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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Remerging

Remerging (Public) 

Name: Geralt Brayce 

Position: Head of mechanics 

Cycle: 8 

Subject: New direction I 


So before anything, I just want to say that even though I was chosen to be head of the field I don’t want anyone to see me differently than I was before. I’ll be quite honest; I don’t really like the idea of having field heads at all, each of us has different knowledge so who’s to say that any of us deserves to play leader? We’re all here with the same mentality, the same goal, so we should all push for it from the same platform at least. As a sign of that, I want to bring Quinn Osannus’ double time group back into the regular schedule. They’re clearly overworking themselves, else they’d never have let a flaw like the one what took Ybaxi through. We can work together to fix whatever’s wrong, they can get the downtime they deserve and all will be well.  

Now, I do want to allow everyone in the field the chance to work on whatever they think will be most productive. If the cybernetics lot want to continue that then they’re free to but I know there are others who like a bit of a push. Before Ybaxi died, we were spending a majority of our time working on getting up to speed with the level of tech in this vessel and how we might use that to our advantage. I’m still going to be focusing on the inner systems myself, but for others I have a new proposal. One which I want to present to magic and conditioning as something of a joint effort.  

You’ve all had a laugh about the first post I made where I complained about being in munitions and wanting to be in magic and all that. However, I’m willing to admit at this point that maybe the big explosion solution isn’t as dumb as I first thought. My reason for believing this is the distinct possibility that it were a big explosion what made this universe in the first place. If that’s the case then who’s to say another couldn’t destroy it? If we figure out the theory, all we need to do is put the ingredients together and there we have it, another big bang. ‘Cept, instead of spreading matter, we spread out that exotic matter that conditioning is looking into, replacing this living universe with a dead one.  

I have to admit, the idea of getting together what’s needed for a big bang sounds like a tall task. That it would be, if magic weren’t so convenient. As I understand it, magic is capable of turning itself into any other matter, including exotic matter. Even if it can only do so temporarily, we only need it to be big bang material long enough to set it off. Once that’s done, our task is complete. A lot simpler than setting all the universe’s magic ablaze or making a very hungry tree or even our own starchaining plot. It’s good to keep in mind that simple is better than roundabout, especially when we’ve only got limited time. Of course, I’m not gonna go ahead with this without hearing the thoughts of my peers, so don’t hold back on telling me if you support or reject this idea.