to improve both his inventiveness and efficiency. He needed to be able to complete his designs quicker and devise fail-safes for dangerous scenarios. Such a mentality left no time for things like pleasure or family, even though he had a wife and four children. Even when he did come home, he had a personal workshop that he would just hole himself up in. He worked tirelessly, unhealthily, towards the inventions that would beget his victory in each subsequent fair. What made things worse was his tendency to look down on anyone not doing the same, even those not in the guild of makers.

He didn’t even take notice when one of his daughters practically ran away from home. Skurliv was on a descent to madness not at all helped by his position as guild master. It only made him feel more responsible for the further progression of great inventions. His mind wouldn’t let him rest as he refused to accept any kind of slow day. He wasn’t just looking towards the future, he was sprinting towards it without taking a moment to appreciate anything else around him. It was self-destructive, a path that would lead to his own death in burn out, yet he would not stop so long as he remained the master of the guild of makers.

Skurliv is a man who believes that every living being should work towards the future they will all experience. Yet, he contradicts that with a work ethic that puts everything on his shoulders. He sees his way of working as the standard that everyone else should try to meet, even though it’s madness in practice. He’s a man who needs to be brought down from his position so he can get a different perspective on what he’s been doing. From where he currently stands, he will never realize that he’s just doing harm to himself and his family. Nevertheless, his fellow guild members respect him too much to collude to purposely vote against him in the next fair. It will take a true genius to become the next guild master and save Skurliv from himself, but who?


Daughter of Skurliv, Serafina is another highly talented member of the guild of makers who often works abroad to learn more about Skarvan mechanics. Pressured by her father’s legacy since her birth, Serafina has been working towards an invention to surpass any of her father’s since before she was even 10. Although she is the second eldest of four siblings, her father always seemed to care more about his inventions than his kids. While he never said it outright, he always gave off the vibe that they would have to prove themselves before he would acknowledge them. They had to be as astounding as the rest of his works. For young Serafina, who was born without a right arm, this would be an uphill battle.

Though her father was a revered inventor, he still offered Serafina no aid. Her lack of arm was her own problem and something she would have to solve herself. So she did, in her preteen years she constructed for herself a mechanical arm using parts left around by Skurliv. This arm was one of her earliest complete creations and she takes pride in it even to this day. It was from then that her interest in the mechanical aspects of making grew. She wanted to learn more about robotics and engineering but that was a subject even the guild of makers was still figuring out. She took the initiative and left home on a journey towards Skarva.

She enrolled in a Skarvan school and finished her education there before getting a job in the robotics industry. Her talent was plain to see and, after seeing her mechanical arm which she constantly had to alter to fit her growing body, most Skarvans companies were more than willing to take her in. She learned everything about the trade, even the knowledge that was meant to be forbidden after the war on alignment. Her proficiency grew and all the while she continually drafted ideas for the invention that would show up her father. Soon enough, she managed to make the first functioning version of her big invention. She didn’t reveal it to the public yet, however.

She kept working on it until she was approached by someone quite unexpected. An Argil over eight-feet tall from Chwalu. The Argil was searching for someone with knowledge of robotics to help him with a project. One that could lead to the creation of a weapon capable of defeating the deepest fear. Most who he had already appealed to rejected him on the grounds of robot construction being illegal but Serafina was interested. She wanted to take on some work that would challenge her, though she didn’t expect it to appear before her as it did. She followed the man back to Chwalu where she found that he was the head of a monastery. This monastery was found at the center of a city only recently founded; Qing Mai.

The project was to be kept a secret from the other monks, for they would not agree with the violent implications of creating such a massive weapon. That didn’t stop Serafina from casually participating in the monk activities, she found it a calming break after spending most of her life stressing about work. She created the initial design and did the base work for Halroth’s project; a gigantic robot code named S.O.L.E.M. – Surrogate Object for Light Emergence: Metatron. Halroth worked alongside her but she had to fix up a lot of his mistakes initially. Quickly enough, though, he managed to gain a shockingly deep understanding of the craft. It even got to the point where Serafina realized that Halroth could probably finish the project himself.

