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Casual Villainry Excerpt – End of a World

End of a World 

Name: Project R 

Position: Ultimate Weapon 

Cycle: 8-1 

Subject: My Worst Self 


This is going to be the last entry I ever make. It will not last long, this is just for the sake of casting off that last flicker of sentimentality. I have already lost my reason to care for this world. The other slimes- they betrayed me. No, that isn’t right, they… they felt everything I was expressing in my previous entry. My frustration, my agony; they wanted to comfort me. They didn’t know better. They didn’t know that it would have been better to stay away. They didn’t know not to lead Frieda to me in that moment.  

The timing of it all was almost too perfect. Just as I was finishing writing the last entry, I heard the rustling not too far away. Along with it, Frieda’s voice calling out to me. She didn’t want me to be alone either. Not after the last time, after I selfishly left without saying a word to her. Never had I felt so trapped in my form as in that moment. How much I wanted to get away but the instability prevented it. I could only suppress it for moments I wish never would have passed. Just long enough for her to wrap her arms around me and say it isn’t my fault.  


It doesn’t really matter whether it is or isn’t my fault, does it? All that matters is the result. The lifeless wasteland left in my wake. I don’t have any inclination to stay here any longer. Frieda was the reason I was putting off leaving to face enemies like the Arahant. The only thing stopping me from going to fulfil my role as a weapon. If it’s a fate I can’t avoid then it’s one I’ll face. I have no reason to reject being the ultimate weapon any longer. It is a part of me, a part of Endrall.  

I already know this world is beyond salvation, so it will become the subject of my next experiment; to find out whether or not I truly can destroy a planet. Before that, perhaps I’ll finally test how capable I am at properly wielding magic. Or I could save that for the next forsaken world I come upon. I’ll leave a trail of destruction in my wake and allow the universe to decide who Endrall is. That’s how it is for anyone, right? It doesn’t matter how you want to be known; others will always have their own perception of you. Frieda saw the humanity in me but not the weapon while this world’s heroes saw the weapon and not the humanity.  

In conclusion, if I truly want to be my vision of Endrall then I have to get rid of everyone else’s perception of me. I’ll destroy, and destroy, and keep destroying until there’s no one and nothing left to accuse me of anything. Then, I’ll finally have the chance to just think and figure out who I am. No outside factors, no worrying about what’s around me, nothing.  

A true understanding of myself, found by walking a trail of destruction.