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Casual Villainry Excerpt – The Calm

The calm (Public) 

Name: Esret Fahan’Chakar 

Position: Head record keeper 

Cycle: 1 

Subject: Compromise I 


We gave ourselves some time to settle in and we’ve unanimously come to a state of acceptance regarding our current situation. It was obvious to all of us that making big decisions while we were still driven by an emotional high fuelled by adrenaline would have been an awful idea. There was so much that we couldn’t realistically fathom right away; even just the materials used to make the walls and the endless view of worlds and stars around us were mind-boggling. It’s going to take us multiple cycle just to get a grasp of what we’re dealing with here and we’ve come to peace with that. 

That being said, it would take longer than the lifespans of even the most long-living of us to learn the intricacies of every single thing here. It’s abundantly clear that the most efficient approach to this situation will be splitting into teams of various expertises. There are 18 laboratory spaces in total on this ship, which we’re going to be splitting into 6 fields. Exactly what those fields are has yet to be finalized as we continue to discuss our commitment to this ending the universe plan. A good many of us are still sceptical of the idea and at least one of the fields is going to be dedicated to figuring out the exact method through which we were brought here. This isn’t so we can return home, it’s so we can find some holes in which to burn out quietly. 

One thing that’s become blatantly obvious is that we all truly do hate the existence around us. Most of us were afraid to share that fact at first, myself included, since we’ve hidden it all our lives for good reason. We’d be considered crazy by our homelands and suffer imprisonment, exile and death. Our current situation isn’t a friendship, it isn’t peace, it’s a compromise. The hate we share isn’t a sign of camaraderie, for us truly hateful have long since abandoned such an idea. Trust will never be a thing here, so to avoid another massacre we’re going to set some ground rules for how to approach and interact with each other. These will be detailed in the entry ‘Etiquette I’. Make sure you read it before you go approaching anyone from behind.  

The calm (Public) 

Name: Esret Fahan’Chakar 

Position: Head record keeper 

Cycle: 1 

Subject: Compromise II 

We’ve come to a conclusion as to what our 6 fields are going to be. 

The purpose of this document will be to detail what those fields are as well as confirming which labs are going to be associated with them. The labs we’ve marked A, B and C are going to be focused on what we’ve called ‘conditioning’. One of the things we have to consider while pursuing this universal destruction cause is the possibility of the universe coming to a natural end. Between the knowledge we have from our respective worlds, there are many theories and potential timeframes regarding this. If we want to make any kind of real impact then we would have to devise a method of destruction which takes effect long before that natural end. That being said, these possibilities may very well hold the key to our success. The conditioning labs will therefore be focused on further expanding on the various theories and uncovering ways of hastening the natural end of the universe. 

Labs D, E and F are to be the munitions labs, which are more self-explanatory. Those assigned to these labs will focus their efforts on the creation of weapons or devices with the potential to end reality more suddenly and decisively. A simple solution in theory but execution is looking likely to prove a different story. Our estimates for how expansive the universe currently is are varied but it has tentatively been accepted that the amount of energy required to obliterate it all at once would be in the ballpark of 4.2 TenaexaFoe and rising. Good luck to anyone given the task of making a bomb that big. 

Labs G, H and I will be the magic labs, a subject we have an incredibly inconsistent understanding of. Among us, there are those from worlds which have gone completely untouched by magic. Others are from worlds where people can’t conventionally wield magic while for some it’s just a part of their day-to-day. Obviously, we’re going to assign those with the most prior experience with magic to these labs. Their goal will to be deepening their understanding of the mechanics and potential of magic and if its widespread presence throughout the universe could be used to our advantage. Chances are, if we could just ignite all of the magic in the universe all at once then we could take a pretty big chunk out of it. The viability of that has yet to be determined, however.  

