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Casual Villainry Excerpt – First thoughts

First thoughts (Public) 

Name: Esret Fahan’Chakar 

Position: Head record keeper 

Cycle: 1 

Subject: Summary of events I 


Since I never got the chance to personally introduce myself to everyone amidst that initial disaster, I am Esret Fahan’Chakar from the planet Rustea. I have tentatively been assigned as head record keeper while we all find our bearings on this enigmatic vessel. The purpose of this entry is to try and clear up the question we all have; what the fuck just happened? The entries left behind by the one who claims to have brought us here suggest that we’re to create a weapon capable of universal-scale destruction. As of current, it seems we are more equipped to destroy ourselves.  

I cannot personally fathom how anyone intelligent enough to create a craft such as this could also believe that bringing together so many sad, violent and destructive people would ever end well. Apparently, our number started at 196 but I’m willing to bet that we’re already under 140 thanks to that self-imposed culling. Even if we are a chosen handful who have renounced our backgrounds and cultures, suddenly bringing us all together like this with the expectation to play nice was a recipe for disaster. In summary; Ryker Caradoc must be a total moron.  

We have yet to find any sign of him but if his entries are any indication then he’s already dead. It’s a real shame, I’m sure with the combined intelligence he anticipated us to have we’d have been able to insult him in very creative ways. What we have found are the laboratories, which aided immensely in making those first 50 or so deaths as innovative as possible. There’s no denying that they’re impressive, way more advanced than anything any of us have had access to before. It’s too early to call whether or not we could use them to achieve doomsday, though. That’ll be our next step, the first thing we have to handle is cleaning up.