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Casual Villainry Excerpt – First Swing

First swing (Public) 

Name: Quinn Osannus 

Position: Laboratory D-F technician 

Cycle: 1 

Subject: Mechanics exploration I 


So, first and most importantly, I just spent so long trying to come up with some kind of unique greeting and came up with nothing. I want everyone to know that I’m a GREAT liar, I used to say ‘good day’ to people and not even mean it! I was going to write that down here but first of all there isn’t really a day-night cycle and second, we’re all aware that there aren’t any good days. It all sucks! Then I took the logical approach and thought about writing ‘bad day’ or ‘cursed day’ instead but that just feels embarrassing, y’know? Like I’m being a moody teen and I can assure that I am past adolescence. Besides, we’re meant to be playing nice and that kind of opening isn’t indicative of that at all. This is invaluable to our communication and needs to be discussed asap, I’ll open a different thread for that though.  

What I actually want to discuss here is a topic which all of the fields should be focusing on about now. Exploration of the possible directions we could go in this, our earliest of days. I’ve taken the handling of this discussion into my own hands as I have many thoughts and there’s statistically a very high chance of one of them being worthwhile. To begin, mech suits, I almost forgot the feeling of excitement until I heard about the prospect of mech suits. I get that everyone’s getting caught up in this idea of ‘efficiency’ but let’s really think about this, if we succeed then this project is going to be the last thing that ever happens. No one likes an anticlimactic finale and I cannot think of anything more stylish than eradicating all existence with a giant robot suit.  

Admittedly, that outcome would be more a bonus and less what we should be starting out with. It is, however, the last stage of the main proposal I want to put forward here. That proposal being focusing our initial efforts into cybernetic enhancements that can be applied to everyone on the vessel. There’d be a plenitude of benefits to this, not least of all how rad they would make us look. Having such bodies would make us more durable, which would take some level of risk out of more dangerous testing procedures. If most of our bodies are made of metal then we won’t have to worry so much about the mortal decaying of flesh we all suffer, giving us a longer timeframe to work with. No muscles would mean less fatigue, we could just fix broken parts instead of going through the slow process of healing and we could find ways of energizing ourselves without wasting time eating. Am I appealing to the efficiency crowd yet? 

Replacing our abdomens with cybernetics would also be highly beneficial to those who have a menstrual cycle by making them not have a menstrual cycle. Cybernetics applied to the brain, while very dangerous, could potentially hold the benefits of expediating the rate at which we can process information and giving us perfect memories. There are plenty of other theoretical benefits to this idea but I believe I’ve made my case clear enough. Now, you might be wondering, ‘but Quinn! How does this feed into your spectacular mech suit plan?” 

Well, y’see, I happen to be aware that different inventions can be compatible with each other. Sure, we could control mech suits by using levers and buttons, but what if we could directly hook our bodies up to them? We would have perfect control and that kind of intricacy could be what makes or breaks this entire project. Exploring this path would not only allow us to reap the benefits of cybernetics but it would vastly widen the potential of robotics as well. Our entire field would benefit from this, so I see little reason why this shouldn’t be our first move. Or we could keep farting around with that one idea of turning every star in the universe into a bomb somehow.  

Oh, awful meeting you all, by the way! 

… Yeah it still doesn’t sound cool in the slightest.  

First swing (Public) 

Name: Balvae Astradahma 

Position: Head of biology 

Cycle: 1 

Subject: Biology exploration I 


Following the example of those in mechanics, I believe it pertinent for us to come to an accord regarding our initial path. I have heard concerns regarding the overall worth of our field, citing that matters of biology will be overshadowed by those of mechanics and magic. As the head of this field, I can assure to all assigned here that such ideas are utterly false. While it is true that a majority of individuals who have reached our approximated 5 Gigaton potential did so with the aid of magic, there are rare cases of mundane subjects attaining these feats as well.  

What one should keep in mind about magic is that it aids the bodies of the entities it enters, making the inner processes of said entities more efficient. In itself, it doesn’t fortify these entities or make them more powerful. Feats performed by high-level magic users are attainable for the mundane, it is merely very difficult without magic’s aid. Our job will be to find methods of bringing out this potential naturally in humanoid and any other species we see potential in.  

This brings us to the next point I would like to highlight, which is that we need not only think of our field with regards to the humanoid form. Biology as a subject extends much farther than that; it would be incredibly foolish for us to idly disregard plant and inhuman subjects on the assumption that humanoids hold the most potential. If even those alternatives don’t hold the answer we could turn to the creation of new forms of life, which as a craft would hold infinite potential if we were to master it. I ask, how could one question the worth of our work when we could essentially become as deities? 

We need not turn to that right away, however. Diving right into life creation would leave us with even less of an idea of where to begin or how to tackle the issue at hand. Before that, we should test and understand the potential of the pieces we already have. My personal proposal for initial exploration is actually to focus our efforts on plant life. I believe there is much potential in the concept of a plant-based lifeform which could endlessly grow by feeding from the nutrients of various worlds. Imagine, if you would, a tree whose roots could extend into and overtake all the worlds in a solar system. Then it would grow beyond, exponentially, until there were no worlds left to feed on.  

If not this specific idea, the concept of ‘growth’ is key to our field’s research. The subjects we end up using or creating need not be universal destroyers from day one, they need only have the potential to reach that level in a reasonable timespan. The ideal would be to create a creature that could feed from the very existence around us, in itself becoming all that existence is. My tree example would see it not only use the energy of stars second-hand but eventually eat the stars themselves.  

The projected endgame to this idea would see our great devourer starve with nothing else left to feast upon. No life would remain, leaving reality as little but a barren waste of space. This idea should sound appealing to you all, yet if you have ideas of your own then it is my duty to hear them. I will be conducting my work in lab J and would prefer to discuss this directly.