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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Dear Diary

Dear Diary 

Name: Endrall 

Position: Ultimate Writer 

Cycle: 7-1147 

Subject: Something Happier 


Now that I’ve gotten the bad vibes out of the way, I can move on smoothly to more positive things! No lie, writing stuff down is actually really therapeutic, no wonder people on the Event Horizon made private entries. Ok, tangent, turns out slimes are conduits for emotions. It’s weird to explain, we have like an emotional aura which we use to communicate feelings to each other. Most slimes have really simple forms and because of that they can’t really express things like other beings do. So, magic-compatible slimes will just radiate the feelings they intend to convey. It’s really pure, and other life forms can receive the empathetic effect as well even if they don’t get it. I just have to make sure I keep my distance because, as it turns out, slimes like to be really close to each other and that’s less than great for them when I’m full of plasma! 

Keeping my distance with things is sure something I’m just going to have to accept. Maybe I can even start to think of my instability as a good thing, like a sign that I should spend some time for myself. It’s not like I’m exploding constantly with every step, just every once in a while, or when big groups of people try to attack me for no reason! That super happened by the way, right after I regained consciousness from the landing. Turns out being a weird slime from outer space who left a massive crater upon landing attracts attention. Also turns out people find that quite threatening and attempt to deal with it using sharp things and weak magic. I have confirmed through this encounter that, if I wanted to destroy life on this planet, I could turn them into paste quite easily. Well, with regards to that group I did, their poking and prodding made me blow up, but we’re not letting it happen like that again! 

This is quickly turning pretty sour again. “I’m going to talk about more positive things!”; proceeds to talk about how I zap other slimes who get too close to me and how I annihilated the first group of people I made contact with on this world. It’s fine! I’m getting to the better stuff! Like how I met Frieda and how she wasn’t afrieda me (I’m learning wordplay it’s fun) and how this world is bright and has colors and isn’t just a cold metal space container! It’s beautiful and all the creatures are so interesting and she introduces me to them! 

After I had that first contact incident, I was doing my best to avoid the people of this planet. Uclore, by the way, the planet’s called Uclore. I guess I should call the people Uclorans to make things easier. Uclore is in the 1147th year of its 7th age, that’s why the cycle is written like that, mystery solved. So, I’m out avoiding the Uclorans, appreciating the wide variety of creatures in this world from afar, until I hear a voice. A voice being used melodically, which I have been informed is called singing. This was unexpected based on what I’d experienced up until that point since the civilized species and those in the wilderness didn’t seem like they particularly got along. I experienced that first hand.  

So the singing piques my interest, and on top of that feels oddly familiar. It was almost as if her voice was emitting the same empathetic aura that slimes give off. I was practically hypnotized by it, and when I got closer I realized I wasn’t the only one. Creatures of all types, slimes included, sat intoxicated around one little blonde-haired girl wearing nothing but tatters. There was even one giant, deformed, unnatural looking creature who was as utterly captivated as the rest. I’m smart enough to know that most creatures aren’t like me, I could tell that a majority of the entities around her could have killed the singing girl in an instant, but they didn’t. Nor did I.  

I dared to go closer. I heard the song to its completion, though I couldn’t understand the language she spoke. Honestly, kind of missing the Event Horizon’s universal translation tech, but I’m learning! Anyways, even though I couldn’t understand it, I could feel what the song meant. I’m sure the other creatures could as well. It was filled with such happiness; it was a song about appreciation and positivity. There was an acceptance which made even the feared, the deformed and… the broken feel loved.  

When the song was done, her gaze turned to me and I was terrified. Obviously she wouldn’t just overlook me, I don’t look like the other slimes on this world at all! Especially not when I mold my body to replicate clothing from the Event Horizon! She skipped towards me with such an innocent smile and I wanted to run but I couldn’t. I couldn’t just leave this opportunity to be seen as more than just a weapon. She stared at me with bright, brown eyes and said words I couldn’t comprehend and all I could see in front of me was a dead girl. A mistake which had already been made, too late to take back.  

Then she took one of my hands into hers. This was it, the moment I explode and ruin my second chance, but that didn’t happen. I realized that I couldn’t feel the sharp crackling of plasma inside of me. It was calm, like how it was back on the Event Horizon. I suddenly felt so much lighter, like a building tension had just been taken off of me. I still pulled my hand away from hers, I wasn’t about to push my luck with this chance, but I didn’t feel like I had to run and hide any more. We sat and she talked at me for a bit until I eventually figured out that her name was Frieda. It was awkward! It still kind of is! We’re working on it! 

Even though my body was calm, I couldn’t shake the thought of what if the instability comes back, so I didn’t stick around for too long. I went back to the same spot the next day and there she was, singing again. I’ve been going to see her for a little bit now, slowly picking things up from her. She gave me an empty book and weird stick to write with and I love them. It’ll be great when I can write in her language. Actually, I don’t even know if she can write in her language. Gonna have to make a note to ask her that.  

Well then, to avoid going on a depressing tangent about how I still have to be careful because my instability is still a thing and likely will be forever, I’m cutting this entry here! Frieda’s actually invited me to go to the village she lives in and I’m not going to let it hold me back. I’m going to keep it calm and controlled and everything’s going to go great! Bad thoughts are not being accepted at this time!