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Casual Villainry Excerpt – Thought Experiment

Thought Experiment 

Name: Endrall 

Position: Ultimate Brain 

Cycle: 7-1148 

Subject: Anatomy 


I guess the curious nature of the scientists of the Event Horizon rubbed off on me a bit because I’ve been thinking a lot about how much like a brain my body actually is. Well, I say ‘brain’ but I guess I mean brains since I think each individual cell that makes up my body can act as an independent brain on a basic level at least? Enough for them to know that they have to reform once they’re separated from each other. It’s weird though, because even if I am effectively composed of a countless number of little brains I still only have one self. Even though bits that are separated from me can perceive on their own, those senses still feed back to the greater ‘me’.  

What I’m wondering, though, is how accurately things other than just the senses are emulated. Brains produce a lot of chemicals and I don’t know how all of that would mix with whatever my slime is made out of. Obviously there’s something because I demonstrably do feel emotions but at the same time I’m missing things like proper nociceptors. Given I was made with the intention of blowing up a lot that’s for the best, it does make me wonder if there are other sensations I’m missing out on though. Also, exactly how my feelings are artificially generated such that I avoid things like pain.  

I’m like 99% certain that it’s magic because magic is a lot more complex than people give it credit. I’ve seen the people on this planet flinging it around and there’s no way they’re advanced enough to really get it at a core level. When you cast a fire spell the magic doesn’t just become fire, it becomes all of the necessary components for fire. It simulates the proper atomic structures and chemical reactions; it doesn’t just happen. That’s how slimes are able to produce an empathetic aura through magic, because the magic is literally emulating the processes which take place in the prefrontal cortex and amygdala.  

It’s fascinating how abstract it can be, makes me wish I could still use the Event Horizon’s labs to figure out more about it. I’d also be less scared to find out if I can actually do magic if I were still up there. I really want to know if I can actually properly utilize this extremely dynamic resource which I have stored inside of me but without the risk of it manifesting as an explosion which destroys the area around me at an unknown scale. I evidently have a lot of destructive potential inside of me and if I don’t use it properly I will just turn Uclore into a lifeless wasteland.  

On the flip side, if I do take the risk and get a handle on using magic then it’s possible I could make my explosions less calamitous by lessening the amount of energy I have inside of me. It’s so hard though, I’ve yet to find a place in this world where I’m totally separated from other forms of life. There’s always something, some unlucky creature which gets caught up and it’ll be the same if I try and practice magic. Agh! This sucks! What kind of ultimate weapon am I if I don’t get to win, huh??? I’m just a big ultimate loser.  

You know what though, Frieda said I’m cute so that’s something at least. Huh. That’s another emotion I have, I guess.