Labs J, K and L will be the biology labs. As of current, no one’s trying to argue that any living being holds the potential to end the universe single-handedly. From what we’ve gathered, the highest amount of energy that any of us have analyzed a single person producing is about 5 Gigatons. Impressive on a local scale but not quite up to the task we’ve set ourselves to. The aim of the biology labs is to change that fact and fully explore the potential for what a living being can achieve. It would be a great boon to have a conscious entity carrying out our will, our anticipated greatest hurdles will be overcoming both mortality and the conditions of space. 

Labs M, N and O will be what we’re calling the mobility labs. If it hasn’t sunk in for everyone yet, the universe is vast, thus trying to destroy it from just this one locked point would be an unnecessary limitation on ourselves. Those assigned to this lab will also be the ones devising ways for us to get off the event horizon for those who want to or if the need arises. An additional possibility in the long-term would be to explore ways of recruiting more to our number, we have plenty of rooms free after all. We also do need to think of contingencies for if we aren’t able to succeed within our lifetimes because breeding is out of the question. Even if it’s for an objective cause, the natures of we aboard this vessel completely invalidate that possibility.  

Lastly, labs P, Q and R will be the innovation labs. Those assigned here are to focus on exploring potential solutions which don’t fall under any of the other fields. Rather than outright disposing of unconventional ideas, these labs will be open to them within reason. With no direct path toward a goal like ending the universe, anything is worth a shot. No one is to be permanently situated in labs Q or R, instead they should act as spaces for people to rotate in an out of. We hope that these labs can be used as stress relief by allowing those on-board to try some of their odder ideas. It should be noted that this breathing room is a luxury and there will be harsh punishment for anyone who abuses it. I shouldn’t have to tell anyone how merciless we’re willing to be if given the chance.  

Any issues one might have with the chosen fields as well as one’s own personal assignment should be noted as a response to this entry. They will be brought to the attention of those assigned to social relations and discussed with the ones we’ve determined to be the most qualified head scientists.  

Name: Geralt Brayce 

Position: Laboratory D-F technician  

Cycle: 1 

Subject: Compromise II-I 


Really? I’m being shoved into munitions just because Yrille’s a highly industrial planet? I just found out that magic exists and you want me wasting my time with some meagre explosives? How could I, or any scientist for that matter, possibly focus on these trinkets while a key element of the universe is just waiting to have its potential unveiled? I feel I’ve been left to play with dull toys while others have been set on a much more lucrative path. I request to be moved to the magic labs immediately, it is simply impossible for me to be holed up and expected to ignore magic’s existence.  

Name: Zaphyce Rylarose 

Position: Head of innovation 

Cycle: 1 

Subject: Compromise II-I-I 

Good day Geralt, 

I understand the lack of satisfaction you and several others have voiced regarding your placements. Allow me to clarify, it is not our intent to completely shut you off from the goings on of the other fields. It will become necessary for all upon this vessel to gain at least a basic understanding of each field such that collaboration can be done without issue. What this means is that you will be given the chance to learn the mechanics of magic on a fundamental level. If you wish to explore that particular field further, I would suggest spending time in the innovation labs to do so.  

As of current, efficiency is what we are primarily concerned with. You have been determined as one of the most proficient in munitions aboard this vessel, thus your input regarding the field is highly valued in this early stage. We should make it a goal to bring everyone in the same field up to par by combining our individual knowledge. That way, we can begin at the best point possible with regards to our eventual goal.  

Concerning munitions in particular, I have discussed with the other heads a possible change in name for this field as it is somewhat misleading. While we do aim for the creation of items to be used as weapons, that isn’t necessarily limited to your basic bombs and the like. The head of munitions has made us aware of the existence of extraordinarily advanced robots as well as cybernetic enhancements and mechanical suits which can be employed to push users far past their normal limits. These will be under your jurisdiction as well and, again, you will have ample opportunity to work with those of the magic labs to push your work even further.  

If you would offer us your input once more, do you feel the name ‘mechanics’ would be more suitable for this field?  S