She wasn’t disappointed, in fact this was a chance for her. In her own time, she touched up the design for the invention she intended to use to become master of the guild of makers. A flying machine much faster than any airship which could also function without any magic. She would call it the Seraplane. All she needed to do from there was actually join the guild of makers and wait for the next fair. Using a finished Seraplane that she made for herself, she flew off back to Pradas. She promised Halroth she’d come back to check on him, it’d be easy given how quickly her invention could travel.

She made an absolute display of her return and when she finally touched down to reveal herself she was accepted into the guild pretty much instantly. Her family was happy to see her again, sure, but what made Serafina really grin was the look of shock on Skurliv’s face. After he was done gawking he tried to compliment his daughter on her feat but she wouldn’t hear it. She told him he shouldn’t feel too good about the thing that’s going to destroy him.

As of current, that’s where her story’s at. She’s officially a guild of makers member and there’s another year or so before the next fair. She frequently flies between Pradas and Crobayoris to go and meet with Halroth and see his progress on Metatron, sometimes dropping in on Skarva to brag to old class and workmates. Since she invented it in Skarva, she considers the Seraplane a Skarvan invention and lets the country take the credit for it. Though she can be cold and temperamental in conversation, she’s nice that way. Mostly she let it play out that way just to get at her father more, though.


Given that in the grand scheme of things there are only a few judges roaming around the nation, the people primarily in charge of peacekeeping are guild of protection members. Generally, the guild members don’t have as much authority as the judges in that they need permission to purposely kill the criminals they’re after. This isn’t often a problem since the guild of protection works closely with the guild of politics but either way there are exceptions. Each major area of Pradas has a chief officer who holds the authority to make decisions usually reserved for judges. These chief officers are usually somewhat comparable to the judges in ability, though there is one who surpasses the average judge. A chief officer in Vasara, Olivia Rushbane.

Olivia didn’t join the guild through any conventional means. She didn’t have the drive to protect people and she definitely didn’t want to be a part of Pradas’ bare military. In fact, when she started out, she was the exact type of person the guild of protection acted to stop. She initially made a name for herself in her late teens when she became a celebrity mixed magical arts fighter. With her strength and talent she quickly rose up to the top, and there’s only one place to go for those at the top. Illegal matches in underground mixed magical arts bouts. She fought against killers and cultists alike, accruing scar after scar but in time she found herself at the top again.

By this point, she was already one of the scariest people to face off against in the nation. Without all that much formal training, she was able to brute force her way to recognition twice. Her time as a champion only came to an end when her most frequented underground fight bit was discovered and raided by guild of protection members. She was overwhelmed through numbers but she wasn’t arrested or executed. Instead, she was drafted into a new system in testing which involved rehabilitating criminals by putting them through guild of protection training in Ushtarak. For the first time, Olivia would be made to learn discipline.

She was no doubt a problem case, it was hard to beat sense into her when she could take so many hits. More than once did she start riots just so she could beat down everyone rioting with her. She was constantly looking for fights; with other drafted inmates, with genuine guild members in training and with the mentors. By the end of it, though, she was reeled in just enough to want to use her strength for a proper reason. She realized how good it felt and how effective it was to control her magic, though she had to also control herself to get the full effect. She mellowed out to the extent that the guild of protection could point her at criminals and have her beat them up.

Unexpectedly, after holding the responsibility of peacekeeping for a few years, she actually began to reflect on who she was. After seeing the violence and madness in the eyes of enough people she just started to become disgusted. It was like she was made to look in a mirror and actually see herself for the first time. She didn’t like what she saw. Olivia changed her attitude, going from a loose cannon to more of a leader among her team. With her act together, she quickly managed to earn a promotion to chief officer. Being entrusted with this role was the first time she felt happy from anything that didn’t involve hurting someone. She doubled down on making up for how she acted in her younger days and is currently one of the most successful and respected enforcers on the continent.


The guild of pursuit is full of wide-eyed adventuring sorts who one day aim to join the ranks of the guild of heroes. Since the downfall of the Daubers, this guild of hunters has become the uncontested biggest adventuring guild in the world. It’s well-known even in Crobayoris that the best way to earn a living through adventuring is through a place in this guild. Through their numerous outposts, the guild keeps its members up to date on all of the expeditions that could be their next step to herodom. At the top of all of this is a peculiar woman, one famously known as ‘the hero maker’.

