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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Rope’s End

Rope’s end (Private) 

Name: Geralt Brayce 

Position: Head of mechanics 

Cycle: 19 

Subject: Leaks I 

That fucking bitch. It was cute at first, how she went and changed her name and started acting like a little rebel. Back when the project was looking good and her pessimism was just another part of her mental breakdown. Now look where we are, the project’s dead and she’s built herself a high horse and she has the gall to say I’m on a pedestal? At least we tried and failed, we made discoveries and progress along the way and what’s she done? Replaced everything but her fucked up brain with plates and wires? Computers are tools to me and she’s no different from them, so why does she get to spout all that nonsense and act like she’s better than me??? 

There are no gods! There is nothing outside of the life in this universe, nothing above the position where I’m standing. It’s illogical! If there was then what’s the point of all of this? All our success would do is move life to an afterlife, flaws and all. A childish act of spite instead of a great achievement. If that’s the case then we might as well just give up now! Yet, The Obnoxious One hasn’t. She clearly believes in gods but continues to work with us anyways. Is it just a show for her at this point? Is she here to goad and laugh at us?  

No, that isn’t the impression that she’s giving. She’s still taking this seriously, arguably even moreso than before her breakdown. It’s almost like she thinks of this all as a test. A way of proving herself to those gods she cites, but what gods would WANT the end of the universe? Ugh, it’s a waste of time to contemplate, she’s batshit crazy! A thorn in my side who’s trying to take me down because she knows I can’t say anything back to her in my position. Well, I’ll show her, there are ways of annihilating her chances of ever clawing her way back up to being respected.  

Did she assume the exotic big bang was the only thing I was working on? I’ve been picking away at Caradoc’s security systems this whole time and it’s been cracked for some time. Some quite surprising things have been said in private, never would have thought that the head of biology had that kind of side to her. Barely keeping it together she is, maybe I should free her of her duties as well? Or, maybe it’d be worth waiting to see if she just crumbles on her own. Well, I’ll focus my efforts on Osannus for now. I’m sure everyone will be very interested to see what she thinks about them, ‘childish sociopaths’ was it? Couple of edits wouldn’t go amiss either.  

While I’m at it, I might as well put out those hidden messages that Caradoc typed out. The one about the ‘perfect vessel’ is very interesting, could be the path towards our next major project. Amidst a discovery like that, no one’d bat an eye if one of Osannus’ old messages accidentally ended up being posted. The recovery process isn’t that easy! I’m sure they’ll believe.