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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Brain Slime

Brain slime (Public) 

Name: Balvae Astradahma 

Position: Head of biology 

Cycle: 23 

Subject: Project EndRall I 


After several cycles of inactivity, we have finally begun to see results from project R. To review, as I’m sure many of you had taken your minds from this task, project R was initially designated as a combined project to be handled by select members of biology and innovation. We were tasked with analyzing its exact material composition and determining whether it could actually viably reach a state of intelligent life. We confirmed that, due to Mr. Caradoc’s efforts, it was possible, though we would have to find a way to stimulate it which would result in its ‘awakening’.  

Our plan to achieve this revolved around having it go through a rapid and guided form of natural evolution. In its initial state, project R was comparable to a plant, it had life but no instinct or drive. We made that our first step, our intended result being to give it something it would have to actively pursue. Combining project R with biology’s great parasite project, we modified its neurological processes to convince it that it had hunger. That, to survive, it would have to seek out and devour matter into its form. Through this, we able to confirm that there were magical elements to project R’s creation as it converted whatever it ate into the same substance as its own form. For things it could not easily convert, it would utilize dissolvent properties in its form to slowly break them down. These properties are fairly weak, thus we will not have to worry about it using them to escape.  

Once it became an active entity, we had project R go through sets of varied and increasingly difficult tasks it would have to complete in order to sate its artificial hunger. Finding tasks it could not simply work around using its amorphous form was difficult, however we have recently seen an increase in the activity of its neurological functions. Analysis and memory tasks, particularly those where the correct solution has to be demonstrated, have proven to be extremely productive for project R’s development. It has begun to emulate humanoid features and we believe that a breakthrough is imminent.  

In preparation for this, I have determined it proper that we start treating project R as the intelligent entity it is becoming. Instead of titling it as just another project, we will call it Endrall, named after its purpose for being. We will treat it as one of us as we train it to hone its destructive capacity through the use of its vast magical capabilities. Treating Endrall as just a project would be counterproductive, it would likely end up feeling isolated which would result in it becoming less inclined to act for the sake of our universal destruction. If it is our equal, it will share our vision. We will essentially be its parents, so do keep that in mind and do your best to help raise it properly.  

Thank you all for your borrowed time.  

Name: Archangel 

Position: Laboratory D-F technician 

Cycle: 23 

Subject: Project EndRall I-I 


This seems to be quite the promising development, though even despite the benefits of this vessel I cannot foresee success in this young slime’s future. They are no angel, no emissary of gods but a simple creation of we who wear their image. That we would burden them with such an ill-suited existence, whether they ultimately succeed or not, only proves our own lack of worth. There is no way to give them our history, the motivations which Ryker himself held in such high regard. Furthermore, the contradictions within his own messages proved that his judgement was clouded in the time nearing his end. No matter how powerful ‘Endrall’ becomes, if they are reliant on magical prowess they would never be able to overcome the Arahant’s null, no? 

Endrall’s only hope in this scenario would be if null has to be actively utilized to be effective, which is something we cannot prove as of current. This, paired with the unlikelihood that Endrall will inherit our own ruthless mentality towards the universe and its inhabitants, leaves this project’s prospects in a sorry state. Ryker was running out of time and had to believe in something, he chose this. Something he chose to die for so he would not have to see it fail.  

Regardless, I will support the proposal to raise Endrall as an equal to us. While I believe it is not their place to achieve our destruction and be left as the only existence in the divine realm, I do not perceive it as lesser to us. If we do intend to use them as our ultimate weapon, I agree that proper conditioning and reinforcement is necessary. Treating them as an object is an inevitable way to have them turn against and destroy us with a 0% chance of going on to carry out our will. Furthermore, needless cruelty would only further prove that we are unworthy of the divine realm. Death should not come after suffering; it should be swift and decisive.  

That is the decree of an archangel.  

Name: Zaphyce Rylarose 

Position: Head of Innovation 

Cycle: 23 

Subject: Project EndRall I-I-I 

Good day Quinn, 

I would like to preface this response by saying that I do respect your vocal reviews of our various projects, despite the backlash you have been facing throughout many cycles now. A regular technician who demonstrates so much passion; if we were all like you then nothing would get done. You seem to have forgotten your priorities in an embarrassing way when taking into account your bodily alterations. You put theory and testing in a place of disdain, utterly ignoring the necessity of attaining results. The failure of those tests does not justify egotism, especially not from one who has neglected to participate in any primary projects for a majority of the time we have been here.  

Within your egotism you also seem to overlook your own contrary viewpoints. You state that project R will be unable to inherit our mentality due to not having our experiences yet you then state we should attempt to have it do so through treating it as an equal? Would it not be more productive to go through the process of empowering it to a critical level and then having it face a trauma which mirrors our own? We cannot risk it developing empathy and I believe its imitation of our features to be quite a concerning development. The most effective course of action would be to lock it away, shut it off from the light, until it is ready. Leave it with no bonds, no connection to the universe, and then teach it only pain. Only hate. Surely then would your required ruthlessness be spurred? 

I am genuinely curious on hearing your further thoughts on the matter. You are proficient at making alterations to yourself, so if you could make an upgrade to your maturity and meet me some time in lab Q that would be most appreciated.