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Casual Villainry Excerpt – The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life (Public) 

Name: Balvae Astradahma 

Position: Head of Biology 

Cycle: 31 

Subject: The Answer I 


I’ve been looking through some of my older private entries recently and I came across one wherein I recalled a paper I wrote regarding the meaning of life. It was something I was unwilling to share back then as I didn’t want to distract us from the task we’d set ourselves to but, at this stage which we’ve reached, I believe some of you might appreciate it. Because, for a long time, I think many of us, myself included, were convinced that the meaning of life was to die.  

A reasonable perspective, all things considered, though a terribly pessimistic one. Certainly not without its flaws either, for we wouldn’t say the purpose of machine is to break, or that the purpose of a weapon is to become obsolete. Those things are made with purpose in mind, so what’s ours? Well, simply put, we don’t have one. Unlike machines, there is no discernible set of tasks that we are made to do, we’re all so much more varied than that. Then, is our purpose to live for the task we suit best? You might think that given the role we’ve been playing here but, again, incorrect.  

The truth is that no matter how many tasks we complete, no matter how productive we are, we will eventually die and the universe will inevitably come to an end. Whether that end is natural or not doesn’t matter, only the fact that it will come. Let me ask you; in the face of that oblivion, what would you ask yourself? A broad question, but personally I would ask if I was happy with the life I lived. Therein lies the key word for solving the meaning of life; ‘happy’.  

The meaning of life is a smile. No one chooses to live and no one lives forever, so we should strive towards positivity while we are. Surely enough, societal and technological advancements can aid in the quest for happiness, but they should never overshadow it. The reason I ended up here in the first place is because I couldn’t envision a universe like that. One where happiness outweighed the pressure of enterprise. What I saw time and time again in my life was people being made into machines who merely served a purpose in a system until they became obsolete. I couldn’t stand that, nor did I believe I could ever fix it.  

Endrall has given me new hope in that regard. Our intentions for her at first were to use her as our bringer of the end but she could be something far more beautiful. An immortal life who has an eternity to give everyone a second chance. To visit this universe’s countless worlds and remind their residents what it means to live. What it means to smile, and to keep smiling for as long as they breathe. If she could do it for misfits like us, people who were brought together in a spaceship with the task if universal genocide, then I have no doubt she could do it for anyone.  

Thank you all for your borrowed time.