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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Language Lessons

Language Lessons 

Name: Endrall 

Position: Ultimate Linguist 

Cycle: 7-1150 

Subject: Expanding My Vocabulary 


I’ve promised myself to speak to those misguided heroes and the first step to that is learning their language! I’ve made a lot of progress throughout the past cycle, I’m actually able to hold proper conversations with Frieda now and don’t have to spend awkwardly long amounts of time interpreting things! Most of the time! Some things still take me a moment but with so many functioning brains in me it would be embarrassing to not have picked up the core fundamentals of Kenduthern. I learned that was the actual name of the language shamefully late into this process. A note for if I do go to another planet in the far future; intelligent life on a planet doesn’t normally speak [planet]ish.  

You’d think that’s something I would figure out on account of the fact that I’m meant to be immensely intelligent but you know some things you can only learn through being told. Can’t be expected to be given a single word and from that logically determine all of the knowledge about everything. Actually, was I even meant to be all that intelligent? Given I’m basically made of brains I would assume so and I was raised by some of the smartest people in the universe but also I was made to blow things up and not think too much. Might catch a case of the empathy or whatever Rylarose was worried about.  

To be honest a lot of things would make more sense if I was supposed to be dumb but we’re going to pretend I avoided that fate and inherited the intelligence of my creators. The people who told me about themselves, about the things they’d never said to anyone before. The people who trusted me and raised me like one of them and not as a weapon. I owe it to them at least to not be an embarrassment on the intellect side of things.  

I should make a start on that by actually staying on subject for once. I’ve noticed reading through my entries that I am prone to going on tangents to an infuriating extent. I’d feel bad for anyone else if they tried to parse through this mess of thoughts. Maybe it’s all of the information processing going on inside of me coming into conflict and being unable to focus on a single thing for more than a few seconds. There are so many thoughts to have! I have to make sure I have them all before any get lost! That’s totally not how it works but I’ll pretend it is! 

And there I go again, another paragraph where I don’t return to the topic at hand which is the language I’ve been learning and the place from which that language originates. So, in an attempt to empathise more with the local civilization, I’ve taken to learning more about this region. Good thing to know about a region when learning about it; its name. This region is called Kenduth and apparently it’s only been recently populated by the civilized species. Relatively speaking, at least.  

From what Frieda tells me, the more established regions have way more defined roads and pathways which they use to avoid encounters with monsters. Here, it’s more of a toss-up. The monsters have learned to avoid the settlements but travel isn’t necessarily a safe thing. That’s why the village had such a high number of heroes, they stick around while the pathways are established and the monsters learn to live around them. While I still don’t forgive them, in this light their hunts can be seen as early measures to prevent particularly powerful monsters from running into a less equipped group on the road.  

This is good for me, though! Using this information, I can make the analysis that the competitive dispositions of the heroes who have been positioned here is being bolstered by the fact that there are so many in a focused location. While it’s understandable that they’d want to be safe, having such a huge number leads to unnecessary hunting as each individual or group wants to stand out. All I have to do now is find a place which is more in need and lead some of the heroes there. Unless this problem is consistent everywhere, which I doubt on account of heroism having a prudent aspect of danger which many would be unwilling to risk.  

Or I could kill some of them and then there’d be less heroes and the survivors would be terrified at the prospect of having to face a monster of my level, leaving only the truly brave to protect the settlements. Effective as that sounds in theory, Frieda wouldn’t be very happy with me and all I’d really be doing is further the looming bias against monsters which leads to their unnecessary and brutal slaughter. We’ll call that plan Z, way at the back, only to be uncovered in the case of no other options. For now, words and understanding is the way to go.