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Casual Villainry Excerpt – The Question of Freedom

The question of freedom (Public) 

Name: Balvae Astradahma 

Position: Head of biology 

Cycle: 23 

Subject: Neglect or nurture I 


After much debate between Mr. Rylarose and myself, we have determined that Endrall will be raised in an open environment and be allowed to travel freely around the Event Horizon as it wishes. It will be monitored at all times by an already determined group of people who will do so on rotation. One of the primary concerns regarding Endrall is that, due to the nature of its body, it could feasibly find a way to get through the cracks in the vessel and escape. Because of this, mobility is being given the priority task to devise recovery methods in case of this scenario.  

Endrall is going to be as a child of any of our species would be. It will learn faster than the spawn of most intelligent life but it will still be in a state of learning. It will be curious, so be open to telling it of the projects you are currently working on, whether you think it will understand them or not. The hunger that we put into it also hasn’t been removed, so that curiosity is likely to lead to wondering if it can eat certain things. Do not allow it to do so, not for its sake but for the sake of your work. It can dissolve and convert anything with time and since it doesn’t actually have to eat it will be satisfied with minimal feeding, so just give it something inconsequential that’s lying around.  

Its curiosity is also likely to lead it to wanting to know more about us. If it is being raised by us then it will see itself as one of us, thus to understand itself it will want to understand who and what we are. This is also something I would request that you all humor should it come up. Tell Endrall about your histories, your motivations, why you ended up here. Just talking to it will aid in its development and, if it understands and empathises with us, it is more likely to mature as we want it to. This process doesn’t require tricks or lies, just a little bit of openness. An easy task I expect you all to be capable of fulfilling. 

Thank you all for your borrowed time.