The masters of the guild of pursuit aren’t necessarily the most prominent adventurers, just the ones who are the best at organization. These are the ones who will go out and find the quests that need doing to post them up on the quest boards. This normally just requires some socializing and paperwork but Anko goes above and beyond. She doesn’t wait until a big monster crawls out of its hole or until a cultist group starts taking sacrifices for some crazy ritual. She takes the initiative, hunting down these threats before they emerge so she can preemptively post the quests for adventurers to defeat them.

The thing to be noted here is that Anko doesn’t just handle these threats themselves. She’ll find the biggest monsters and infiltrate cults to find out their plans but she won’t stop them herself. Neither will she ever be hurt or captured during these scouting sessions, for any time the targets see her she can always get out just fine. Even if escape isn’t an option, she tends to win every fight she’s forced into. Despite emerging victorious, though, she will won’t tie up the bad guys and call the quest done. She’ll leave their beaten bodies where she found them and post the quest anyways. This is because she doesn’t want the glory for herself, she wants someone else to come in and claim the fame. That’s why she’s called the hero maker.

Just doing this in itself could mean sending other adventurers into dangerous battles they might not be able to handle. Anko knows this, which is why she always personally requests certain parties within the guild of pursuit to carry out certain missions. She’s well-liked for her commitment to learning all of the strengths and quirks of the guild’s members and she uses this knowledge well. Most all missions requested by Anko turn out as successes, which is a fact that just leads to more successes. Since she has a penchant for choosing the right people for a job, those who receive quests from her are always confident in their abilities.

She helps others to be the best they can be and go as far as they can. She supports everyone who aims towards the guild of heroes but doesn’t want them to take on tasks too big and just end up killing themselves. That’s why she goes through the lengths she does, to assure that their progression is natural in an age of aspiration. The world is dangerous and it needs a lot of saving from various threats. If history is any indication, the future will hold even more trials. Tertia needs heroes, which is why she keeps the spotlight away from herself. It needs more than just her and if her actions can create the shining stars that will streak towards a better future then that’s a role she’s more than happy to take.


The guild of ingenuity is the most populated of all the guilds due to their focus on magic. The guild’s members strive to understand magic and through that create spells that have never before been conceived. A majority of Vasara’s top universities are run by the guild, affirming the importance of their cause to the progression of Pradan society. Ingenuity has many guild masters, who are chosen through a special exam which exhaustively tests one’s understanding and proficiency with magic. To become a master of ingenuity, it is not enough to simply have expertise in a single field or with a single element. It takes an understanding of magic at its very core, allowing the candidate to mold it into whatever they desire.

The most iconic of the current guild masters is Keller Gray, a scientist of highest regard. Gray’s claim to fame is in her work with the Virtue that was made a necessity due to acts passed by the prime leader. The Virtue aren’t perfect existences who exist solely to represent their respective deities, in fact none of them come with the complete knowledge of what the true gods can grant. Gray’s area of expertise sees her working with the Virtue to fully understand and unlock the unique god-derived magic. Drawing it out and manipulating it to achieve effects such as the animation of god-magic golems.

Due to the potency of deity-granted magic, any individual can only dedicate themselves to a single deity. At least, to the extent of being able to use the magic associated with them. Any more than that risks magic overflow, the condition which leads to unwanted body malformations and Head mutations. Gray is a special case in that she has managed to successfully take in magic granted by five separate deities, though only through second-hand methods. She isn’t the type to commit her life to a deity, such a thing would be too limiting for what she wants to learn. Instead, she works to devise methods of attaining versions of the magic that can be used without such connections.

Even though she has abilities that resemble five of the deific domains, none of the magic she can cast from them are nearly as potent as first-hand users. She achieved this simply by having Virtue channel their magic into neutral crystals and then absorbing the magic herself. It’s a start but it’s the method leads to an impassable wall in terms of potency. All the signs suggest that the true gods don’t want mortals to be capable of using all of their respective magics at once. The reasons for this are the aforementioned adverse effects in attempting to do so. Regardless of this, Gray has committed herself to breaking the rules and making god-magic accessible to anyone who’s committed enough.


