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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Do Not Divide

Do not divide (Public) 

Name: Vyxys Kjyl 

Position: Social relations expert 

Cycle: 3 

Subject: Solidarity I 

Greetings and salutations, 

We have heard the concerns regarding the widening divide in mechanics and be assured that it is very concerning to us. Not least of all because the spearhead of this movement is prepared to enter martyrdom by performing dangerous procedures on her own body. I should not have to explain why that, along with the blatant disregard for other rules we set out, goes against the safety regulations. While we do encourage testing which comes with a level of risk, risk to this extent is little more than short-sightedness. I would not hesitate to call this a breach of rule 8 with the projected possibility of rule 2 also being broken. I fail to see how one might clean up after themselves if they have removed both of their arms.  

It also appears that the group inciting the split has some concerns regarding safety rule 6, which presents the idea of direction and instruction being taken as recommendation. To clear some hysteria regarding this rule, I wish to clarify that it was set in place as a means of respecting the individual intelligence of every scientist here. The number of intelligent beings in this universe is unfathomable and yet only 200 were deemed worthy enough to be chosen for this project. Furthermore, we were and still are hardly in a situation where we can really call ourselves acquainted. I would think that it could be globally understood why some might take issue with being placed under another in this scenario. Every one of us has our own individual skills and merit, if we did not then we would not be here. The heads of each field just so happen to have notable leadership qualities, though each of them are exceedingly intelligent it does not mean that they were deemed moreso than anyone else.  

With this in mind, for those who are not in the rebelling group, please do not look down upon them. This move, while we in social relations have deemed it deeply flawed, is one that they make fully expecting a fruitful result. It is an alternate approach which was taken in response to prior failings within the field, a display of ingenuity. Insulting that will only make the optimal result of the field as a whole reaching solidarity all the less likely. They must be respected and allowed to return from this endeavor without discrimination. To promote this mentality, a new rule is going to be added; 

  1.  Do not divide. Each of our minds hold great value and thus cooperation between them will lead to exponentially quicker progress. This doesn’t mean we all have to hold hands and be friends, simply that we must do all we can to align our efforts. Our aim is the destruction of the universe, not the self-destruction of ourselves. If there is a project you do not believe will succeed, work towards it anyway and expose its flaws through results. Facts hold more weight than theory, thus we cannot waste our whole lives arguing the latter. 

I should hope that this will be enough to resolve the current situation and prevent another like it from occurring again. If this has to be touched on again, if mechanics continues to argue and maintain the productivity of crying children, then more violent methods of enforcement will be put into place. I will remind you all again, we are better than this, so begin acting like it.