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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Good Riddance

Good riddance (Private) 

Name: Geralt Brayce 

Position: Laboratory D-F technician  

Cycle: 2 

Subject: Rumors I 

Word’s been getting around that The Obnoxious One might be shifting fields to biology. What a joke, she can’t handle a bit of pressure and is planning to run off first chance she gets? Honestly, if she could actually pull off such a drastic change in field I would have to be impressed. I reckon she’d be more suited to arranging plants instead of working with complex machinery anyways. Who’d trust her to replace their body with cybernetics? I wouldn’t risk my own limbs, that’s for certain. She’ll probably just shift her focus to turning us into plant people, though.  

Actually, while we’re on the subject of biology, does anyone actually believe in their little universe-eating plant idea? Even Esret mentioned it in the summary like it was nothing and she takes any chance she can get to be a sour bitch. Have they just forgotten the detail that our project needs to eradicate the universe at a faster rate than its lightspeed expansion? The concept of a tree breaking the ftl barrier through ‘exponential growth’ sounds like a bad joke and I wasn’t aware we were the sort to accept such attempts at humor.  

Oh yeah, I hear the mobility lot finally found Mr. Caradoc after some more snooping around. A little late if you ask me, he got ample time to go ahead and die before he could answer to any of us. Rumor has it that he’s an intriguing specimen though, I’d be interested in seeing him myself but he’s already been taken to the biology labs. Could be why Osannus is considering changing fields, seemed like she hung on his words too tightly for her own good. Gotta say, if she’s cleared to transfer for a passing interest like that then I’ll be pissed. I still have my eyes on the magic labs, even moreso after learning that it can be used to essentially change everything about the universe. With that kind of power, we could do more than just destroy the universe. We could slowly torture and boil it away, making it suffer the way it should. I won’t be satisfied if there’s anyone left happy at the moment everything ends. There’s no point if the ones who got us to this point don’t get their fair chance to suffer.  

Ha, maybe there is some merit behind the tree idea after all. It’d sure cause a whole lot of chaos and paranoia to see some inter-spatial roots slowly coming to devour your world. An entertaining side project, maybe I will keep in touch with Osannus after all so I can stay up to date with it.