Crucci Nuro is one of the most revered figures of the Serikaat for his commanding role during the war on alignment. Although all people associated with the Serikaat’s guilds were ordered by the guild of politics to remain in hiding, there was one guild that stalwartly refused the order. The guild of relief, the ones dedicated to making sure that lives weren’t lost. Prime leader Zaiem’s mentality that some had to be sacrificed for the rest to live was completely unacceptable to many, most of all the guild of relief. In opposition against politics’ decisions, relief’s members set out to the battlefield to aid those who were consigned to inevitable deaths.

Crucci was only a regular guild member at the time, though the death of the previous medical director on the battlefield forced him to take a leading role. He could quickly determine those still breathing from those dead in a battlefield, his mind was steeled to make hard decisions about who could be saved and who couldn’t. His swift thinking was what made him such a crucial figure in a time of hopelessness for the Pradans. This, paired with a bravery that would carry him into danger zones to collect those he knew could still be healed, turned Crucci into a leading figure who all the warriors and guild members turned to.

The chaos finally subsided and Crucci filled the missing role of medical director. This leaves him with a lot of paperwork to deal with but he rarely sits still long enough to actually get it done. He’s always out and about, providing relief on-site wherever he goes. He always tells someone where he’s going, though whether that’s a guild member or just some passerby is a matter of luck. Or, a matter of how long Crucci wants it to be before the guild finds him. He just can’t wait in a hospital for hurt people to be brought to him. The time between discovery and transportation could mean life or death, so he wanders in hopes of cutting that risk.

More recently, he has found himself visiting religious buildings dedicated to the vashta of life quite frequently. The paladins and clerics who follow her are blessed with healing abilities the likes of which were previously thought mythical. They can practically bring someone back from death, given the spells are cast quick enough. Crucci is at an impasse whether or not he should become a clerical figure himself or just do his best with his current methods. He has a lot of respect for the Virtue but is still uncertain about the true gods themselves. It’s something to ponder, which he has plenty of time to do while escaping from his writing duties.


The guild of storage is essentially a government sanctioned bank, thus its guild members don’t tend to be figures in the public eye. About the extent of it is poorer folk scorning the guild’s equivalent of a master, Gianne Madaeo. Known as the richest man in the country, Gianne is the man who decides how much the other guilds may take for funding purposes. There isn’t really much else to him other than the fact that he’s in charge of making sure the nation doesn’t go bankrupt. He enjoys sports and attends most all major sports events but most of his enjoyment comes from the anticipation of the proceeds, which all go to the guild of storage vault.

He really is just a straight-up businessman. He lets hired muscle handle things like protecting the vault and he isn’t even really all that good at magic for being Vasaran. The chairman of the guild of storage attains their position purely through proving that they’re good at earning and keeping money. Gianne was an entrepreneur who invested in Skurliv’s airships even after doubts were spread about them by the guild of politics during the war. This investment paid off huge as rich folk from all over started clamoring to get an airship of their own. Furthermore, that’s just one of the things Gianne invested in that turned out to be a huge success.

While luck magic is theorized to be impossible, there are those who believe that Gianne’s money is enchanted with it. His investments and guidance are invariably harbingers of great commercial successes, as proven by the continuing accomplishments made by Skurliv. Such beliefs have led certain people to valuing money that has been in Gianne’s possession higher than other coin, even if they’re entirely the same. Even crazier folks believe that Gianne is some kind of shadow prime leader who secretly controls Kreysor, which is how he has remained in power for all these years. Really, all that’s special about Gianne is the conspiracy that surrounds him.

In recent years, he has turned his entrepreneurial gaze towards Skarva and the new industries being born from there. Particularly, the railway industry, which Gianne believes could have a lot of potential if handled properly. Unfortunately, money cannot buy him everything as Pradan currency is worthless considering Crobayoris’ overarching system of trade. He has yet struggled to come to a deal with the Skarvan government to share their mechanical knowledge but regardless it’s only a matter of time before the Pradans figure it out. When they do, Gianne is certain that the storage vault will become even more full.


