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Casual Villainry Excerpt – The Body

The body (Public) 

Name: Esret Fahan’Chakar 

Position: Head record keeper 

Cycle: 2 

Subject: Corpse I 


Just to clear up any rumors which have been spreading, yes, the body of Ryker Caradoc has been found and recovered. Early diagnosis suggests that he simply died of age, though biology is still working to determine any odd residual substances which he might have consumed. As we already know from the entries he left regarding his race, he is a highly advanced entity, thus biology is being particularly careful with the dissection process so we can find out as much about him as possible. Chosen figures from magic will also examine him in an attempt to determine if he was magically inclined.  

It has been determined that the room in which he was found is the ship’s cockpit, however we have been locked out of the systems we might use to pilot the vessel. The cockpit appears to have doubled as Ryker’s sleeping quarters as a bed as well as a personal computer were found there. As expected, we also could not access this device, thus chosen figures from mechanics will be tasked with hacking into it. We predict that Caradoc set up countermeasures to deter such attempts before his death, therefore Ybaxi will personally be a part of the hacking effort to ensure as few mistakes as possible.  

Under no circumstances may anyone enter the biology labs with the sole reason of getting a look of the body. I know many of you must be dying to know what his organs are shaped like but, in all honesty, he isn’t very important to the task at hand. Not any more, at least. The bastard handed his vision off to us and the first cycle was enough to tell that most of us intend to see it through. For a lot of us, this is the best life opportunity we’ve ever had, even if it does lead to death.  

The body (Public) 

Name: Balvae Astradahma 

Position: Head of biology 

Cycle: 2 

Subject: Cadaver I 


Testing on the body of Ryker Caradoc has concluded. In the event that we wish to do more with him in the future, his body has been put into preservation along with a multitude of separate DNA samples. Even though testing has ended, no one will be allowed to see or interact with the corpse for personal reasons. Any requests for further testing must be made directly to myself and I will be present throughout any future procedures to ensure that what occurs is testing and not mutilation.  

As for our findings, the first thing to note is that the Arahant do indeed seem to be a very magically capable species. As explained in the late Mr. Caradoc’s documents regarding his race, he had four extra arm-like appendages which seemed to hold little evolutionary purpose at a glance. In truth, scientists from magic were able to help us reach the conclusion that these appendages could absorb and store magic. We believe that this would primarily be used to transform the appendages into whatever form the Arahant deem suitable at the time, though it could also be used to cast more powerful and precise spells. Exploration as to whether or not such an evolution could become applicable to other species, namely ourselves, will be added to our testing possibilities. It will also likely be a continued point of discussion in magic as the possibility of purposely constructed limbs which can more effectively utilize and control magic was found to be very intriguing.  

As for any anomalies in his body, we did find a multitude of odd substances in Mr. Caradoc’s body, though none of them poisonous in nature. The most notable of them was a slime-like substance which we found in his skull, completely encasing his brain. Initial analysis suggests that it isn’t a preservative substance, nor does it seem a natural part of Arahant biology, which makes it quite baffling. We took some samples and left the rest in Mr. Caradoc’s skull, furthermore said samples will be left in innovation’s stock instead of our own. We see no point in analyzing the slime as a primary project so long as there is no suggestion that it might aid in our apocalypse.  

As usual, I would prefer to discuss any issues directly rather than through message. Any questions regarding the Arahant appendages should be directed towards Ms. Jacra, who will also supply updates regarding the further exploration of that subject. Thank you all for your borrowed time.