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Casual Villainry Overview

Casual Villainry is a set of thirteen short stories that I intend to write under the criteria of following thirteen different antagonist characters. As a person I’ve always had a thing for villain characters, no matter the game or show I always found myself more invested with the evil side of things. So, it was only natural that at least one of my projects over the years would make this a focal point. I took what I believed to be thirteen different and recognizable villain archetypes and got to work creating the characters that you’ll be getting to know throughout these stories. At the time I was heavily inspired by JRPGs and took on a mindset of these villain characters progressing like how the heroes of those kinds of stories would. In the end that turned out to be a bit limiting, so in these redrafts of the short stories I’ll be unbinding myself from that idea. The thirteen characters that you’ll be seeing and their associated archetypes are;

Adrium – The Dragon

Chase – The Undead

Gonel – The Demon

Eoin – The Mad Scientist

Voran – The Nightmare

Xeno – The Cyborg

Seven – The Rival

Endrall – The Experiment

Haaku – The Immortal

Daikaku – The Tyrant

Mugen – The Witch

Bal’Noma – The World-Eater

Shroud – The Revenant

Onward to the title, ‘Casual Villainry’. If I gave no context to this then someone reading through these stories may begin to think; “what’s so casual about this?” Several of the short stories are meant to carry significant emotional weight as the characters descend into madness and evil, all things considered its far from casual. Well, the reason for this title is because the short stories are only the first part of Casual Villainry. A set of introductions, for the main Casual Villainry story will bid these characters against each other in an inter-cosmic game-show. The initial title of this project was ‘Game of Evils’, extremely on the nose though I didn’t want to use a title so similar to Game of Thrones. That show’s terrible so I don’t want to deal with the 1% possibility of someone going “haha like game of thrones xd”. I changed the title to ‘The Evil Games’ for a short time, though this carried the implication that the games themselves were somehow evil and not the participants. It also sounded kinda dopey.

So now ya know what this project is about. I’d summarize each of the characters individually but some are pretty self-explanatory and others can’t be easily previewed without dipping into spoilers for the stories. Still, I hope you’re interested enough to give them a shot! Before this post ends though, one last quick thing;

Main Story Summary

Thirteen of the most abhorrent villains observed the universe over are brought together into an intergalactic reality TV show that is meant to act as both entertainment for the viewers and as a prison for such horrific entities. The rules are such; they must live together within the confinement of the show and each week they must play a game determined by the hosts. They are not allowed to kill each other, any attempts to do so will result in the attacker themselves behind executed. However, after each game the contestants will participate in a private vote. They must vote for one of the other contestants and the one who receives the most votes is no longer protected by the rules. That is to say, they can be killed without consequence. The catch is, the results of the vote are never revealed and thus it is up to the cunning of the contestants to determine who’s on death row without revealing their treachery. The last survivor is the only one who will earn their freedom, to the best villain goes the prize. This is Casual Villainry!