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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Rejection


Name: Endrall 

Position: Ultimate Misfit 

Cycle: 7-1147 

Subject: Village Trip 


Oof! Things didn’t go very well at the village! I think Frieda tried to warn me about stuff beforehand but it all got lost in translation. The good news is I’m starting to understand the dynamic of this world more! Also good news, because we’re trying to stay positive, I didn’t kill anyone! Managed to just about avert that situation with a little self-control and a lot of aided control. The bad news which I am unfortunately obliged to note down is that this world does not favor entities such as myself! 

By that I don’t mean off-world entities, of which they would have no predisposed discriminatory thoughts as I am almost certainly the first Uclore has seen. What I’m referring to are what the civilized species calls Angfel, which is a word which roughly translates to monsters. Monsters who necessitate the existence of ‘heroes’ who are tasked with protecting the weak by dispatching as many of the offending creatures as possible. As a slime, I happen to qualify as a monster, and my unique traits make me particularly ‘threatening’. I am using apostrophes to denote that the words contained within are to be looked at with suspicion.  

For Frieda’s sake there’s a lot I don’t want to assume. I haven’t had time to figure out whether their actions or mentality are justified. I felt like there were an abnormally high number of ‘heroes’ in the village but I don’t know if that’s normal, if it’s because of the size of the settlement or if it’s because of a resource that they have. I don’t have any perspective on any of these things! My carers on the Event Horizon taught me to be curious, so I’ve got to learn before I go full-on judgemental.  

Doesn’t mean it wasn’t scary or frustrating, though. Frieda was unusually nervous when we went and it was immediately obvious why. The tone of the other villagers when they talked to her was full of mockery and disgust. It was like they saw her as a monster as well. We had things thrown at us. We had those heroes surround us. They wanted her on her knees and they wanted me dead. It made me angry, and as I’ve found my instability grows when I get angry. I could feel it sparking which made me even more stressed and I just about snapped. Frieda ended up having to protect them from me. I took her out of the village and ran off so she wouldn’t get caught up in what happened next.  

… She put her trust in me, I think. She wanted me to be an example to the villagers that the creatures she sings to aren’t all evil and don’t deserve to be indiscriminately hunted. I let her down. I’m going to have to learn how to apologize in her language, but for now I think I’m going to wander around a bit more. I wonder if I could leave a piece of myself behind so she’ll know I’ll come back? If I did, would that piece retain my instability? Would she even want to see me right now? She’s too nice, of course she would.  

There’s a lot I need to learn before that, though. I need to figure out more about this world’s hero-monster relationship, before then I won’t be able to let go of the frustration. I’ll come back, I’ll properly apologize, and I’ll send that message Frieda wanted to convey to the village.  

Side-note – Also find out what the Ucloran word is for ‘promise’.