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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Not a Beat Lost

Not a beat lost (Public) 

Name: Esret Fahan’Chakar 

Position: Head record keeper 

Cycle: 9 

Subject: End of cycle report VIII 


In light of the first death and replacement of a head that we’ve experienced, everyone has, as expected, been able to move on without issue and continue productivity at an acceptable rate. Good to know that we are all objective-minded enough to properly handle this type of situation. In fact, it looks to have spurred something quite beneficial as the new head of mechanics has instigated perhaps the most promising collaborative project that has been attempted to date. Tentatively titled the ‘exotic big bang project’, this will be a collective effort made by conditioning, mechanics and magic with the latter’s labs becoming the mutual gathering point.  

In case it is necessary, innovation lab Q will be reserved for the duration of the project. The mechanics group lead by Quinn Osannus will no longer be allowed to utilize the innovation labs and henceforth social relations will enforce that they do proper work hours. The idea that constant work means more productivity is nothing but short-sighted idiocy. It has been proven on several of our worlds that we can only work to our potential with proper rest and downtime. We may be good at using our brains but they’re just as prone to being worn down as anyone else’s, anyone aboard this vessel should be well aware of that.  

As for the other fields, biology’s been making strides with their great parasite project. They’ve managed to crack the issue of making a lifeform which can subsist off of broken-up matter, yet as with most projects that just opened the door to several other problems. The effectiveness of this lifeform would, in theory, be exponential; if it could get to the point of eating stars then it could rapidly reach a critical mass and become unstoppable. The two main issues are that it starts weak, the starting point for the project as it stands would be the planting of what is essentially a regular seed. Even if it can eat any matter, there are still conditions it wouldn’t be able to thrive in from the get-go and we can assume that a planet with life would do something about it before it could reach an unstoppable point. The second issue is getting it big enough to stem from planet to planet. As it looks now, even if it ate all of the matter of a world that wouldn’t give it enough to extend to another. We would have to find a way to transport it from one world to another until it could reach a point of self-sufficiency, so basically a collaboration between biology and mobility is looking likely.  

It’d be good for mobility to take on a new project, they’re really having no luck at all at this point trying to figure out teleportation on the level which Caradoc utilized. To review, their initial direction of attempting to recreate his feat through mechanical means didn’t pan out. As has been mentioned, mechanical teleportation requires a device at both the beginning and end-points, we’ve yet to make any discoveries on the contrary. Obvious issue there is that we have no way of getting any devices to where we want to go. So, they began looking into magical means, which introduced a whole slew of new issues. Turns out, just trying to visualize a place and teleport there isn’t very reliable, we lost a couple of members of mobility to the vastness of space that way. Shorter jumps are safer but overall magical teleportation is only reliable when you can see the end point, meaning that we also have to figure out clairvoyance.  

What’s really pissing everyone in mobility off is the fact that Caradoc not only figured out all of that but was also able to somehow review all of our mental states to determine who had the intelligence and drive to be brought into this project and then made us all able to perfectly understand each other’s languages on top of that. We can talk shit about him all we want but we have to admit that he was extraordinarily advanced, it’s intimidating to think that he was just one outcast of an entire race. It’s also a real hit to the morale, if we can’t figure out what he could do then we have no chance of completing the project he couldn’t. That’s why we have to overcome these barriers, I know that even if we fail I want to get further than he did just to spite him. He brought us all here, put his faith in us whether we wanted it or not, so the least we can do is one-up the bastard.  

Oh yeah, we’re also officially at under a hundred crew members now. Isn’t that fun, all of has can have two rooms each now! Yeah, not a milestone to be proud of, and now that a head’s been killed I really hope you’ve all gotten it out of your system. Accidents are one thing, they’ve made up a majority of our casualties after the day one massacre, but we cannot afford any more murders. If this project was meant to be done with 200 people then we’re at the point where we all need to work twice as hard. This has been said before, I’m sure you get it, but our goal is universal destruction and not self-destruction. There’re no excuses for not focusing now so don’t make yourself have to give any.  

Number of living crew members: 98