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Casual Villainry Excerpt – The Dorieza

The Dorieza 

Name: Endrall 

Position: Ultimate Wanderer 

Cycle: 7-1149 

Subject: Justification 


It’s been a little bit since I’ve written anything that isn’t just messy scribbles and crying about how I let Frieda down but this is important enough to break that trend. Yesterday I came across a long building which was full of clad-in-black Uclorans and skeletons! I never learned enough about infrastructure to know what this type of building is called but I’m pretty sure they referred to it as a ‘dorieza’. I could be totally off on that on account of my extremely basic understanding of Ucloran but it’ll have to do.  

So, these cloaked folks were surprisingly a lot nicer than the ones back in Frieda’s village. They were on-guard when I strolled on in and the skeletons were less than hospitable but once they realized what I was they were fascinated. A bit of questioning and a lot of context clues led me to the conclusion that these guys were in the business of magic which I think is similar to what was used to make me. Magic which brings life to things which should not be alive. What they were doing wasn’t nearly as advanced as what I have, they could make skeletons and other solid stuff move but they didn’t have my prodigal intelligence or exceptional charisma. I’m great at using the words I know.  

The cloaked folks weren’t as psyched to see me leave as they were to see me come in, though. They had their skeletons grab at me but I am amorphous and very difficult to restrain. I should have just been able to walk out but something triggered in my brain. A few too many context clues, I realized that they wanted to experiment on me and find what made me tick. They wanted to make me Project R again.  

Memories for me aren’t just a case of seeing images in my head. That should be obvious seeing as my head can be wherever I want it to be, my anatomy is a suggestion not a necessity. I don’t just think my memories, I feel them all throughout my body. Every single one of my cells recalls the events and I can feel the past, as if I’ve returned there. As those clocked Uclorans tried to stop me and capture me and use me I remembered Rylarose and what he put me through. The durability experiment but something else, something I’d forgotten. An experiment to take away everything that I was, to take away Endrall and replace her with pure power.  

That’s when I exploded. Both back on the Event Horizon and inside of that dorieza. Now I know for sure that everything is gone. Those skeletons, mindless and shambling, were what I was supposed to be. I’m a failure, both as Project R and as Endrall. Now I’m just a pointless existence stuck on a planet where people striving for power fight people striving for status endlessly without a care for what gets in the middle. Even if it’s a girl who just wants to sing and make people happy. 

But they can’t hurt me. Maybe it’s good that I came to a world like this, because if I can protect those stuck in the middle of the fighting then maybe I’m not so pointless after all. Yeah! What am I even getting caught up in my ‘original purpose’ for anyways? That was never me, I choose who I am and I’m choosing to be the ultimate hero! Who knows, maybe now what I’m here I can even change this world, and the first step will be going back to properly apologize to Frieda.