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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Invasion


Name: Endrall 

Position: Ultimate Hero 

Cycle: 7-1150 

Subject: No Heroes in War 


There’s… been an incident. Some outsiders came to the village, people like the cloaked ones I saw in the dorieza. People who had amassed power using magic and were no doubt looking to test the results of their experimentation. They came with an army, led by a wave of appropriated corpses. Behind them were constructs of wood and stone as well as what looked to be manifestations of fire brought to life. We- Frieda and I found out before the village, we could tell that the movements of the creatures around us were abnormal. It was obvious a threat was coming and we tried to warn the village but they still wouldn’t listen. It was the same response again. They just scoffed until the enemy was right at their doorstep.  

I thought for a moment that it was maybe the chance I was looking for. If I helped them, if I played the part of hero alongside them, I thought they would give me a chance. That they would accept me just a little bit more. I fought for them, I protected them just like I would Frieda. When I thought the battle was done, they didn’t think the same. I reduced the enemy’s army to nothing but desecrated dead and withering cinders but on that battlefield the villagers still saw an enemy. I tried to reason with them but they had Frieda. They held a blade to her neck and told me to never come back again. What could I have done? The frustration, the anger- even if I tried to pull Frieda away from them she wouldn’t have been safe with me.  

I ran away again. I let myself be a weapon again, their weapon, and this was the result. Was I wrong? Should I have just let that battle play out? No, there was no way they could have won. There was no way. They weren’t equipped to win, I was. So why? Why am I out here? Why am I the one left to feel like this? Will the same happen if I face the Arahant? Is this how the universe would perceive me after the fact? I can’t hold it any longer. I jus