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Casual Villainry Excerpt – A Blooming Worry

A blooming worry (Private) 

Name: Balvae Astradahma 

Position: Head of Biology 

Cycle: 5 

Subject: Meat grinding I 


I am beginning to feel regret regarding my unconditional support of Quinn up until this point. Not due to her mentality or her direction, I still hold both of those factors in high regard, but because she’s set herself and everyone around her on a path of fire. Each and every one of us is on a time limit on account of our mortality but that group risks shortening their time even further. Their non-stop work ethic is going to wear down on them, even after their success they give themselves no time to recover. They’re making an unnecessary all-or-nothing gamble where they either manage to replace enough of their bodies to make fatigue a non-issue or burn down to nothing. Then, who’s to say they’ll stop there? Their bodies will be as machines, made to keep on performing functions indefinitely. I suppose their end would be with successful universal destruction but that’s another all-or-nothing bet, assuming that we succeed or that we do not decide to stop.  

… I might have to take back what I put at the beginning of this entry. I do not think I like the direction that Quinn is taking after all. I am feeling more and more as if replacing your body with a robotic semblance of yourself is disregard to your own right as a living entity. It is as if you are remodelling yourself to serve a purpose rather than to serve yourself. You are enslaving yourself to a function, doing precisely what others did to us before we came here. An assumption I’m certain is true from all that I saw in my own time of ‘freedom’.  

I’m going to have to stop her. It isn’t too late; I just need to convince her before she replaces something she can’t get back. More important than her arms or her heart or her brain, I need to stop her before she replaces the meaning of her existence.