In a world with magic and cultists and criminals, the simple act of getting a letter or package from one place to another can be difficult. The thing being sent can be stolen or its couriers killed, the peril of constant travel strikes fear into the hearts of Pradans. That’s where the guild of transportation steps in, offering the use of teleportation hubs and training its members to handle the threats they may face in the process of delivery. The members of this guild are all also notably trained to be capable of manning the airships invented by guild master Skurliv. Given how relatively recent this invention was, only very few people are officially licensed to drive these ships.

The masters of the guild of transportation are the ones in charge of tracking deliveries as well as determining the least safe routes from the number of failed trips. It’s mostly just dealing with numbers and statistics, what makes Orva particularly notable is her more hands-on approach to the job. Unlike other guild masters, she will personally transport the most important loads in her sector and will fight off any bandits who try to steal it. For such criminals, they see these loads as an easy way to snag some free resources and Orva loves to see their faces when they realize they’ve taken a fight they can’t win.

Just to mess with these types, Orva will sometimes make fake trips just to draw the raiders out. Revealing themselves and getting beaten down for a carriage full of actually nothing. It’s gratifying for Orva and it helps in the effort to determine the less safe paths before any real loads go out. You’d think that a woman like this who stays on the top of her game by bullying bandits looks great but she actually has the appearance of a ghost that’s been refused its eternal slumber. Her work ethic isn’t what one would call healthy, given she does all of the number work for her sector as well as the extra expeditions she fits in. She’s constantly pulling all-nighters and is often exhausted because of it.


The guild is pleasure is full of celebrities and people who make them. A majority of Pradas’ famous figures are involved with the guild of pleasure, each with a manager behind them to assure that their career doesn’t fall apart. Of these managers, one in particular is well-known for the roster of big celebrities that he has personally shot to stardom. Hal Nicolas, a grey sack of sorrow who has the best nose for talent in the industry. One wouldn’t expect it from his Elinvar stature and eternally neutral expression, though his appearance only serves to make his chosen stars look even brighter through contrast.

He started out after coming out a survivor of the war on alignment. Having been part of an Elinvar tribe at the time, he did not receive the protective measures that were put in place by the Serikaat. He and his people survived the hard way, though their overall population was struck. Hal was not vengeful, however, just sad and tired. He knew that being angry would just be selfish when so many around the world had lost so much. This wasn’t a time for hate or regret, this was an age where people needed to be picked up and forget about the horrors which had befallen them. Thus, he set out to find those who could still smile in this tired age.

For someone like Hal, getting into the guild of pleasure is exceedingly difficult. All of the guild’s members, even the managers, have some sort of field of entertainment that they excel in. Whether they’re actors, comedians, bards, artists or writers; they all have an exceptional talent that got them into the guild in the first place. Getting in as a manager right off the bat was unheard of, yet that’s exactly what Hal did. Despite the fact that he wasn’t a person to ever take the spotlight, the guild just couldn’t ignore him when he brought an entire show’s worth of quality acts to their doorstep.

He had gathered talent from all around, people of the same mentality of himself. That this was an age that needed to laugh and smile and just forget. These people were passionate about entertainment, Hal’s only role was in bringing them together. Had only one or two of the people he chose managed to enter the guild of pleasure then maybe Hal would have remained under the radar. The fact that all of the tens of people were deemed talented enough to be a part of the guild was what made it amazing. While an odd fit, the guild of pleasure just couldn’t let a manager of such discerning eye go. He could see diamonds hidden in the rough, a skill he uses to this very day.

This acts as a double-edged sword for Hal, though. Surely, the people he scouts always have great potential and deep passion, but the trouble comes with those who he doesn’t choose. Desperate entertainers swarm Hal whenever they get the chance, trying to catch the attention of the man they see as an automatic in. Hal needs constant protection from the unpredictable and sometimes violent reactions that follow when he ignores them. His reputation makes his life shockingly dangerous but that doesn’t dishearten him. While years have passed, the world is still weary and new threats are just around the corner. People still need figures to turn to and find moments of happiness in. For their sake, Hal will continue to scour the land for those who can provide such glee.