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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Not a Bang but a Whimper

Not a bang, but a whimper (Public) 

Name: Geralt Brayce 

Position: Head of mechanics 

Cycle: 19 

Subject: Exotic big bang project debrief I 


It is with great disappointment that I must announce the failure and termination of the exotic big bang project. It was a lot of cycles in the making and we all had high hopes for it, all the theory pointed towards it being the solution we were looking for. Simulations showed the desired result, it all checked out on the pages- yet every big test turned up with nothing. It’s almost indescribable; we put everything together, the reaction for a big bang took place and then just- nothing. At first, we believed that the use of exotic matter was interfering with the reaction but even the test where we didn’t use it still didn’t produce a thing. I can’t put it into scientific terms, there was a force and it was just cancelled out. That’s what we observed, no other details to it.  

Unless we’ve managed to make a major oversight which got passed several amendments by several field heads, what we have to assume is that the theory was flawed at its core. We’d been treating the big bang as a factual beginning to this universe but the results from the reactions we saw suggest otherwise. Going forward, if ever we chose to pursue a project similar to this one, we’d have to study a new theory as to what led to universal creation. The only other possibility is that something we couldn’t detect interfered with the tests, which is an assumption we’d have to prove for it to hold any ground.  

We can’t let ourselves be discouraged by this. The tech we created to allow precise control of magic will aid us greatly in projects going forward and I hope that this doesn’t mark the end of collaboration between the fields. I’ve learned a lot, things I wouldn’t have ever gotten to learn if we hadn’t come here for this purpose. It’d be a shame to just go back to our assigned spaces after all of that, so I want to present the possibility of permanently merging the fields. With our numbers culled down so much, we have nothing to gain from being protective and closed off with our spaces. What the exotic big bang project proved to me is that fresh eyes can see things that strained eyes can’t. Everyone is equal here, all of our insight matters regardless of field, that’s the mentality we should carry from here on. We still need all of you, so I won’t accept any giving up now.  

Not a bang, but a whimper (Public) 

Name: Archangel 

Position: Laboratory D-F technician 

Cycle: 19 

Subject: Exotic big bang project debrief I-I 


I told you before, Geralt. So, so many times, and yet as head of field you diffidently handwaved my truths and continue to not accept them in failure. NEED I BE LOUDER FOR MY VOICE TO REACH YOU UP ON THAT PEDESTAL? What you attempted to create was something artificial and temporary, as magic is. You wanted to learn about it so badly, did you happen to fail in that endeavor? It is most likely the big bangs which you created simply dispersed back into being raw magic instead of having the effect the theoretically natural one would.  

Though, even if you had succeeded, it baffles me that none working on the project realized it would be a failure anyway. This universe is a constantly growing one and it grows at an increasing rate. That has long since been proven. Setting off another big bang wouldn’t just erase all of that, it would expand out eternally and yet never catch up to the current universe. Even if it consumed all the worlds which currently are, you think races on the level of Ryker’s wouldn’t manage to escape the devastation? Or even find a way to nullify it? Magic can be controlled and altered by entities other than the caster, thus the magical nature of your exotic big bang would have made it manipulatable, and we are already aware of the precise control of magic which the Arahant inherently have.  

The gods doomed you to failure. They saw your pathetic idea, laughed at your efforts and stripped away any small victory you might have achieved. Our divinity cannot be reached so easily, if we are to succeed then we must truly earn our success. It will not be handed to us as a consolation, so please begin taking things seriously instead of wasting so many cycles of time. You are a joke in the eyes of the ones above us and have much to prove after this little tirade. You are the head of our field, so put your head to use and make your next proposal one worth considering.