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Casual Villainry Excerpt – A Step Towards Results

A step towards results (Public) 

Name: Quinn Osannus 

Position: Laboratory D-F technician 

Cycle: 4 

Subject: Flesh to metal I 


Today’s the big day! What we’ve all been waiting for ever since our movement started, a chance to prove ourselves with something that can’t be denied; results. I believe we were told that facts hold more weight than theory and I’m inclined to agree, so today we take the step from the latter to the former. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little anxious, gonna be a lot of teeth-gritting to do especially when we get around to my nerves. Well, when we’re done I’ll have nerves of steel so that’ll be a short-term worry!  

I do want to say that I have faith in everyone who chose to join me. It wouldn’t have been viable to get this done in just one cycle without the crunching that each of you put in, even if you weren’t inclined to. I’ve come to understand that we weren’t all brought together just because we’re crazy, it’s because we were let down by the reality around us. So, this might be lost on some of you but I really, truly do appreciate all of you. Given the opportunity, you all shine nearly as much as my arm is going to. Really hope these jokes are starting to land, personally the toughest experiments for me are the ones which involve trying to get smiles on your faces. Well, hopefully that’ll be the first thing I see once the procedure is done.  

I’d say good luck but we won’t need it! To echo Vyxys’ words again, we were the ones chosen from every single intelligent life form in the universe to be here. If there’s anyone who can make this happen, it’s us, luck needn’t be a factor!  

A step towards results (Public) 

Name: Quinn Osannus 

Position: Laboratory D-F technician 

Cycle: 4 

Subject: Flesh to metal II 


Well would the naysayers look at this, an entry typed using my new, completely robotic fingers! Just like regular fingers, feeling of touch included, just with a way higher grip strength and less nails to cut! But Quinn, I hear you ask with utmost concern, will not your overall potential for fashion be reduced with this new development? Worry not, I thought ahead and made the personal touch of installing projectors which can give me the appearance of having nails of any shape or color! They can also double as little plasma cutters, just in case you thought I was being ostentatious.  

For those who only understand statements more literal, the first replacement surgery was a success! Given, back on my planet and on others there were already proven-to-work cybernetic advancements so it was a really safe bet. Regardless, a prosthetic of this quality right off the bat is astounding, far beyond how I imagined it to be from initial projections. In all seriousness, the fact that we were able to go so far as to add the personal flair is proof of just how much myself and my colleagues nailed this. To them I give the absolute highest praise, especially on account of the fact that a majority of them had never seen a functioning cybernetic before today. To achieve this much in the span of just one cycle with proper focus is, I would state, proof that the split was the correct course of action.  

The best part is, now that we know we can do it, there’s nothing stopping us from going right into the replacement of other limbs. Once you figure out one, especially to this extent, you’ve essentially figured out them all. I’m going to undergo a leg replacement procedure as soon as everyone’s able to gather again. Given no unforeseen issues, we can replace my other arm and leg at the same time and then move on to doing replacements on anyone else who’s willing. We’re gonna need to get everyone accustomed to having metal limbs as soon as possible, after all. Then, we can move on to the next plateau; organ replacement! It’ll be tough but after today I’m certain that, by the end of it, what we’ll be playing on those organs is an ode to our victory.