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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Couldn’t Be Worse

Couldn’t Be Worse (Private) 

Name: Geralt Brayce 

Position: Head of Mechanics 

Cycle: 26 

Subject: Worthless I 

What was I even thinking? Being on top? Ruining people’s reputations? The people aboard this vessel don’t give a shit about any of that. ‘Head’ is just another role, a different set of responsibilities that I have. I’m not above or below anyone, I’m just another piece of the project. It’s the same with Quinn, no one cares what she thinks or what she’s said in the past. We’re all already so full of hate to be here in the first place, so why bother singling anyone out when we want to destroy everyone anyways? All people care about is how she fits into the picture and what she can provide to us now that she’s taken on that new mantle.  

I’m the only one who’s let myself be caught up in all of this. I finally got a chance to separate myself from my old history but I let it be my driving force. I still want to see this through and come out on top but here isn’t the place for any of that. Here’s the place where I’m meant to prove I belong there, and the path doesn’t involve spending a chunk of my life trying to ruin a co-worker because I didn’t like her attitude. I never even really stopped to think why someone like that is here and how she could still act like that. Why she would take up a name like Archangel. It’s not like anyone else around here has much fondness for the concept of deities, least as far as I’m aware.  

Maybe I should talk to her about it? Would that be too much? After all I did to try and crush her without ever considering what kind of shit she went through to be one of Caradoc’s 200 chosen? It’s pointless for me to care anyways and I doubt she does either. Then again, she is one of that slime’s guardians and it’s been making everyone more willing to open up. I didn’t get why any of them humored it but maybe having a normal, authentic conversation could be refreshing. No looking down on each other, no spite, just a regular talk. That does sound nice, actually.