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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Stress Test

Stress Test (Public) 

Name: Zaphyce Rylarose 

Position: Head of Innovation 

Cycle: 27 

Subject: Back on track I 

Good day everyone, 

I’m pleased to announce that some measure of real progress has been made on the further testing and expansion of project R’s capabilities. Primarily regarding its durability as the magic transfusion methods we have planned are yet incomplete. This entry will detail each test we put project R through and the overall results, including how long it took to recover from the various ordeals.  

  1.  Cutting and slashing – At the request of one Balvae Astradahma, we began testing with something simple to ease project R into what it was about to face. To begin, we attempted to have a mechanical arm slice through the subject’s body using various forms of bladed weaponry. From this we were able to determine that project R’s body becomes more resistant to damage as more force is applied to it. Blades which were set to pass through its body slowly did so quite easily, though project R’s regenerative capabilities easily outpaced the cutting speed and it felt no ‘pain’ from this. Faster speeds, beginning at approximately 28 meters per second, were conversely unable to completely cut through project R’s form. It was still able to easily regenerate from any cutting wounds it was dealt, though it did voice higher levels of discomfort as the speed was raised. 
  2. Blunt force – Another simple yet very important series of tests as project R is likely to come into contact with frequent and tremendously high amounts of blunt force once it is put to action. Impacts with space debris and touchdown on planetary bodies at terminal velocities, to name a couple of examples. We began at simulations of approximately 10,000 megatons of force and ceased testing at around 3 yottatons. Project R confirmed that the higher end impacts caused ripples of the uncomfortable feeling throughout its body yet it was capable of maintaining the general shape of its form until the 3 yottaton test, at which point it was separated into many smaller chunks. Regeneration from this state took approximately 20 seconds.  
  3. Heat – Another test of key importance to project R’s success as it will have to survive the warmth of stars and the coldness of space. We began with high-temperature testing, slowly raising the heat of the chamber project R was contained in to 100,000 karstum. Distortions in project R’s form began at temperatures above 30,000 karstum. At 100,000, project R could no longer maintain its form at all. Regrettably, this would make project R incapable of handling the heat of even a colder star’s atmosphere. On the other hand, we expect its resistances to increase along with its magical capacity. Project R’s resilience to cold proved to be more promising as it did not freeze under conditions simulating that of space. However, odd disturbances were observed as the temperature was further lowered to just above 1 karstum. Purple energy which we later confirmed to be a magic-fuelled plasma which project R used to regulate its body temperature. It appears to be the case that, once temperatures got too low for it to properly normalize, it became unstable, arcing from project R’s body in erratic bursts. Upon re-examination of Endrall losing its form in the high-heat testing, we were able to spot sparks of this same energy, though they were far more subtle. Once we discovered this, we moved on to heat fluctuation tests to examine how efficiently project R’s plasma acted. Staying within the bounds of the previous tests, we found that it worked instantaneously regardless of how quickly we raised or lowered the temperature. This plasma supports the theory that project R’s resilience will raise along with its magical potential, which we hope future testing will confirm.  
  4. Plasma – After observing the odd plasma within project R, I made the executive decision to do a special test to end the session. This was to see how project R would react to other sources of plasma, if they would spur instability or have some other effect. Intriguingly, this testing demonstrated project R’s capacity to absorb plasma to an extent. Its success was determined by the heat of the plasma it was exposed to as it was able to fully absorb lower heat plasmas but demonstrated instability and bodily distortions at higher heats. It would violently expel plasma it could not handle, even if that came at the cost of parts of its body. The energy yield from these expulsions was far higher than what went in, likely due to the new plasma being mixed with project R’s magic, and threatened even the reinforced chamber it was placed in. Testing ceased here for that reason, though it did give us a good direction for future assessments.  

We will continue refining project R once the testing chamber has been properly conditioned and once the magic transfusers are completed.  

Name: Endrall 

Position: ULTIMATE Weapon / Project R for RAD / No one ever said I couldn’t add more positions 

Cycle: 27 

Subject: Back on track I-I 


That! Sucked! Like, alright, at first it wasn’t so bad. I got cut by a few things and it really wasn’t a big deal. Wasn’t the most comfortable experience but I’d get over it. Then they hit me with fake meteors until I was chunks! And I got turned into a puddle and that was REALLY distressing! Then they put plasma in me until I blew up myself??? Is that what drinking is like? You all DO that???  

I just want to make clear that I don’t think about regenerating or ‘regulating my heat’ or whatever. I like to keep myself in one piece and would really prefer to keep myself that way but I don’t will myself back together, it just happens. So, when this kind of stuff is happening to me, I also don’t know if I’ll be able to survive it! I just have to believe that my body will come back together and everything will be fine. You know how hard it is to believe that when you’re chunks??? It’s real hard! Because my entire consciousness and perception of what’s around me gets all messed up! It’s like I’m seeing from all the pieces of me but it’s all fuzzy and it stays like that until I realize that I’m whole again.  

You know what the worst part of all of this is, though? One Mr. Rylarose being slow on the uptake and not calling me by my name OR my gender. Look, alright, I’m even fine with my first name being Project. Project Endrall, that’s acceptable. Project R is a no-go, Project R was the sludge you found in the brain casing of a dead guy. I’m Endrall, I have my own sentience and personality and capacity to run out of patience for your bullshit! I’m not an object, I’m a certified woman and if you don’t respect that then I’ll turn you into chunks! Esret and Archangel told me I shouldn’t put up with stuff like this so this is your last warning! If you play nice, I might even let you test on me again! :] 

Keep doing your best!