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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Osannus

Osannus (Public) 

Name: Balvae Astradahma 

Position: Head of biology 

Cycle: 12 

Subject: Hubris I 


Due to various circumstances, it has fallen to me to announce the current status of Quinn Osannus. After being absent from her station for several days, she was found by myself in her room with her lower abdomen cut open. With no others still in support of the cybernetics project, we can assume that she took it upon herself to continue the work. During the resuscitation process, I confirmed that she had succeeded in substituting multiple organs with mechanical alternatives, including her spleen, stomach and one of her kidneys. She also succeeded in the complete removal of her ovaries before succumbing to blood loss. Through some unfathomable stroke of luck, she is still alive and has been taken into my own personal care.  

Once she is returned to consciousness, her mental state will be evaluated to determine whether she is still fit to work in the company of others. Despite the impressive success of this self-surgery, to attempt it at all calls to question whether or not she might become harmful to others. The reason she is not condemned to immediate execution is due to her continued value as an asset. Her survival through this endeavor is, while certainly madness, proof of her extraordinary knowledge and skill. She proved leadership abilities through the earlier stages of the cybernetics project and if her potential could be fully utilized then she could be the one to complete the killing of the universe. 

Be assured that my tending to her will not take priority over my other work. If she takes a turn for the worse and dies while I am in the labs, there will be no attempt to salvage her. However, as Ms. Fahan’Chakar has said, we cannot afford to lose more of our number. We were all brought here young and young we still are, to throw away any more lives would only be wasted lifespans. So much can be achieved in a lifetime, if only it is used correctly. Thank you all for your borrowed time. 

Osannus (Private) 

Name: Balvae Astradahma 

Position: Head of biology 

Cycle: 12 

Subject: What the fuck??? I 


I cannot. I just cannot. I can’t handle this; I can’t keep myself composed. I cannot begin to fathom what possessed her to do something this drastic and yet utterly worthless. Alright, sure, what she did was technically extremely impressive but is it sustainable??? Is there any long-term benefit to it??? Even if she used the most light-weight materials available to her, can her body carry artificial organs like that? The answer to most of those questions is probably no! 

What makes this so annoying is the fact that this was obviously just a test for her. A way for her to determine how much she can do to herself at once before she hits her limit, I know with utmost certainty that she timed this around when she assumed someone would come looking for her. She brought herself that close to death on the informed guess that someone would find her and give enough of a shit to save her. There’s no way I have to remind her that literally the only person aboard this vessel which fulfils both of those criteria is myself. She took that kind of gamble just to replace a spleen and a kidney???  

No, I already said it, this was just a test for her. The removed ovaries were probably the biggest thing she got out of this because she hated having them in her. Succeeding here, getting out of that alive and being proved right by getting saved, it just means she’s going to go for something bigger. I predict she’s going to attempt a heart replacement next. I cannot keep an eye on her to prevent this, my priorities have to stay elsewhere. She’s just one life, someone from a different field than me, objectively I can’t put that much focus on her. What she’s doing doesn’t help the task at hand, for as smart as she is she’s basically worthless to the universal destruction effort at this point.  

To make matters worse, when she did wake up and I got the chance to ask if she was alright, she just said one thing. “Call me Archangel”. I’m out here trying to make a case for why she’s not too crazy to be cast aside and she’s making it very difficult for me. I hate that I have to wrestle with the fact that I care about her and I hate that I decided to go and bond with the one who can’t tell the line between determination and insanity.  

Ugh, I’m starting to feel like I’m not cut out for this again. I don’t know why I’ve invested so much into her and why I continue to do so. I guess I just wanted to have one pure friendship before bringing the end of all things. I wanted to be able to make another living being happy, just once, despite impossible odds. It was stupid, this is all stupid. I hear the exotic big bang project is going well and honestly, I hope they just pull the trigger on that soon so I don’t have to hear my own thoughts any more.  

Osannus (Private) 

Name: Geralt Brayce 

Position: Head of mechanics 

Cycle: 12 

Subject: Good for a laugh I 

I can’t believe it. 

I’ll be quite honest, once I got the position of head without so much as an issue I all but stopped paying attention to The Obnoxious One. Now I see how much of a mistake that was, seems like her personal efforts are making for quite the show! I’ll have to get a camera feed set up in her room in case she tries anything crazy like that again, I am honestly intrigued in how she pulled it off. Three organs replaced and one removed in a single surgery which she performed on herself untested, seriously? Given, they were organs which aren’t immediately necessary for a functioning body, but that doesn’t make it any less baffling.  

I can’t even tell what she’s going for with all of this! No one’s going to trust the cybernetics after what happened to Ybaxi and this isn’t about to help her reputation. An overcast suspicion that she’s going to kidnap someone and use them as a lab rat would be the BEST-case scenario. The project was a bust, she’s helping no one, demonstrably not even herself. The only endgame I can see for her is if she becomes a complete cyborg and outlives everyone, assuming we fail before our lives are up. Even then, though, she’d have to have the skills to pick up where everyone else left off, what is she looking to become the next Caradoc? 

Well, not that I really care what her personal goals are. I have everything I need, control of everything and no one gives a shit what I do so long as the exotic big bang keeps on looking viable. I’m not just some thug for people to use as their own personal search machine. I’m in control and I’ll BE in control until the very end. I’ll die on the very top, as the hand what returned this reality to nothing. Osannus should feel honored, if she even still can under all of that crazy. She gets to be the court jester! The one to put a smile on my face as I command everyone to the project’s end.  

Ah, it feels good up here.