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Casual Villainry Excerpt – My Own Song

My Own Song 

Name: Endrall 

Position: Ultimate Songstress 

Cycle: 7-1149 

Subject: Singing Apprentice 


That’s the Ucloran word for greetings! Or, this part of Uclore’s word for it anyways, turns out language doesn’t actually work on a one-per-world basis. Found that out when Frieda had absolutely no idea what a ‘dorieza’ was. That said, yeah, I’m back with Frieda! I’m glad that she’s still ok and she was happy to see me as well. I kinda felt like she’d be more worried than angry, the natures of people aren’t too difficult to figure out. Especially when compared to the other great mysteries and questions out in the wide universe.  

Anyways, I’m back with her and she’s ok and that puts positivity in my cellular structure and we wrote a song together! While I’m still trying to learn her language! It was a mess! I loved it!!! It sounded nice when she sung it at least. We wrote it in her language because it was good practice for me and even though I still don’t fully understand the words the feelings are still prominent. To be honest, that’s mostly what we based the song around. The feelings of relief that we both shared whenever we saw each other again.  

Just hearing it makes me feel like a pressure has been lifted. Like I’m finally able to actually start anew without having to worry about being the ultimate weapon. I know that I’m still going to explode sometimes and that’s unavoidable but it can just be a part of my new life. Something I deal with when it comes, then when I go back to Frieda I can feel relieved again. I can know she’s still safe and that we can keep existing like this.  

There are still things that need to change, though. The people like the ones in Frieda’s village who hunt anything resembling a monster for the fame and glory. People like the ones in that dorieza who abuse the type of magic which brought me to life just for the power to dominate. I understand now that Frieda wants the feelings of her songs to reach these people so she can quell them like she does the monsters. Advanced life forms aren’t that simple, though. Intelligence is what gives them the capacity to destroy, that’s a fact I know intimately.  

That’s why, if they don’t start listening, I’ll be the one to sit them down and force them to. They can think of it as their destructive tendencies come back to haunt them.